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A CLOSET FULL OF SKELETONS Fábio M Silva’s new collection ‘MATRIARKA’ launch event


Julia Kryshevich

A CLOSET FULL OF SKELETONS Fábio M Silva’s new collection ‘MATRIARKA’ launch event

To launch their upcoming 4th fashion collection MATRIARKA, artist provocateur Fábio M Silva collaborated with actor and director Ariel Nil Levy on a new experimental performance piece – A CLOSET FULL OF SKELETONS – which will premiere on October 4th, 2019.

”This collection takes inspiration from Portuguese traditional costumes and elderly women, through a utopian lens where matriarchal figures are not necessarily cisgender females. Patterns and prints are deconstructed and reconstructed into contemporary genderless pieces”

The launch event will feature the politically charged situational comedy performance A CLOSET FULL OF SKELETONS, synopsis below:

“Somewhere on a rip of the space-time continuum, iconic post gender seamstrex kunstler(ette) FÁBIO ‘MATRIARKA’ SILVA and hyper-sexualized post human psychoanalyst of Berlin’s club scene ANALI GOLDBERG have A CLOSET FULL OF SKELETONS… and chickens, and sewing patterns, and phalluses, and witch soup, and very used breasts, and embellished truths, and all other sorts of matriarchal goodies.

Sharing a decrepitly luscious WG since before the dawn of time, the two co-habitants have lived everything there is to live, and smelled everything there is to smell, and know everything there is to know, except the reasons why men come so early and why the frozen fish department is closed on Fridays. Their equally flamboyant staunch neighbours love to pop over unannounced for psychedelic herbal tea and impromptu musical numbers. Get ready for an evening full of ohs, wows, ahs, ews, uhs, and moos, where past, present and future are no more than heteronormative conspiracy theories and schnitzel is a dish best served as dessert.”

The event will take place at Pride-Art Ateliers, the new gallery and studio of German painter Lars Deike, featuring guests Olympia Bukkakis, Catalin Jugravu and Jake Indiana,  with drinks kindly sponsored by Fountain of Youth, Berliner Winter and Gentle Gin.

The full collection „MATRIARKA“ will be available for pre-order at the event and online the following weeks.

Address: Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin
Doors: 21:00
Entrance: Donation based
Facebook Event: A Closet Full of Skeletons by Fábio M Silva & Anali Goldberg

Fábio M Silva is a fashion designer and multidisciplinary artist living and working in Berlin. Their work is mostly autobiographical and questions concepts of identity, normativity and queer politics.
Ariel Nil Levy is a film and voice over actor, director and dramaturg, based between Berlin and Haifa. He is best known for his role in the award winning movie “Murer – Anatomie Eines Prozesses”.