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Call for submissions. #007 Women

Call for submissions. #007 Women

Hi there!

Today there are more and more female students in art schools. Meeting women artists and discovering their artworks in galleries and museums comes as no surprise, while, generally, the industry is still being dominated by men. Do you have something to say about this from your own experience? Or, maybe, you would like to make a statement from the cultural, historical, sociological point of view as a researcher/curator? Purplehaze is looking forward to hearing from you! Any forms of visual art (photography, mixed media art, new media art) and texts are highly appreciated! The upcoming #007 print issue of Purplehaze is called Women, so try to feel the flow 🙂

Please make sure you submit before January 15, 2022 in our inbox:

• Sizes of the images 2 mb – 8 mb
• We only accept images that are have not been published and/or previously shared on social media
• Team and wardrobe credits in .doc format
• Please include your, your team members, and the designers’ website & social media information in the credits so we can tag them when we share the images online
• Please use the following format for the Team credits
photographer PETER EXAMPLE @peterexample stylist LENA EXAMPLE @lenaexample model LUNA @lunaexample etc.
• We copy and paste each name directly from the file. So, please  check all the names for accuracy.
• Behind the scene photo/video/fashion film is a plus



CAMERA WORK Gallery presents a new exhibition »Arthur Elgort« starting on December 11, 2021


© ARTHUR ELGORT / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK Gallery

CAMERA WORK Gallery presents a new exhibition »Arthur Elgort« starting on December 11, 2021

CAMERA WORK Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition »Arthur Elgort« starting on December 11, 2021. The exhibition features more than 40 photographic works—among them large-sized portraits. They give an insight into the creative work of the internationally renowned photographer who changed the genre of fashion photography with his particular style from the beginning of the 1970s. This will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in Germany.

Arthur Elgort was born in New York City in 1940. As a teenager he attended the prestigious Stuyvesant High School and then went on to study painting at Hunter College. From early on, he realized that he wanted to express himself artistically in a more diverse way and therefore he decided to take a chance on photography. This turned into a passion, and he had found his true talent. Soon ager, in 1971, he made his debut in British »Vogue«. With that he gained a permanent place in the world of fashion photography, which he has influenced substantially during is 50-year-long career up to the present day.

© ARTHUR ELGORT / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK Gallery

Arthur Elgort brought a breath of fresh air to the staged and stiff studio shoots of the early 1970s. Channeling the idea of the Impressionists, the former painting student encouraged his models to move freely creating a snapshot aesthetic outside in the »real world« which was beyond the standard of the day. The exhibition shows lively models with less make-up in natural lighting, portrayed by Arthur Elgort with his unmistakable personal style. Among them are world-famous photographs of fashion icons and supermodels such as Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Gia, Linda Evangelista, and Beverly Johnson.

Besides these iconic portraits, the exhibition gives an insight into Arthur Elgort’s versatility as a photo artist, in which context his passionate photographic work on classical ballet took place and in which intriguingly relaxed portraits of the Rolling Stones and their world-renowned lead singer Mick Jagger were taken.

© ARTHUR ELGORT / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK Gallery

© ARTHUR ELGORT / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK Gallery

© ARTHUR ELGORT / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK Gallery

CAMERA WORK was founded in 1997 in Berlin, and has since then become one of the worldwide leading galleries for photography. With its historically coined gallery name, the gallery has always followed the philosophy to represent, next to world famous classic photographers such as Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Patrick Demarchelier, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Man Ray, Herb Ries, and Albert Watson young and contemporary artists to manifest the position of photography as an independent genre within visual art and to give room to new positions. CAMERA WORK exclusively represents many prominent contemporary artists in Germany, Europe and around the world such as David Yarrow, David Drebin, Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Russell James, Robert Polidori, Eugenio Recuenco, Martin Schoeller, and Christian Tagliavini. CAMERA WORK regularly participates in the major international photography and art fairs, such as Art Central Hong Kong, Zona Maco in Mexico City, Paris Photo, and Photo London.

