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Oktober 2020

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia: How It Was This Time


Julia Kryshevich

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia: How It Was This Time

Right before we start, let me remind you of the basics. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia or MBFW, for short, is a major fashion event in Russia, CIS, and EMEA (at least, under the version of the organizers), which happens biyearly, in spring and in autumn. 

If you managed to join the April 2020 season of the Fashion Week, you could see what a success it was: although entirely running online, the three-day event attracted about 830,000 spectators. Therefore, moving the program online proved to be a natural solution for MBFW promoters in October. However, almost half of the fashion shows this time took place physically at 8 Moscow venues. No, excluding the main one, Moscow Manezh, situated a stone’s throw from Red Square. Still there were some interesting locations like Moscow Museum of Fashion and the spacious ‘Nadezhda’ loft in the historically significant city trade district.

To attend the shows you as a fashion lover or a buyer or a journalist (whatever) needed an invitation, signing a verbal promise to comply with the preventive measures against COVID-19. If you more felt like staying at home and having settled yourself comfortable enough, watching an online stream, it was a massive hit, too. High-quality videos of the shows, including close-up shots and backstage footage were available to the guests through various platforms such as the official website of MBFW and the Russian popular social network VK. Another attractive option was to view some additional news and entertaining content provided by the fashion influencers, stylists, and other folks from the local world of vogue via TikTok.

So back to MBFW program. 74 designers from six countries showcased their collections in the autumn edition of the event, including the US, the UK, Argentina, Peru, and Indonesia. As for the Russian part, it wasn’t just Moscow-driven. Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Sochi, and Yakutsk have proudly presented their natives (and hosted the fashion shows themselves). This season of MBFW was mostly about clothes — the only exception that comes to mind was the Brevno eyewear brand, which showed the step-by-step process of the goods manufacturing in a video presentation. Such major figures of the Russian fashion industry as Igor Chapurin (CHAPURIN) and Elena Souprun (ELENA SOUPROUN) were on the list together with some aspiring undergraduates of the HSE Art and Design School and the B&D Institute, both Moscow-based. In order to support young professionals under the economic recession MBFW organizers enabled 13 labels to take part in the event without paying any entrance fee. So there was no shortage in young up-and-comers this time.

Though relatively young, Russian fashion industry is worth maintaining one’s focus on it. While some couturiers prefer mimicking European fashion trends (successfully, I must say), others decide on demonstrating the authenticity of the Russian DNA and focus on symbolism and national motifs. I wouldn’t like to talk in general terms (it’s hardly possible even less), however, some trends can be spotted. Here are a few insights of what Russian fashion industry breathes today. 


N E W   F E M I N I N I T Y

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia has never divided its seasons into male and female collections. Not that gender-fluid clothing was widely spread in Russia (quite the opposite, it’s just on the up — more on that later), but femme fashion is still considered the prevailing one. So it’s the male outfits that usually accompany women’s fashion shows, and not vice versa. In that light it’s not a big wonder that the issue of femininity remains relevant. Who is she, the ideal woman? Sounds Jungian and utopian, but always excites people’s minds. This is how MBFW’2020 participants see the answer to this question. 

The name of Elena Souprun’s SS 2021 collection Bricolage’ speaks for itself. Just like the process of bricolage implies creating objects using different kinds of materials found, the new collection by ELENA SOUPRUN displays perfect integration of local motifs into a modern image. Chinese silk and moiré and Uzbek national adras fabrics formed the basis of the label’s outfits. Loose shirts, broad sashes, laidback palazzo-pants, and kimonos call for a careful selection of handmade accessories. Smells like East? Yes, but it’s also about the spirit of the Zeitgeist, independence, and infinite elegance

‘Bricolage’ SS 2021 Collection by Elena Souprun. Courtesy of the brand

‘Bricolage’ SS 2021 Collection by Elena Souprun. Courtesy of the brand

‘Bricolage’ SS 2021 Collection by Elena Souprun. Courtesy of the brand

K Titova’s latest fashion show might serve as a perfect example of conceptual completeness. Creative and self-aware women will enjoy stylish and practical garments by K Titova ingeniously performed in two colors only, blue and white. Plaids, patches, and flower silhouettes complete the image without overloading it. A bit off the point, a senior model was spotted walking the runway during the label’s fashion show. And that’s admirable!

