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September 2020

Elena Landgraf „another side…“



Wardrobe Stylist: Nastya Svobodnyh @nastya_svobodnyh
Photographer: Elena Landgraf @elena_landgraf
Makeup Artist: Irina Pindyurina @irina_pindyurina
Model: Daniel @daniel_gets

shirt: Kigil; harness:Triviaa; skirt:Besdress; crown:Asya Mosckvina; shirt:Natalia Pankevich; Blazer:Imperial; culottes:Cinema Donna

Dress:Natalia Pankevich; balaclava: Asya Mosckvina; corset:Ahtung; Dress:no name

Dress:Natalia Pankevich; balaclava: Asya Mosckvina; corset:Ahtung; pants:Limit Market Spb; Kimono:Old baby Vintage; top:Amisu; singlet:Katerina Soloviova

shirt:Natalia Pankevich; Blazer:Imperial; culottes:Cinema Donna



Being selected as a PURPLEHAZE Photographer puts you in the spotlight of the international contemporary photography world. It marks you as an emerging artist with great promise and gives you the means to jumpstart your career.


PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE positions twice a year a group of emerging and mid-career photographers in the spotlight on the world stage via THEME based OPEN CALLS and two ongoing sections : Fashion + ART.


PURPLEHAZE is a multimedia platform dedicated to exposing the world to today’s most inspiring contemporary artists and fashion /art photographers. By creating space not only in the digital world but also in physical (HAZEGALLERY) we act as a bridge for collaboration and communication between artists, their audience and collectors.


PH Magazine is a curator run Berlin based project with a bi -annual large format print publication with curated collection of fashion & art editorials and stories behind artists and their works . In October 2019 , to extend artists representation possibilities, the magazine founded an offline contemporary ART gallery in Berlin, promoting young and mid-career artists working in all all contemporary art mediums. By scouting, curating following and presenting young, talented photographers and their work, PURPLEHAZE & HAZE gallery team aims to discover and stimulate exceptional quality of upcoming artists working with the all kinds of mediums.

How to enter

Artists from any country 18 and older are welcome to apply.

Submission deadline
15 January 2021

Submission Requirements

Requirements for an Art or Fashion Editorials

In order to avoid lookbooks and advertorals please take a note of the following information:

1.Minimum: 5 different looks ( multiple brands )
2.Team and wardrobe credits in.doc format
3.Please include your, your team members, and the designers social media accounts in the credits so we can tag them when we share the images online
4.We copy and paste from your file so, please check all the names for accuracy.
5.Behind the scene photo/video/fashion film is a plus

Requirements for an Artists Portfolios

1. Minimum: 5 high quality photos of your work
2. Detailed Description
3. Photo of the Artist
4.We copy and paste from your file so, please check all the names for accuracy.
5.Behind the scene photo/video/fashion film is a plus

Andrey Rossalev „etudes“

By /ART/


Photographer: Andrey Rossalev @rossalevandrey
Muah: Sabina Makili @sabinamakili
Fashion stylist: Katerina Petri @katarinapetri
Model: Katerina Kobyakova @katya16kittens_k
Ph assistant: Alexander Zhyvulka @walross81

Coat – Hugo Boss; Shirt – Massimo Dutti; Tie – Canali; Head accessory – Petri Atelier; Jacket  – Zara

Dress – Petri Atelier; Head accessory – Petri Atelier

Shoes – Gianvito Rossi; Pantyhose – Pierre Mantoux; Jacket – Petri Atelier; Head accessory – Petri Atelier

Yellow costume – Banana Republic; Head accessory – Petri Atelier

Marcos Rodriguez Velo „silence and I“



Creative director & stylist – Kristina Okan @kristina_okan
Photographer – Marcos Rodríguez Velo @marcos_rodriguezvelo
Model – Antonia OM Management @antonialh @om_management
Makeup and hair – Sophie Peters @isabelsophiemakeup

Blazer dress – Essentiel Antwerp; Gloves – Nada Dehni;
Shoes – Vivienne Westwood; Earrings – Vivienne Westwood

Dress – ba&sh; Shoes – Kenzo
Top – Nada Dehni

Blouse – Levi’s; Skirt – Nada Dehni; Shoes – Vagabond; Gloves – Vintage; Dress – ba&sh

Suit – Hess Natur; Shoes – Vagabond;
Suit – ba&sh; Earrings – Zara

Earrings – Vivienne Westwood

Suit – Hess Natur; Shoes – Vagabond;
Blouse – Levi’s; Skirt – Nada Dehni; Shoes – Vagabond; Gloves – Vintage

Dress – ba&sh; Shoes – Kenzo

Meet the artist: Lia Anna Hennig

By /ART/

I r i n a  R u s i n o v i c h

Meet the artist: Lia Anna Hennig

Hi Lia! Thank you so much for taking time for us!