© ARTHUR ELGORT / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK Gallery

In 2020, CAMERA WORK established CAMERA WORK Virtual Gallery—an innovative, high quality online gallery where art collectors and art lovers can experience exclusive exhibitions:

CAMERA WORK AG, founded in 2001, owns one of the world’s most extensive and high-quality private photography collections with numerous vintage works by the most famous photographers of the 19th century up to the present. Beyond emphases on fashion, nude, and portrait photography, CAMERA WORK also focuses on the genres architecture and still life. From 2006 to 2019, CAMERA WORK presented THE KENNEDYS museum in Berlin, Germany.

Corona Culture – new exhibition with over 100 artists:inside the Alte Münze

Corona Culture - new exhibition with over 100 artists:inside the Alte Münze

On 13 October, after more than two years of pandemic-related closure, the Alte Münze opens its catacombs and invites you to the exhibition Corona Culture – What the fuck is happening?!

During the dark days of the lockdown, more than 100 artists from over 30 nations have been asking how the still-present pandemic affects our values, relationship sand desires.

For the first time, the vaults and production halls of this historic location in the heart of Berlin will be brought together for an exhibition.

The result is a unique exhibition on 4000m2 of the former minting plant – a mosaic of artistic snapshots that shows the challenges but also the possibilities of this time of profound transformation.

The exhibition is curated by Kala & Krüger, who look at new possible forms of future reality and are particularly dedicated to protecting and cultivating living safe spaces for art and culture.The exhibition will only be on view for a short time.The Corona Culture evening programme transforms the Alte Münze into a walk-onstage with music, performances, panel talks and workshops.

Corona Culture extends over 4000m2 across 30 rooms and halls on the grounds of the Alte Münze, the former mint in Berlin-Mitte on the banks of the Spree.

Since 2013, this historic site in the heart of Berlin has been transformed into an interdisciplinary cultural centre by the Spreewerkstätten. More than 50 artists and cultural activists have their studios on the site.

The building represents the future-oriented transformation of historical spaces in the city and symbolises an urban society in which solidarity between different protagonists and projects is lived.

For the very first time, within the framework ofCorona Culture, the vaults and production halls will be conjoined for an exhibition and opened to the public. The artworks enter into an intriguing dialogue with the architecture.

Kala & Krüger is a Berlin-based curator duo with the intention to develop unseen forms of art, culture and event formats to raise awareness about new possible forms of reality.

„Our aim is to bring people together to form new networks and communities by creating space for collective experiences. Especially in this time of profound socio-cultural change, we dedicate our work to protecting and cultivating vibrant safe spaces for art and culture.“


More information here OPENING: Corona Culture Exhibition



Shows of the new 43rd season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia are scheduled on October 19 through 23 at the Museum of Moscow in COVID-free format. Organizers of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia remember about the uneasy epidemiological situation in the Russian capital and are going to take all the necessary precautions to prevent coronavirus spreading.

“COVID-free is a format that ensures safety of both participants and visitors as well as promotes responsible attitude in the fashion community. This is also just another take on the sustainability development and clean future subjects that need each of us to take part and be involved in. For the third time in a row, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is arranged phygitally. As soon as the pandemic burst out, we’ve developed sanitary regulations and strictly follow it at our events. We update the list of proceedings before every event, and the Fashion Week backstage has been COVID-free since the fall of 2020,” – says Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

To attend MBFW Russia and designer shows, visitors will need a valid QR code that is issued to the following groups:

– those who have completed a vaccination course with two components of a two-phase vaccine or one component of a mono-phase vaccine registered in Russia;

–  those who have had COVID-19 not earlier than 6 months (180 days) according to the official register;

–  those who have a negative PCR test result, which is valid for 72 hours after its issue. Tests have to be made in Moscow-based labs that submit test results to the United Medical Information and Analytical System of Moscow  – EMIAS.

QR codes can be obtained at Gosuslugi platform, as well as in the apps Gosuslugi and Gosuslugi STOP Coronavirus. Moscow citizens can also obtain their QR codes at For more details please follow the link to visit the Moscow’s Mayor official website.

At the entrance to the site, event organizers may ask to show a QR code and an identity document (passport / driver’s license / birth certificate / military ID). Sanitary protocol MBFW Russia will include temperature measurement at the entrances, mask mode, use of sanitizers, regular sanitation of public areas, etc.