‘Gardens of Secrets’ by K Titova. Courtesy of the brand

‘Gardens of Secrets’ by K Titova. Courtesy of the brand

‘Gardens of Secrets’ by K Titova. Courtesy of the brand

Maison Esve decided to go artistic. Gloss, fringe, embroidered cardigans, and flirtatious skirts — the atmosphere of the 1920s has been perfectly retrieved. In the SS 2021 collection Maison Esve suggests its admirers to take on the role of the world-famous dancer Josephine Baker. But overall, it’s all about being spontaneous, open-minded, and enjoying life as it is.

Maison Esve SS 2021 collection. Courtesy of the brand

Maison Esve SS 2021 collection. Courtesy of the brand

Maison Esve SS 2021 collection. Courtesy of the brand

In the mood for something romantic? Then LUBOVI Naissanse’ collection will tune you in right. Light shadows, transparent fabrics, pleated skirts, and fitted shapes create such a tender image of the ambassador of love and affection. What’s more down-to-earth but yet enjoyable, most LUBOVI garments are created from natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, and silk. By the way, the label’s title as well as the name of its founder Lubov translates from Russian to ‘love’. 


Having taken a step in this direction together with ELENA SOUPRUN, we keep moving forward to the East. ‘Collection №47’ by KISSELENKO is nothing but an homage to oriental delicacy. 50 shades of black used in the outfits (I’m talking about anthracite, quartz, coal, and other rock hues) are counterbalanced with red lips and flawlessly white faces of the mannequins. The makeup of the models together with the high rolls on their heads leave no doubt: the story is about a geisha, but a contemporary one. She lives at the rhythm of the city and makes time for herself. Magnificent and laconic,Collection №47’ comes in line with the philosophy of the brand, which may be described as intellectual freedom of expression. Founded by the designer Lilia Kisselenko in St. Petersburg 20 years ago, KISSELENKO was named the best Russian fashion brand by Vogue in 2000.

‘Collection №47’ by KISSELENKO. Courtesy of the brand

‘Collection №47’ by KISSELENKO. Courtesy of the brand

‘Collection №47’ by KISSELENKO. Courtesy of the brand

G E N D E R   F L U I D I T Y

Unisex ready-to-wear garments have no longer been a wonder as a kind of way station between female and male fashion. But what about rewriting the history of vogue, enrobing men in outfits traditionally ascribed to women and the other way round? It’s the young designers who usually enjoy experimenting with gender in their collections. The results might be astonishing.

‘HARD 008’ by HSE Art and Design School

Fashion Department students of the HSE Art and Design School (Moscow) showed up at MBFW with their ‘HARD 008: THE EDGE OF SOMETHING NEW’ collection. Just as the title suggests, the new series is aimed at reminiscing about the past and coming up with new ideas for the future. Trench coats, T-shirts, and tops are featured both on male and female models being photographed in couples. Asymmetry, long trains, and discreet palette of colours define the spirit of the HARD 008’ outfits. 

The Case Project by Marina Aleksashina_HSE Art _ Design School

The Case Project by Marina Aleksashina_HSE Art _ Design School

The Case Project by Marina Aleksashina_HSE Art _ Design School


Meanwhile we keep on redefining fashion processes together with the Saint-Petersburg-based couturier Sergei Sysoev. The SS 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection by SERGEI SYSOEV isn’t just about dressing men and women in similar costumes that are marked by intimacy and sophistication. It’s also about the changing role of colour that loses its gender specificity. Intense magenta, noble navy blue, tender aqua marine — these shades are beyond the binary thinking and always ad rem. All you have to do is to get creative and match the colours properly. Bear in mind, such elements as tai dai and artistically designed rose-shaped prints will prevent the outfit from looking repetitive.


‘MOM’ collection by KRUZHOK is one of the bravest examples of gender fluidity demonstrated at the current MBFW season. It’s the superhuman with the distinctive feminine traits that serves as a prototype for the new collection. The colour palette is all lightness: peach, pistachio, and creamy hues. Large pockets, accented shoulders, A-line, and pencil skirts. Back to the 60s with its baby-doll image? Yes, in a way, and men can wear it!

‘MOM’ Collection by KRUZHOK. Courtesy of the brand

‘MOM’ Collection by KRUZHOK. Courtesy of the brand

‘MOM’ Collection by KRUZHOK. Courtesy of the brand


Having prior discussed new femininity, it would be fair to talk of men. Designer Yana Gilvichute devotes her new series to the wild 90s (at least, in Russia they were like that, with a highly unstable Perestroika period). GILVICHUTE SS 2021 plays upon the well-known taste of confusion and nascent freedom. Unisex leather coats are still the historically established classic, while male bodysuits, jabots, and puffy sleeves promise to be another sensation, experimental and romantic at once. It would be hard to avoid the choice of color: excellently light blue, it reminds of the times when the dreams and hopes were as endless as the sky. 

