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Juli 2020

In focus: The World of Women – postmodern pop-art by Irina Greciuhina

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Alexandra Zagrebelnaia

In focus: The World of Women – postmodern pop-art by Irina Greciuhina
A talented architect and designer found her way in the contemporary art through creation of the monumental paintings of the women. Bright colored, catchy and ironic, these painting make you wonder about all the peculiar details and their meaning.
Irina was born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, where she still lives in works. However, her style is influenced by continuous travelling and attending of International Design and Art events.
Discussing her shift from architecture to painting, Irina says “Architectural background is giving me a lot of ideas and knowledge, that I am transforming into my artworks. I am perceiving a process of the art creation as my personal cult and intimate ritual which gives me a freedom of expression”.

Futurological Congress, 2020

After years of experiments, Irina has found the most interesting subject for her – female architypes. In her works she is wondering how personality and world perception of a woman can be affected by the external factors such as giving birth to a child, building a family or even changing the gender roles. The choice of this topic is stipulated by a continuous self-study, as an artist and as a woman. She is imagining and alternative Universe with women in the center. Irina tells that these female images are recreated from different sources around her, including everyday life, fashion magazines and even internet. In fact, when you look on her paintings, you can have a feeling that you’ve seen these characters somewhere before. Maybe it’s a supermodel or a historical personality? However, often these ladies are a product of manipulations and mixing of different pictures, gestures and face expressions.

The Blue Heaven, 2019

Orbital Station, 2019

Paradoxical Illiusions, 2018

Surrealism and interpretation of dreams, became strong references to the artist, but she is expressing it in a post-modern way, mixing bright colors, catchy poses from the posters, decorative elements and patterns with the typical elements of pop art.
Since 2019 Irina has been actively exhibiting her artworks and participating in international projects. In a short period of time she has managed to participate in the International Biennial of Painting, exhibit her works in Italy, Spain and France and even have her first solo shows.
Using mostly acrylic paint and working on large-scale canvases, recently she has started to experiment with digital art, studying how the new technologies can affect the creative process, giving her new ideas and skills.

Shifting the Schizo-pole or gorgeous product that you can sell, 2018

The infinity is multiplied by reflection, 2018

XY00, 2020

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Igor Iden „dust it off“



Photographer Igor Iden @idenph_official
Stylist Anastasia Krasnoschekova @zanyato.nax
Make-up & Hair Elena Smirnova @coooopp
Model Ida Evdokimova @iamidaevdokimova signed at Gemini Models @geminimodelsmoscow

dress Zara

dress OA @oa.clth,
gloves Katerina Myachina @katerinamyachinaofficial, pearl necklace vintage

coat Capsule.21 @capsule.21
body Zara, tights vintage

dress Zara
coat Capsule.21 @capsule.21, shoes Zara

dress Zara
body & shoes Zara, tights vintage

dress OA @oa.clth
gloves Katerina Myachina @katerinamyachinaofficial, pearl necklace vintage


By /ART/


Model: Ariela Soares @ariela_o  @aro_mm  Natanael Azevedo @natanaelazevedooficial  Amanda Rocha @amandaaa.rocha  @joymodelpoa  Fernanda Farias @fernandafarias___  @joymodelpoa  Fernanda Brito @ferbriito_  @joymodelpoa  Julia Bregalda @_juliabregalda  @joymodelpoa  Fernanda Teponti @fernandateponti  @joymodelpoa  Stéphanie Souza @stephaniepsouza  @superagency
Photo/Art: Otavio Conci @oconci
Exec.Prod: Ju Conci @juconci
Make Up: Ana K. @anak.mua  Paulo Cruz  @cruzespaulo  Rick  @rick_makeup  Taís Andrade @beautytaisandrade  Savana Sá

Olga Tuponogova-Volkova „unvincible“

By /ART/


Photo: Olga Tuponogova-Volkova @tuponogova_volkova
Photo assistant: Konstantin Egonov @kostya_nekiy
Style: Galina Smirnskaya @smirnskaya.gala
Make-up & hair: Elena Zubareva @zubarevamakeup
Model: Yulia Tsvetkova (NIK Modelmanagement) @nikmodelmanagement
Producer: Asia Oleynik @asiaoleynik

boots — MANGO

trenchcoat, neck scarf — MAXMARA; t-shirt —  LEVIS

t-shirt — LEVIS; jeans and jacket — GUESS
trenchcoat — MAXMARA; boots — MANGO

sweater — ICEBERG; pants, jacket, boots — YOOX; camouflage printed jacket — WOOLRICH

polo shirt —   MARCIANO; jeans, shirt —  GUESS
jacket — PUMA; belt —  LEVIS; boots —MANGO

Tatiana Vakhrusheva „SUPREMATISM“

By /ART/


Photographer: Tatiana Vakhrusheva @tanyavakh_
Style: Nina Atiskova @ninzeee
Makeup and hair: Daria Chirkova @dariachir
Model: Alexandra Leontieva @alexa_leon00

Jacket – Mango; Belt – Alisa Filichkina
Tights – Calzedonia; Shoes – Zara
Shirt – MMM for H&M; Skirt – stylist’s own;
Shoes – Zara
Suit – H&M;
Shoes – Stradivarius
Turtleneck – Pompea; Skirt – INCITY;
Trousers – Zara; Boots – Bershka

Now representing Daria Berg


Now Representing
Daria Berg
HAZEGALLERY is pleased to announce its global representation of the Russian born, art photographer Daria Berg.

Daria’s works draw an imaginary line between paintings and photographic art; the artist creates an almost new category of photography masterfully implementing art in a photo.
The artist comes from a artistic background and has studied composition, light and color and anatomy in the Kustodiev Art School in St.Petersburg , moreover she has successfully accomplished the Johannson Art College affiliated with the Repin Academy of Fine Arts.
Daria involves her own art technics in creating a unique piece of art in photography.

A 3D solo exhibition of Daria’s work is scheduled from 31 July to 16 of August with a private view at 30th of July. Details to be announced