This time, once again Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will go phygital. New collections will be presented by 50+ designers from Russia and abroad. The agenda will comprise both offline events and livestreamed shows by fashion designers. Moreover, the participants will showcase their new collections in social networks, as well as at media websites, showrooms, and concept stores. Live streams will be available for journalists, buyers, influencers, and viewers worldwide.

Purplehaze Genderless issue presentation at Hazegallery


D e n i s  K o n o v a l o v,  S a s h a  G r i g g

Purplehaze Genderless issue presentation at Hazegallery

Last night, PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE celebrated the launch of their 6 issue by throwing an incredible fashion industry launch party in Berlin’s beautiful and historic Schoneberg Area. HAZEGALLERY heated up like a sauna jammed packed with fashion insiders, photographers, stylists, make-up artists, models – some budding, others aspiring, were all there eager to get in on the PURPLEHAZE buzz and swap business cards.

The star attraction was the cover star himself Mark Bryan , who came extra for the presentation in a dazzling skirt and high heels! We would like at this point thank you Marriott Hotel for hosting our special guest for his stay in Berlin.

Other big highlight of the evening was the fashion show “fashion moment” styled by Miguel Maldonado with designer stars like Giuseppe Tella, BRACHMANN, Remesalt Official, Tanja Christiani and makeup and hairstyling by Nadia Kosh. And many others who had worked with, or were keen on the prospect of working with PURPLEHAZE.

Although this is the magazine’s 6 issue, PURPLEHAZE is a fully visual fashion and art magazine that targets fashion insiders as well as contemporary art creatives in graphic and photography industry. Their focus is on long editorial spreads that push boundaries of fashion, photography, art, design, creative talent/artists, contemporary culture, beauty, while showcasing fascinating models and their personalities.

When discussing the 6 issue’s theme «GENDERLESS», Editor-in-Chief Iren Russo states in her Letter From the Editor, «Today the issue of gender has gained particular importance. The digital society we exist in incorporates tons of images in our daily lives. Being constantly bombarded by the obtrusive pictures that tell us who we are and what we should be, we finally give up, identifying ourselves with the imagery. How may it affect our ways of life, worldviews, artistic activities? With the #006 issue titled ‘Genderless’, I invite you to discover the endlessly appealing topic of gender, the way it’s being formed, perceived, and challenged“

13th edition FASHIONCLASH Festival, 26 – 28 November

13th edition FASHIONCLASH Festival, 26 - 28 November

13th edition of the international and interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht will take place from 26 – 28 November 2021 in Maastricht.

During this three-day hybrid (on- & offline program) festival, a new generation of designers and performing artists from all over the world are given the opportunity to show their work to a broad (inter)national audience. The program with exhibitions, fashion and theatre performances, talks, workshops and film screenings, showcases projects that explore, contextualize and celebrate contemporary fashion culture.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is all about discovering, stimulating and co-shaping current developments in fashion and opening up these developments to a wide audience. The festival program focuses on developing and presenting performative experiences in which designers are challenged to actively experiment with presentation forms and inclusive audience participation. Participants of the festival belong to a generation of designers and artists who explore and question the boundaries of their discipline. With their works they move between the transdisciplinary domains of fashion, social design and visual arts.

The program consists of a selection from the submitted proposals and from the projects initiated by FASHIONCLASH itself that are being developed in co-production with other organizations.

FASHIONCLASH Festival consists of a number of on- and offline program components:
– The Clash House: talent development trajectory and presentations from five designers
– New Fashion Narratives: a virtual showcase with performances and installations
– Fashion Film & Video: a program with fashion films, videos and digital fashion
– Open Mic Night: a theatrical evening program with performances and shows
– Talks: moderated conversations with various speakers and festival participants
– Fashion Makes Sense: participation projects ‚Stand-In‘ and ‚Off the top of my head‘.
– Individual Events: various own initiatives and activities to be seen at physical locations in Maastricht, Aachen and The Hague.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is accessible to everyone through ticket sales and free activities. The program consists of online and offline presentations. Tickets go on sale at the beginning of November. More information about the program, participants and ticket sales will soon be available on:

Campaign image in collaboration with filmmaker Luca Tichelman

Each edition, FASHIONCLASH collaborates with a different designer on artist for the festival’s campaign. The campaign image for the 13th edition was developed in collaboration with filmmaker Luca Tichelman and was inspired by the hybrid festival program. It is a campaign that contains both static and moving images and uses mixed manual set and film techniques.
She worked together with Leo van den Boorn, costume designer and head of the Opera Zuid costume department.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is an initiative of the Maastricht (Netherlands) based FASHIONCLASH Foundation, an interdisciplinary showcase and development platform for fashion and fashion culture and a worldwide network of new generation fashion makers and (performing) artists. Since 2009, the FASHIONCLASH Foundation has realized more than 200 projects in the Netherlands and abroad, including China, Portugal, South Africa, Malta, Germany, Belgium, Poland, etc.