GILVICHUTE SS 2021 Ready-To-Wear. Courtesy of the brand

GILVICHUTE SS 2021 Ready-To-Wear. Courtesy of the brand

GILVICHUTE SS 2021 Ready-To-Wear. Courtesy of the brand

To be continued in Part 2. 

*All photographs provided by the press-office of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia

Vlada „RAMMSTEIN 2.0“

By /ART/


art-director, photographer, videographer Vlada @vladarennes  @vladayegor
music Yegor Gavrin @yegorgavrin  @vladayegor
style Masha Borisova @masha_shanhai
style assistant Ulyana Morozova @chocoladkka
makeup artist Alyona Serbina @serbinamua
hair stylist Ekaterina Danilina @danilina_muah
models Aleksey Zuev @zuev.real Yegor Gavrin @yegorgavrin
Ivan Pavlov @van_vein Erik @xadriah @t_modelsagency
Roman Martynov @_romartyn_ 
Roman Chekrenev @romanchellla 

Kyna Marie „soft edges“



Makeup Artist: Anny Chow @annychow
Model: Shea Mcloughlin @shea_mclo
Photographer: Kyna Marie @kyna_marie

Cheeks: Shu Uemura Glow On in Soft Pink; Lips: Face Atelier Lip Glaze in Paradise; Eyes: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Yeyo;

Cheeks: Ben Nye Creme Blush Wheel; Brows: Mac Cosmetics Shape and Shade Brow Tint in Fling, Mac Cosmetics Brow Set

Eyes: Mac Cosmetics Chromagraphic Pencil in Genuine Orange; Brows: Mac Cosmetics Shape and Shade Brow Tint in Fling, Mac Cosmetics Brow Set; Lips: Face Atelier Lip Glaze in Enigma

Lips: Mac Cosmetics Pro Lip Palette in Editorial Reds; Mac Cosmetics Lipglass Clear

Face: Face Atelier Ultra Skin Foundation, Face Atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet in Light, Makeup Forever Artist Face Color, Makeup Forever Pro Light Fusion in Golden Pink

Ekaterina Maltseva „alchemy“



Photographer — Ekaterina Maltseva @rina_m_ph
Style&set design — Anastasia Tumanova @art.stasia
MUAH — Danya Che @danya.che_mua
Model — Dzera @dewydim @genom_mgmt

Body H&M; Skirt Prada; Mules D&G; Necklace stylist’s own; Cuff Nullum

Bra Weekday; Skirt Collusion; Coat Vintage; Mules Zara; Earrings Weekday; Cuff Nullum

Body H&M; Skirt Prada; Mules D&G; Necklace stylist’s own; Cuff Nullum

Dress H&M; Shoes Gucci; Tights Calzedonia; Earrings Weekday; Cuff Nullum

Body H&M



Helmut Newton, Amica, Milan_1982_copyright Helmut Newton Estate


On 31 October 2020 Helmut Newton would have been 100 years old. His foundation was established in Berlin Charlottenburg in the fall of 2003, and then opened in the summer of 2004 since then it has presented more than 50 exhibitions. Now, the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin is taking this special anniversary as an occasion to celebrate the exceptional photographer – for the first time by presenting his legendary, timeless, and innovative work in a large public outdoor exhibition in Berlin.

The Helmut Newton Foundation will present a large outdoor exhibition along the 85 meter-long wall at Kraftwerk Berlin on Köpenicker Strasse 70, in the Kreuzberg district. On vew from 26 October to November 2020, the exhibition will be publicly accessible 24/7. Some 30 images from all of Newton’s creative periods as well as some quotes by Newton have been selected for this temporary show, HELMUT NEWTON ONE HUNDRED

Additionally, 250 City Light posters depicting Newton’s work will be on display during this time throughout Berlin, with the generous support of WALL Never before has Newton’s work been seen in this way.

More information on official website

Press contact:
Nadine Dinter @nadine_dinter

Alena Lorea „defiant child“



Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Bianca Vogelmann @bv_makeup_styling
Model: Chiara Becker @Elf Model Management @c.hiarasophi.a
Creative Director/Photographer: Alena Lorea @alenalorea
Assistant: Maria Janjetov @mrjnjtv

Top: Worlford; Underwear: Chantelle; Pyjama Ralph Lauren; Shoes Hunter

Top: Worlford; Underwear: Chantelle

Blazer: Zamin Derafshi Caracuels; Shoes: Roger Vivier customized by Zamin Derafshi Caracuels

Blazer: Zamin Derafshi Caracuels; Top: Worlford



Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is taking place on October, 19-23 at 8 Moscow-based venues simultaneously. Shows from the capital will be topped up with livestreams from four Russian cities. Around 60 designers and fashion houses will showcase their new collections, and all the shows and presentations will be streamed in the social media and at partner websites.