So please tell a little bit about yourself and your artistic background? 

I am a visual artist with German roots, grew up in North Italy and now live and work in London. I studied Fine Art and experimental Film at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, with an Erasmus semester at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-Arts in Paris, before coming to London to complete an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.

I work with a variety of media, at the moment mainly drawing and moving image, exploring surreal ideas emerging from every day life. Food in its widest sense is the ongoing theme, which informs my work in various ways: from the plant or animal origins to its preparation and consumption…

I am currently working on a new venture called “Spaghettirain”, which are printed homeware inspired by food and the weather…The name comes form one of my drawings, which sparked me to translate my work into new mediums and bring it back directly to where the ideas come from – the home. The shop will be online soon. You can follow Spaghettirain on Instagram to get updates and see the new developments of this project.

Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your passion?

Not really… I grew up in an artistic family, both of my parents are stage and costume designers in theatre and they made it very clear to me, that following your passion is the only way forward… As most young children, I have always really been into drawing/painting, but I thought of “becoming an Artist” of something quite cheesy (I love this expression, the first time I heard it was from Mark Lecky, my professor at Art school in Frankfurt) and somehow a bit pretentious. At first I wanted to become a film director, growing up near the Swiss border I used to obsessively follow the Filmfestival in Locarno. Later I applied to the film class at the Städelschule in Frankfurt as a starting point. The school was very free and open minded, so I was able to experiment with all sorts of things, not just film – and I was hooked – Art gives you the freedom to do whatever you want …

Do you have a routine or rituals as you work? 

It depends on the work. Drawing takes up a lot of time and can be quite meditative, so I often listen to the radio, which gives me a good balance of focus and distraction. Music can influence the work and I quite like the randomness of radio.

When I shoot or edit video I need mental space and no interruptions, even though I am open to chance effects, so I sometimes allow things to happen, like a child or cat wander through a scene.

Do you have a favourite photograph or painting, which inspires you?

It’s hard to pin it down to one image, but one image, or rather a series of paintings, which I find incredibly inspiring, especially considering that they have been created more than 400 years ago, are Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s fruit and vegetable Portraits of the Seasons, in particular Summer (1563). I actually love all of his portraits. He also painted a series of the four elements with portraits made out of various fish types to represent water, animals to represent the earth, burning wood for fire and a variety of birds stand for air. They are a bit grotesque and absolutely beautiful at the same time!

What visual references do you draw upon in your work?

All sorts of things, from street art to vintage illustrations of cookbooks from the 50ies to scientific drawings and medieval book illustrations. I always keep an eye out for the unusual. I love the old and the mysterious, so flea markets and antique shops are my thing, as well as visiting old castles and looking at hidden details…

If you could be born in another period of history, when would it be?

I guess I have been brought up fantasising and dreaming about gone by eras due to my parents’ theatre work. I have a weakness for nostalgia and there are only a few things I love more than a costume ball. So my impulsive response would be Rococo… but just for a few weeks if I could time travel…

But I would definitely choose to be born in 1981 J

What is your greatest indulgence in life?

My indulgences are of course food related… they range from the first freshly ground coffee in the morning (without kids!), lazy family brunches on weekends, my husband’s delicious homemade cocktails, to the occasional high tea extravaganzas. The way to my heart is certainly “through the stomach”…

Best advice ever given?

At a studio visit as a student in Frankfurt the artist André Butzer said to me, after looking at a “crazy” installation I had made out of cut off tree parts painted with red nail polish, “Do even more, make everything yours, create a whole world”. He was so motivating and inspiring and that’s what I kept doing with my students whilst teaching, and not just students actually, I think it is really part of live to get inspired and inspire others, to give and take so to speak. So the best advice was to be bold and take risks… and if you can’t always do it yourself for various reasons, inspire others to do it!