Photography & concept: Luca Tichelman
Gold outfit: Leo van den Boorn
Video campaign sound: Dikkie Baan

The Manege Fair is over, but Cosmoscow Online continues


I v a n  E r o f e e v

The Manege Fair is over, but Cosmoscow Online continues

Dear Friends,

The 9th edition of Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair took place against all odds this year and was a huge success. Thank you for all your support!

There was a lot that was new at this year’s fair, and we are not just referring to the change in dates and venue. Cosmoscow 2021 played host to a record number of galleries, which came from the widest range of countries in the fair’s history. We introduced ‘The Inbetween: Digital Art as NFTs’, a new section of the fair that was developed in collaboration with CADAF (Contemporary and Digital Art Fair). It was also only the second time that we presented the collective booth Created in Moscow, together with Moscow’s Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development and the Agency for Creative Industries. This year, the booth was dedicated to sculpture.

As usual, the fair presented a number of projects in connection with programs run by the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art. Visitors were greeted by Razzle-Dazzle, a new work by Irina Korina (our Artist of the Year), and Clot, an installation by Misha Bury (winner of the Ruinart Art Patronat competition) which was created specially for Cosmoscow Fair. Visitors also had the chance to see booths by Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow and Vyksa Art Residence, who featured as our Museum of the Year and Institution of the Year respectively. Finally, for our Collector’s Eye program, we displayed selected works from the collections of Alexey and Vera Priyma (Moscow) and Evgeny Khamin (Voronezh).

We are infinitely grateful to our partners who made it possible for the fair to take place: the official partner Ruinart, the automotive partner Audi, the innovative partner Samsung, the partner Hutton Development, the watch partner Breguet, the Cosmoscow Online partner Visa, the partner Otkritie Private Banking and the official hotel The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya.

We also thank the partner for fundraising and special projects v confession agency, VOSS official water, the insurance partner „Alfastrakhovanie“, the logistics partner Fine Art Way, the partner for the design of Collector’s Lounge DesignAid, the partner for the design MPS Pooling Systems, the partner for transfers Ultima Yandex.Go, partner of VIP Preiview Zelinsky & Rosen.

Thank you for joining us at the Moscow Manezh. We were delighted that you were able to spend time with the art and enjoy our wider program of events, including performances and a series of discussions at our Mediaforum and Cosmoscow Talks.

The good news is that Cosmoscow Fair continues online! The online version of fair will be available until September 26 and can be found on the platform TEO. Whether you didn’t manage to attend the fair in person or just feel that you didn’t have long enough with the art, we encourage you to visit us at Cosmoscow Online.

Remember, online visitors can receive access to special rewards by making a purchase with any Visa card, including an invitation to an exclusive event by Cosmoscow Collectors Club. They can also enjoy free delivery on all purchases over 150,000 rubles within the Moscow region as part of a special offer by Otkritie Private Banking.

We’ll see you next year when Cosmoscow will be celebrating its 10th edition!

One Step Further with Form. Function. Friendship. Family. Freedom. Fassbender.

One Step Further with Form. Function. Friendship. Family. Freedom. Fassbender.

For Spring-Summer 2022, Fassbender goes on a journey to one of the founders most beloved places: Ibiza. Since childhood, this special place with its breathtaking landscapes and warm, welcoming people has been Christina’s and Sebastian’s summer sanctuary. Diving into the rich culture of this Mediterranean island, Fassbender blends its signature Hanseatic elegance with Balearic colours, textures and heritage.