Due to the current epidemiological situation in the capital, the organizers of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia decided to move this season’s shows from Manege to independent venues with a focus on livestreams. “Our objective is to prevent crowding and comply with every letter of the sanitary guidelines introduced because of the coronavirus infection spreading. Today, safety of our participants and guests is our number one priority. At some venues, we’re going to manage the process so not to change the spirit and efficiency of the event by the glove-mask mode,” says Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

The upcoming season is going to be unique, as MBFW Russia schedule is going to unite livestreamed shows from different cities and countries. This time, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will include special shows by Russian designers, based in St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, and Yakutsk. Moreover, a joint show by Indonesian designers livestreamed right from Jakarta will take place during the event. Other announcements on the schedule include fashion houses from Argentina, Peru, UK and USA. “The new COVID reality in 2020 offered us an unprecedented opportunity to experiment with the Fashion week format. MBFW Russia is going to become the first fashion week to livestream the shows from 6 locations throughout the globe. This is both technologically and organizationally challenging, and nevertheless, we’re starting this project with different cities and countries this season. This format is going to have high potential not only during the closed skies period,” Alexander Shumsky is sure.

Presentations of the new collections will be available for viewers from all over the world at various online platforms and media websites, as well as at VK – the major social network of Russia and CIS. Starting with the first virtual season in spring, projects by MBFW Russia have attracted 2.5+ mln followers from Russia and many other countries to their livestreams in half a year.

Grants for FASHION brands from fashion fund
To support emerging talents during the pandemic-caused economic recession Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia together with Fashion Fund have started a large-scale grant program focused on Russian designers. From 50 entries, Advisory board has chosen 13 winners: Lokoto, Marfa Fedorova, Lubovi, BUTS8, k∅d, Ola Ola, Les’ by Lesia Paramonova, Maison Esve, 1377, Maison Kaleidoscope, Za_Za, Mad Daisy, Innominate. With the grants provided by Fashion Fund, designers from Moscow and other Russian cities will be able to present their shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia without an entry fee.

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia scheduled for October, 19-23, Russian designers will showcase their new collections, including Chapurin, Za_Za, Maison Kaleidoscope, Ónoma:, K Titova, Brevno, Lokoto, Math, o5o, Julia Dalakian, Tsiganova, Svarka, Marfa Fedorova, Fashion a la Russe project’s participants – Kazakova Olga, Klimovskikh Valeria, Belousova Nadezhda, Lubovi, Hard by HSE Art and Design School, Otocyon, Mardo._, Sergey Sysoev, k∅d, Solko, Lena Karnauhova, Yana Besfamilnaya, N.Legenda, Sxema, Lutani, Les’ by Lesia Paramonova, Kisselenko, Maison Esve,  Institute of Business & Design (B&D), Vakproject, Elena Souproun, Mad Daisy, Nastya Nekrasova, Kruzhok, Gilvichyute, Semiletova. Besides, the Fashion Week will be attended by designers from different countries – Chain (Argentina), Wignyo X rorokenes, Vivi Zubedi, Defika Hanum X Pala Nusantara/Shoes by UJ Yuna, Anggia X Beadstown, Roemah Kebaya Vielga, Thiffa Qaisty, IR & IR, Ina Priyono, Agung Bali Collection X Bahalap, Adhy Alie (Indonesia); Annaiss Yucra (Peru); Linus Leonardsson x The Guestlist (UK), Chelsea Grays (USA) and others.

Virtual showroom 360
#MBFWRussia continues to conquer the digital space. For the new season, a UK-based B2B digital wholesale platform BrandLab Fashion has made a virtual version of the Pop-Up Shop showroom. Without leaving home, visitors will be able to take an interactive 3D tour and explore in detail collections by 16 Russian brands, as well as purchase garments and accessories directly. The virtual showroom, opening on October 19, will present brands: Amarin, Ola Ola, Maison Esve, Ría Studio, Not for sale, Leather Like Wood, Gerda 2 store, Dzhanelli Jewellery, Rcp4.5, General VI, Two Eagles, Lubovi, Blanc, Brevno, Vakproject, Yana Besfamilnaya.

Please stay tuned and follow all the updates through our official websites,