Bronzers: How to Apply for a Natural Look


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Bronzers: How to Apply for a Natural Look

We’re eager to step into the first summer month, and the issue of boasting a fresh sun-kissed look is more important than ever. Though the lockdown has practically ruined our plans of catching first warm sunrays during long walks in the awakening nature, we still can fix the situation by using right make-up products. Meet and greet bronzers – your faithful savior from all the dullness and fatigue of the gone-for-good spring. With a subtle touch of color you will enhance your complexion and create a fresh, slightly suntanned look as if there had been no staying at home all this time. Here are our tips for best results.


Colors and finishes

After long weeks of lockdown we naturally feel the urge to add some color to our lives and looks. While no one is going to stop you from using bright colors in make-up, a bronzer should be used like a spice in cuisine: in tiny quantities, subtly and wisely.

The color of the bronzer is a key point to success. Choose a product that is just one tone darker than your skin – always remember that to intensify the color is much easier than to wipe off its excess. Unlike sculpting products, conceived to create shadows (almost always cool), bronzers come in warm colors. Don’t chase too ‘sunny’ color – browns or oranges – instead opt for beiges, nudes and light golds.

Tip: pick matte or satin finish – it will look natural on skin, be it normal, oily or dry. Too much shimmering can turn you into a drag queen which is obviously not the goal of everyday make-up. If you feel like adding a bit of glow you can always cover up with a subtle touch of a shimmer.


The best rule in choosing the right brush is the following: thick textures should be applied with densely set brushes – light textures go with fluffy ones. Consequently, for a gentle stroke of a bronzer nothing will work better than a powder, a blush or a contour brush. We won’t recommend either a kabuki or a fan brush – the former being too dense, the latter – too wide-spreading which is hard to control.

Tip: prior to applying the bronzer on your face, be sure to shake off or tap the brush on the back of your palm – it will eliminate the excess of color letting you apply the bronzer softly and evenly.

Where to apply

Cannot be easier – on the areas that would get sun-kissed first: cheekbones, the top of the nose, the upper forehead and the tip of your chin. Don’t try to really sculpt your face with the bronzer (we have another product for that) – rather create a light veil with free swirling movements.

Tip: you can settle the bronzer (as well as the whole make-up) with fixing spray. Some of them come with translucent shimmer – just what you may need for a fresh look.

Daily Skincare: Best Routine to Look Young


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Daily Skincare: Best Routine to Look Young

According to Coco Chanel, ‘Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty’. While physical aging is inevitable (at least, for the state of the art science) we still can slow down this distressing process. With a ‘little’ help from the huge cosmetic industry, of course, who are eager to sell to us a whole variety of tubes, jars and pots filled with That Absolutely Indispensable Skincare Product.

In order not to get lost in the vast ocean of ‘magic potions’ (and not to get ripped, also) it’s vital to understand what basic skincare routine is and what products you need for it.

1-2-3 of healthy skin

Our skin is a part of the organism and like any limb of our body requires nutrition. Being an external body organ, it is in constant contact with the environment, collecting all the good and the bad – UV-rays and pollution, fresh air etc. So, the right approach is to wipe off all the dirt first and nourish the clean skin after. We will surely want to protect it from the aggressive environment, in the end. And here we go: daily skincare is based upon these three simple steps.

Step 1. Clean & Exfoliate

Cleanness is a key point to health – and healthy skin, as well. For those who prefer natural look in ‘woke up like this’ style, washing the face with a dab of cleansing foam will be enough. If you are a make-up addict, clean your face more intensely in order to remove all make-up products. That said, intensely doesn’t mean vigorously (or the result of chasing your twenties will be the opposite). Choose a two-step cleansing – first, wipe off the colors with cleansing cream or oil and then wash up with foam.

Tip: While exfoliation is required to eliminate the dead cells of the upper skin layer it’s up to you to decide how regularly you will want it. Depending on your skin type – oily or dry – it can be anything from once a week to every day. In this case opt for mild products, e. g. gels or pastes without hard particles.

Step 2. Moisture & Nourish

Now when we have our face prepared, let’s proceed to care. According to your skin type, season and personal preferences these may be oilier – nourishing – or more watery – moisturizing – milks and creams. Apply uniformly all over the face avoiding eye areas – for this delicate skin there are special products.

Tip: Most western cosmetic manufacturers recommend using lotion or toner first and basic skin milk or cream second. However, in Asia – Japan or Korea – the procedure is inversed: milk, then lotion. Always consult the recommendations of the brand.

Step 3. Protect

Last but not insignificant is protection which also depends on the season. Thicker, oily creams will safeguard your skin in chilly autumns and cold winters, while a UV-screen is a summer must-wear.

By following these simple steps you will ensure maximum care to your face. It does require time and certain dedication but you will still want to look young at your fifties, right?

Make-up for video calls: do’s and don’ts


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Make-up for video calls: do’s and don’ts

As we continue being in a lockdown, work meetings in Zoom or similar applications seem to have taken a firm place in our everyday life. Whether we get “on air” from our living room or kitchen, wearing pyjamas or something more suitable for office outfit, one thing stays essential: a fresh face and healthy complexion without signs of fatigue, stress or simple lack of sunshine.

Obviously, no one would want to spend time of her usual full beauty routine for the sake of an hour (often, less) communicating with the colleagues. So, where is the golden mean of make-up for video calls and what are common errors to avoid?

In general, the main guidelines for “video-make-up” are similar to natural day make-up. Opt for lightweight textures, not for full coverage products, prefer pastels to vivids, mats to shines. Here, less is always better than more as our main goal is to create the impression of being set for the work day, not ready-steady-go for a party.

First, we would suggest using a primer spray, a foundation and a concealer to cover up any blemishes. Keep in mind that an even complexion makes 90 per cent of a successful make-up.

Tip #1: water-based foundations work best: the hydrating agent combats dry skin unevenness while the lightweight pigments subtly create a natural and healthy look.

Tip #2: mix your day cream with make-up foundation in the palm of your hand, and then apply all over the face using fingers. The natural warmth of your palms will make the mixture uniform and the application quick, gaining you some precious time.

A few touches of a bronzer or a highlighter on your cheeks, chin and brow bones will radiate your skin which surely lacks fresh air these days of lockdown. Tame your brow hairs with a brush or a brow gel – tinted or transparent – then proceed to applying mascara – this is a real must-wear even for a make-up close to nothing. Volume mascaras are handier than lengthening ones as they will define your eyes in just one coat thus saving time.

Last but not the least: don’t forget to plump your lips. Nude colors and soft creamy texture win the game creating the impression of nourished and conditioned lips without attracting too much attention – just as much as you would wish it for a work video call.

Tip #3: try to have the light coming slightly from above during your video call – it will make your face appear slimmer and younger. Fixing the web-camera on the same level with your eyes will help tremendously to hide the double chin area.