The 29 looks reflect the colours of the Mediterranean with bright coral and blue inspired by the paintings of Carolanna Parlato and Sarah Crowner, whereas natural sandy shades are reminiscent of Spanish deserts. Paying tribute to Balearic artisanship, Fassbender presents their first jewellery collection with Galician ceramic artist Maria Josefa Sanchez Castedo. The floral necklaces, bracelets and ceramic details are influenced by Mediterranean fauna – delicate, yet strong. Essential wardrobe styles are complemented with new playful summer dresses that celebrate the joie de vivre of Ibiza.

With a deep respect for our environment and the life within, Fassbender continuously searches for the most exciting innovations to make fashion more sustainable, and ultimately more beautiful. For the SS22 collection, Fassbender also continues to support small environmentally-friendly productions. The collection features a light leather jacket made from the novel Desserto® cactus leather and a signature fringe dress made of a unique sustainable cotton-and-lyocell-mix, developed exclusively for Fassbender by an Italian manufacturer.

As part of the SS22 collection, Fassbender also launches its first classic denim collection, which can be ordered straight from the runway. Based on new, innovative dyeing processes, the production is nontoxic and environment-friendly compared to conventional denim making. Staying in line with nature’s resources, the collection features five different fits in five natural dyes.

Furthermore, to show how sustainable fashion comes full circle, Fassbender Second Life will debut in September 2021 to offer personalized custom-made, up-cycled garments from previous seasons‘ stock.

About Fassbender
Fassbender is the eponym of elegance and strength. She is a woman on the move, effortlessly balancing family, friends, and work. She is creative, smart and vivacious, chic, but with a sense of sophisticated Hanseatic understatement. And she cares. She cares deeply about the people around her and the environment she inhabits.

Fassbender is a Hamburg-based label that brings together the elegance of sophisticated tailoring, comfort and functionality. A Fassbender garment is an everyday piece that accompanies women alongside the rainy morning walk or a summer hike and still shines during an evening cocktail dinner.

Founded in 2017 by fashion industry veteran Christina Fassbender with her brother Sebastian Steinhoff, and designed by New York-based creative director Matthias Louwen, Fassbender is a business led by family &friends with a strong commitment to quality and responsibility.

Fassbender believes in the connectedness of living beings and nature and works towards a responsible circular economy that respects the environment and all its life. Every season, Christina and her team explore the newest material innovations, all sourced from certified workshops with the highest ethical standards for everyone involved in the creation process. Natural materials, like alpaca and lamb’s wool, are produced by animal-friendly farms, the peace silk is made without sacrificing living silkworms, the vegan leathers are sourced from organic materials and the label is continuously increasing the share of recycled materials in the collections. From head to toe, Fassbender is made in Portugal and Belgium and is committed to responsible production for everyone and everything involved.

Every single Fassbender piece is made with a human heart and creativity. The designs are handmade on a dress form, manually drawn and perfected with meticulous cutting techniques. Each garment is worn and tested by Christina and her friends before going into production to make sure it feels as beautiful as it looks.



NASTYA NEKRASOVA, a Russian brand and permanent participant of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia joined MBFW Berlin for the first time. The video presentation of NASTYA NEKRASOVA’s digital collection was streamed at on September 7, as well as at MBFW Berlin’s official social media accounts. The digital show by NASTYA NEKRASOVA was arranged under the global initiative MBFW International Editions Vol 1 for designer exchange between Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks.  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin made an agreement, and in turn a designer from MBFW Berlin will join the fall season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia scheduled for September 19 through 23.

“The new collection has been inspired by ASSA, a super-popular Soviet film, namely the night dreams of the protagonist,” says Anastasia Nekrasova.

“Global collaboration and allying are major trends of the new era. The more experience we share, the more we communicate, all the more opportunities for designers from across the globe – it is easier for them to get into the spotlight, to be sustainable and unique,” believes Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

NASTYA NEKRASOVA uses organic and recycled materials, supports local artisans and manufacturers and follows the slow fashion principles – less clothes, better quality. In 2021, the brand started a new totally digital clothing line.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is taking place from September 6 to 8, both offline and online. Complementing these shows are presentations of fashion films by Marc Cain and talks by „She‘s Mercedes The Studio X MBFW Berlin“, a panel talk of the „Fashion Council Germany“ and three „Fashion Open Studio x MBFW talks“.

Russian Fashion Council:  

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia:

For additional information, please contact:

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia