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Interview with Nina Hauben

By /ART/, /NEWS/
Interview with Nina Hauben

Step into the world of photography through the lens of Amsterdam-based photographer Nina Hauben. A graduate of the esteemed Amsterdam Fashion Institute in International Fashion Management, Hauben’s work reflects a unique blend of artistry and innovation. With upcoming exhibitions at Haute Photographie in Amsterdam, as well as a showcase at NockNock Art, Hauben’s visual storytelling continues to captivate audiences.

Can you share with us your journey as a photographer, starting from your graduation at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute?

My journey as a photographer unfolded organically after completing my studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Fashion Management. While I began my career in Fashion Marketing and Art Direction, I soon found myself drawn to the visual aspects, alongside my growing desire for entrepreneurial exploration. Now, all these elements blend seamlessly into my journey as a photographer.

How do you blend elements of fine art and fashion in your photography work, and what inspires this unique fusion?
My work serves as a visual narrative of (un)spoken words, mostly in black and white. My process is intuitive, often inspired by my emotions and experiences. I see photography as a unique language I need to “speak” to express feelings. I start by conceptualizing ideas that personally resonate with me, drawing from my life and observations. From there, I collaborate closely with a creative team to bring these concepts to life. Throughout the process, I remain open to spontaneity, allowing for the unexpected to shape the final outcome.

Could you tell us about your experience showcasing your work at Haute Photographie in Rotterdam in 2024? What was the response to your exhibition?
Exhibiting at Haute Photographie in Rotterdam, the Netherlands was a great experience, at this exhibition the series “With(out) “ was presented. This series is about:
“In the end, all that’s left are memories we have. It’s a fear that memories, like wisps of smoke, will dissipate with time, leaving me with a void that cannot be filled. I wish I could have collected more of these memories. As I can’t hear your voice, your footsteps, or feel your presence, I have to pretend, so that’s what I do.”
It was rewarding to see how people reacted to the work, resonated with people and started conversation. At the moment I’m already preparing for the next edition in Amsterdam in September.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations or goals as a fine art and fashion photographer based in Amsterdam?

I always say, the most important journey you can take is one of self-discovery. Through my work, I’ve discovered more about myself. This continuous process of creation provides something that I can always reflect upon later. There’s still much to learn, as long as I’m creating I’m confident that I’m on the right path. However, my ambitions extend beyond personal exploration; my goal is expanding my work and style. 

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VERNISSAGE 17.05.2024

Opening Hours

Saturday – Sunday 12.00-18.00

Address: Großgörschenstr. 7 10827 BERLIN

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image copyright Anya Mokhova 

In focus Anya Mokhova

Meet Anya Mokhova, a contemporary artist based in London renowned for her captivating installations and sculptural creations that transport visitors into meticulously crafted worlds of wonder.

Driven by a deep passion for art history and innovative media exploration, Anya delves into a realm of artistic expression using unconventional materials such as tallow, bee’s wax, soap, gold, and brass. Through intricate processes like incrustation, engraving, and casting, she masterfully merges rigid and soft textures, natural and artificial elements to construct a unique visual language that beckons for tactile engagement.

Drawing inspiration from classical frescoes and sculptures, Anya’s art elicits strong emotions and challenges the boundaries between the tangible and the metaphysical. Her evocative works offer a multi-sensory experience, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay of reality and imagination within the realm of artistically crafted objects and space.

copyright | Anya Mokhova

copyright | Anya Mokhova

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PAPER POSITIONS BERLIN 25. – 28. April 2024

By /ART/, /NEWS/

paper positions berlin 2023 Photo Clara Wenzel-Theiler

PAPER POSTIONS BERLIN 25. – 28. April 2024

As part of the eighth edition of paper positions berlin, taking place from April 25th to 28th parallel to Gallery Weekend Berlin, this year 60 international galleries showcase over 150 artistic positions from 11 countries. All positions in contemporary and modern art share one thing in common: they revolve around drawing and the material of paper. Presented in curated solo and group exhibitions, a diverse range of works on and with paper will be showcased in the atrium of the Deutsche Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz. The salon-like character of our fair, avoiding closed-off booths, fosters an open and friendly atmosphere, leaving ample room for interaction.

