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Februar 2023

„TRIUMPH OF THE WOMEN“ Group Exhibition

"TRIUMPH OF THE WOMEN" Group Exhibition

‘TRIUMPH OF THE WOMEN’, an international collective exhibition of women artists at HAZEGALLERY.

Starting on March 08, 2023, the day that International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide, HAZEGALLERY will present a new collective exhibition „TRIUMPH of the Women“, bringing together talented women artists from around the world.

The project symbolises peace, beauty and talent in the troubled and unstable environment of today’s reality. It doesn’t matter what country we live in, what ethnicity, religion or culture we belong to. It doesn’t matter what our skin colour, family and financial background, education or economic status is. Our professions, hobbies, talents and abilities do not matter. All of us women from different countries all over the world have one thing in common: the ability to give new life, give love and share beauty. One can restore inner peace and harmony only by observing arts and positivity. Triumph of the Women exhibition invites to explore this effect through the language of contemporary art.

Female artists from various parts of the world are invited to take part in the exhibition:

Sona Asemani @sonaasemani
‚MaRu‘ @blonde_in_brussels
Alexandra Kmiecik
Maria Gigova Wasserfaller @mariagigovawasserfaller
Alexandra Aquilina @studioaquilina
Antonia Stoyke @a.stoyke
Victoria Rosenman @victoria_rosenman_artist
Irina Drozd @irinadrozd
Kristina Okan @kristinaokanstudio
Dinara Hörtnagl @dinara_hoertnagl_art
Dorothee Zombronner @trashisdada
Ilse Mittermeier @Ilse_d_Mittermeier
Johanna Keimeyer @johannakeimeyer
Sandra Ruyssinck @sandra_ruyssinck
Kristina Popov @kristina__popov
Michelle Schwarzbach @mishkaa_art_
Yulia Ani
Helena Von Schell

About the gallery: HAZE GALLERY was founded in 2019 with the mission of sharing independent contemporary art scene with the world through themed collective exhibitions, pop-up shows, and art gatherings. More information:

Address: HAZEGALLERY, Bülowstrasse 11, 10783 Berlin
Opening hours: 08.03.2023 – 18.03.2023
11:00 – 15:00 Monday – Friday,
Saturday 13.00 – 16.00
Note!!Different working hours on Vernissage & Finissage dates
Entrance free.

Nika Kolesnikova „Wind“



Model: Kanon @cat_ballerina
Stylist: Elena Sinelnikova @sinelnikova_stylist
Model: Evelina @evelinatemnik
Model: Kamilla @kamilla.skar
Creative Director: ProvizageVrn @provizage_vrn
Photographer: Nika Kolesnikova @hey_nikaphoto
Fashion Designer: Leo Kate Studio @leo_kate_studio
Model: Sonya @sonechka_novack

Polina Mordvinova „King Davis“


King Davis

Photographer: Polina Mordvinova @paulmordvian
Hair Stylist: Gabriele Marozzi @gab_marozzi
Photographer: Vladimir Mordvinov @boboscamera
Makeup Artist: Alice Maggioni @alicemaggioni 
Wardrobe Stylist: Aldacleofe Sterli @cleofexsterli 
Model: Kim Davis @1kimdavis

Top Majorelle Pants Federico Sangalli; Jumpsuit Aeron Blazer Zara Earrings Rue des Mille

Dress Akep Band Zara; Jumpsuit Aeron Blazer Zara Earrings Rue des Mille

Dress Akep Band Zara; Top Naked Lingerie

Dress Akep Band Zara; Jumpsuit Aeron Blazer Zara Earrings Rue des Mille

Dress Akep Band Zara

Top Naked Lingerie; Jumpsuit Aeron Blazer Zara Earrings Rue des Mille

Interview with Gallery owner HAZEGALLERY, Irina Rusinovich


photo credit: Sasha Grigg

Interview with Gallery owner HAZEGALLERY, Irina Rusinovich

Irina Rusinovich began her career by studying Business Management Studies at UCL London but quickly realized that her interest lay more in Arts. After college she enrolled in the fashion photography course at St. Martins during this time, she opened her photo studio in the heart of Moscow working for 4 years as a fashion photographer with designers, fashion magazines, and advertising agencies.

