PURPLEHAZE Magazine is an independent print-on-demand and digital fashion & art magazine dedicated to show the work of artists from all across the fashion world, and focuses on the visual expression only.
We release print and digital magazines twice a year (autumn and spring ) and daily content on our website.

PURPLEHAZE takes fashion editorials, beauty stories, celebrity features, fashion videos lookbooks and art & fashion articles. PURPLEHAZE is submission based, which means we accept work from artists all across the world. You can be any type of creative artist that has a voice and a story to tell. We encourage our submitters to find the story they want to tell and to share it with us..

You will always retain the copyright to your images. By submitting your work to PURPLEHAZE and agreeing to having it published, you are simply offering us the rights to use your images online and on our social media platforms. We will always credit you as the photographer whenever we use your images.
If you have any questions or comments, please email us at hello@purplemagazine.com. You can follow us on InstagramFacebook, for frequent updates! If you’d like to submit your work, find our submission details here.