The medium of paper knows no bounds; it has edges and corners, occasionally a sensationalist character, but at its core, a delicately fibrous heart. It encourages artists to experiment, to implement ideas, and to reject them without risking vast sums of material costs. It creates a low threshold for access, both in artistic engagement and for those looking to purchase their first or tenth artwork. For these reasons, paper forms the core of our art fair, becoming the plaything of artistic expression for each position. Exhibiting artists sew structures into the paper, draw fine pencil lines, print on it, scalp it, form sculptures, tear, collage, photograph, deconstruct, reconstruct, and delve into its hidden structures down to the fibers.

In addition to famous positions from classical modernism such as Lyonel Feininger (Thole Rotermund Kunsthandel, Hamburg), Pablo Picasso, Otto Dix (Kunkel Fine Art, Munich), and Lotte Laserstein (Dr. Nöth Kunsthandel + Galerie, Potsdam), contemporary talents are given a stage: Farniyaz Zaker (O Gallery, Tehran), Thomas Trum (CONRADS, Berlin), Tim Berresheim (Galerie Elisabeth & Reinhard Hauff), Mariella Mosler (Drawing Room Hamburg), or Esther Hagenmaier (SMUDAJESCHECK, Munich), to name a few.

Salon Format as an Art Fair

For seasoned and aspiring collectors, paper positions berlin offers a wide spectrum and low-threshold access to high-quality contemporary art, modern art,and 19th-century art.


  1. – 28. April 2024

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Visitors are provided with an overview of the uniqueness of the medium of paper. The paper and the artists can reveal themselves from all angles. Characteristic of paper positions is the concept of an art salon in the form of a fair: byforgoing traditional booths, the atmosphere resembles that of a large, bright, and airy group exhibition. This allows for perception, discovery, rediscovery, and direct exchange about the artistic positions in dialogue. In their delicacy,vulnerability, and immediacy, the paper works benefit from the exclusiveattention they receive at this specialized art fair.


deutsche telekom hauptstadtrepraesentanz franzoesischestrasse 33 a-c

10117 berlin

professional preview

thursday. 25 april 2024

2 – 6 pm (with vip card only)

opening reception

thursday. 25 april 2024

6 – 9 pm

opening party

with music by beatmensch5000

8.30 – 11 pm

opening hours

friday. 26 april 2024

11 am – 1 pm (with vip card only) 1 – 6 pm

saturday. 27 april 2024

11 am – 8 pm

sunday. 28 april 2024

11 am – 6 pm


ticket. 18 euro

reduced. 10 euro

opening. 18 euro

free admission for visitors under 18 years.

more information here 

In Focus | Özlem Sorlu Thompson

By /ART/, /NEWS/
In Focus Özlem Sorlu Thompson @ozlemsorluthompson

In Belsize Park, Özlem paints in the house where Piet Mondrian and Ben Nicholson both worked, just before the Second World War. Originally from Istanbul, Özlem loved to paint from an early age and was deeply influenced by the variety and depth of artistic creativity throughout the cultures of the Mediterranean region, from the ancient monuments of Ephesus to the colourful traditional woven handicrafts from the East of Turkey.

Moving to London in 2015 she began to refine her artistic style, while her background in Biology, Botany and passion for science provided a broad conceptual palette.  Always curious about and inspired by nature, Özlem focused on the joy of works featuring natural scenes and imaginary worlds.  She creates an idea, mixing it with her feelings and daily experience of life in which she is constantly exploring her love of classic cinema and literature, resulting in works with boundless vitality and joy.