Her passion for art and fashion led her to found one of the first independent Magazines in Russia – Cabinet d’Art. Then 2016 came where there was a pivotal point in Irina’s career. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy in Berlin, Germany. She sold her business in Russia and moved with her family to Berlin permanently.

After two years of falling out of work, she decided to return to her passion – Arts and enrolled in a curator certificate course at Berliner UdK and a course at Sotheby’s in Art Gallery Management. During this time one of her dreams came true and HAZEGALLERY opened its doors in October 2019. Since then Irina continuously developing and became not only an art dealer but also a curator, writer, and “coach” to her roster of artists. Irina seeks artists who have a strong combination of passion. Talent and drive.

What type of work do you show?

We show a lot of abstraction and figurative. I also have artists who do graphics, photography, and sculpture.

How do you go about finding new artists?

We are a staff of 3, so there is a limit to the number of artists I can represent. We participate in art fairs and that is a great way to find new talent. However much of how I find artists is by word of mouth.

What questions do you ask yourself when you are considering a new artist?

I am looking for innovative and conceptually rigorous work. I am also looking for practice. I ask myself: Do I see the artist pushing her/his practice in a new different direction? Is he/she extending her practice? I like to include the artist in a group show or two to see how it is to work with him first. According to my experience personal relationship that is what matters in the end.

What do you expect from the artist once they join your roster?

Showing in a gallery is serious business and it is not for everyone. To stay on the roster, my artists must step up to the commitment and continuously grow in their field. We need to have a conversation about their work that involves criticism and honest dialogue. I also expect commitment to the gallery from their side.

What do you take into consideration when pricing the work of your artists?

This is a very important topic! If artists have sold their art out of the studio for 1500Euro, then we start with the price and take it from there. It is important to keep the price reasonable to sell not to overprice and not sell. Once you go up you cannot go down! There are the following markers to raise the prices: a big show at a gallery, a museum show, or an acquisition by a museum would be a good point.

What advice would you give those who want to work with galleries?

Keep your CV, BIO, and artists statement to the point. Go to gallery shows, introduce yourself to the gallery owner and tell them you like what they do. Ask the gallery owner for a studio visit. Go to the openings! Curate and organize your shows! Invite people to come, invite gallery owners to come!

„Andy Warhol in Me / Pop Art“ Group Exhibition

"Andy Warhol in Me / Pop Art" Group Exhibition

Opening:         Thursday , 23 February  2023, 7 pm
Duration:        24.02. – 04.03.2023
Location:        HAZEGALLERY, Bülowstrasse 11, 10783 Berlin

Pop art – art or outrage? The truth of life or general insanity? Having burst out in Europe in the 1950s, pop art quickly flew across the ocean and became the star of New York parties, where to the deafening music of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, and David Bowie it found a home. Pop Art appealed to the images that flooded people’s lives in the mid-twentieth century: comic books, hamburgers, celebrities, refrigerators, Coca-Cola, cars… – „in short, all those cool modern things that abstract art so assiduously wanted to ignore“ (Andy Warhol). These objects, torn out of their usual contexts and placed in an artistic environment, and then filled the spaces of exhibition halls, either acquired there an infinite progression of meanings, or revealed the brilliance of their extreme absurdity.

Either way, many contemporary painters, inquisitive collectors, journalists and gallery owners have bowed their heads to the power of Pop Art.

Pop Art has now found a second lease of life – there is a renewed interest in its phenomenon. Contemporary artists such as Richard Ryan and street artist Banksy are turning to pop art motifs. Collective exhibitions and retrospectives of Lichtenstein, Indiana and Warhol are organised all over the world. Artists‘ works compete with the legacy of the old masters at Christie’s and Sotheby’s worldwide auctions and often break all records – but is money the true measure of aesthetic and spiritual value? Come and find your own answer.

The exhibition features works by international contemporary artists inspired by the the POP ART movement!

About the gallery: HAZEGALLERY was founded in 2019 with the mission of sharing independent contemporary art scene with the world through exhibitions, pop-up shows, and art gatherings. More information:

Address: HAZEGALLERY, Bülowstrasse 11, 10783 Berlin
Opening hours: 23.02 – 04.03.2023
11:00 – 15:00 Monday  – Friday,
Saturday 13.00 – 16.00
Entrance free.