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Alexandra Abramova | TRANSITION



Art direction & Photo|  Alexandra Abramova @abramova_sa
Model | Margarita Koroleva @margaritakorol represented by @agentproduction
Make-up & Hair | Mariya Shvets @marysieve
Style | Alena Petrova @alena_pro_fashion
Fashion | @oskuglik @alena_pro_fashion @itsnotliisaa

Mathilde Brunel „The Beast Inside“


Filmed and Directed by Mathilde Brunel  @mathilda.brunel
Starring Yumi Narita
Aerial motion pictures by Avatar Productions
Special thanks to Domaine de Villechenay & Clémentine Calais from La maison du Lin

Music remixed from Lost in Time – Murcof

The beast Inside relates about the real deep ourself versus our social animal side. Its a story of a girl who feels opressed by what people and the society expects of her. While she is stucked by sadness in her house, her deep herself is calling her.