Since 2018 Özlem has taken part in various exhibitions around the world, in New York, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK among many others and also appearing in print and online.  Her publication include in Capsules Book, ‘Leaders in Contemporary Art’, (Australia), The Art Folio Annual Art Book ‘World’s Most Exciting Artists’ (USA), House and Garden Magazine, and the ‘Covart’ Project in the Copelouzos Family Art Museum (Greece), 365artplus Magazine (Japan).

Recently German art historian&critic Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich wrote an article including her work in Art KunstMagazin. Her awards include ‘Best in Show’ in Texas, ‘Honourable Mention’ award in Tokyo and Precious magazine ‘Top Ten’ awards in Hong Kong.

In 2022 she participated as one of seven artists selected to create giant fibreglass eggs to celebrate the late Queen Elizabeth the Second’s Silver Jubilee by Elephant Family, a wildlife charity run by the Royal Family.

Özlem is constantly creating and sending her work to global collectors. Collectors include Anita Dobson&Brian May, Maria Friedman, Andy Nyman.

copyright Özlem Sorlu Thompson


2023 Times Square Digital Showcase, HMVC ‘Vibrant Visions’, New York City

2023 Solo Exhibition, Hampstead School of Art, London

2023 Boomer Art Prize 20 Finalists Group Exhibition, Boomer Gallery, London

2023 HMVC Gallery New York, Vibrant Visions Online Group Show

2023 Secret Postcard Auction by Combat Stress, Bankside Gallery, London

2023 ‘Arts To Hearts’ Project, Emerging Woman Artist Award Virtual Exhibition

2023 Swiss Art Expo, Switzerland

2022 ‘Eggs of an Era’ by Elephant Family, 7 artists public show for The Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, Sloane Square, Chelsea, London

2022 Secret Postcard Auction by Combat Stress, Bankside Gallery, London

2022 Art on a Postcard, The Bomb Factory, London

2022 ‘To Me, To You’, The Artist’s Workspace Gallery, London

2022 London Coffee Festival, Coffee Art Project

2022 Virtual Artists Summer Art Festival, London

2021 Into the Cosmere, group show, London

2021 Swiss Art Expo, Switzerland

2021 Secret Postcard Auction by Combat Stress, Bonhams Auction House

2021 Keats House Museum, Hampstead Summer Art Fair, London

2021 Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Covart Project, Greece

2021 Virtual Artists Summer Art Festival, London

2020 Boomer Gallery, London; ‘Colour Boom’ Group Show

2020 Online Solo Show by Artists’ Circle Gallery, Texas, USA

2020 Madrid, ‘Summer Tracks’, Spain

2020 Frikifish Barcelona, ‘The Confinement Chronical’, Spain

2020 Talented Art Fair, London

2020 Florence Contemporary Gallery ‘Far But Close’ Group Show, Italy

2019 ‘The Night Collectors’, Group Exhibition, Bateman Street, London

2019 Red Art Gallery, Group Exhibition, London

2019 Creates Gallery, Emerging Artists Prize Group Exhibition, Wales

2018 Group Exhibition, Van Der Plas Gallery, Manhattan, NYC, ‘Call of Walls’

2018 Group Exhibition, Vagabond London, ‘Prints and Patterns’

copyright Özlem Sorlu Thompson

copyright Özlem Sorlu Thompson

In Focus | Ronja Chlebowski

By /ART/, /NEWS/

Photos by Cicci_photo

In Focus | Ronja Chlebowski

“Energy is everywhere. I see it. I feel it.I transform it. I transform energy into art. “

Ronja Chlebowski is a German artist. She lives and works in Berlin.

She comes from a family of art teachers and her art education started really early.

She studied art and art education in her Bachelor and Gender Studies with a focus on Sociology in her Master. After afew years as a diversity manager in one of the biggest companies in Germany she followed her dream to workfulltime as an artist.

Today she is known for her abstract artworks. She likes to combine several materials, such as high pigments, spray paint, oil markers or sandpaste. For her paintings, she uses raw cotton and her canvases are handmade.

She finds inspiration in everything that owns energy. She combines her art with spiritual elements and is influenced a lot by her daily yoga practice.

Ronja Chlebowski

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