Artist website
Instagram @lia_anna_hennig
Video work online viewing\
Spaghettirain Shop
Instagram @spaghettirain_studio

In Focus: Alma Haser

By /ART/, /BLOG/

Julia Kryshevich

In Focus: Alma Haser

She used to roam across the matchstick factory as a child, having left for a world trip with her family at 13. She usually mixes up words (finding herself quite dyslexic) and prefers visual narratives to the verbal ones. An amazing girl coming from a distinctive background, Alma Haser has decided to turn her life into art and magic. Learn more about her cubist, origami-structured works today.

01. From the ‘Cosmic Surgery’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

Alma Haser was born to a rather creative family of a painter and a sculptor in the Black Forest (Germany). Her parents used to work on the territory of a matchstick factory in turns, thus, Alma and her brother were often on their own, making up and playing games and exploring the world around them. The artist recalls, it was her wild and free childhood that really shaped her. 

‘We were very much given the freedom to experiment and use our imagination, which I believe is the bedrock of my practice now.’ (Alma Haser, from the interview with AnOtherMagazine, 2018)

03. From ‘I Always Have To Repeat Myself’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

04. From ‘I Always Have To Repeat Myself’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

Alma Haser got acquainted with photography while traveling around the world with her mum and her brother over 6 months (instead of attending middle school in the interim). She didn’t lose much, though. During the trip she tried shooting and modeling (for her mother, who is a keen photographer as well). Alma’s rising interest in the world of visual arts resulted in her entering Nottingham Trent University, where she graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Photography in Art Practice in 2010. Fairly predictable, the artist tried using Photoshop during her studies, but realized soon, it wasn’t the only (and the best) way to manipulate the picture.

‘I preferred to do things by hand and assemble the picture off screen. It’s not perfect, it’s not crisp and clean, and that’s what I like about it.’ (Alma Haser, from the interview with AnOtherMagazine, 2018)

05. From the ‘Cosmic Surgery’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

06. From the ‘Cosmic Surgery’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

Having spent much time experimenting with self-portraiture, Alma liked the idea to bring other people in photograph. Thus, in the majority of her projects the artist focuses on creating multi-layered portraits. In her work Alma Haser combines such craft-related techniques as weaving, folding, cutting, stitching, and painting, finding them surprisingly relevant for contemporary photography. 

‘I love making things, so I’ll often add other elements before, during or after taking a picture.’ (Alma Haser, from the interview with Photoworks, 2016)

07. From the ‘Cosmic Surgery’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

08. From the ‘Cosmic Surgery’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

Fascinated with Japanese culture and origami, in particular, the artist integrated paper folding into her creative process. For instance, in her debut series Cosmic Surgery Alma transformed parts of the subjects’ faces to place them back with a complicated modular construction. Re-photographing the final composition, Alma Haser received a completely different image, uncanny and futuristic in a way. Interesting enough, it’s the younger generation only, not their parents that the artist exposes to such kind of a metamorphosis. Why so? Here is the answer firsthand: 

‘The people in the photographs represent the next generation from us — the ‘alien people’. The mother and father (the first generation) aren’t defaced, but the others (the next generation) are. Cosmic surgery is a playful statement on that.’ (Alma Haser, talking about ‘Cosmic Surgery’ series in the interview with Metal Magazine) 

09. From the ‘Cosmic Surgery’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

10. From the ‘Cosmic Surgery’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

By the way, the title of the series Cosmic Surgery is a wordplay itself. And not just a play, but a play based on a slip. Alma misspoke the word once while discussing the topic of cosmetic surgery with her parents… and decided to name her project after that! The amazing thing is, Alma Haser managed to find her dyslexia a more useful way, fulfilling her artistic narrative with visual puzzles. Intentionally mixing up elements of the works, each time she arranges a new picture and new meanings.

11. From the ‘Twins’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

Another series by Alma Haser really worth noticing is Within 15 Minutes, which is puzzle-based in the true sense of the word. To back the story a bit up, Alma has always been amazed by twins — their external identity and closeness to each other. She even devoted one of her prior series to this phenomenon, shooting two girls who, though not being sisters, experienced their made-up affinity posing together. 

‘Intrigue and mystery need to be strong. It’s far more interesting to look at a portrait which doesn’t tell you everything all at once.’ (Alma Haser, talking about ‘Within 15 Minutes’ series in the interview with Visura, WPO, 2020)

12. From the ‘Twins’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

For Within 15 Minutes (a time range during which twins are born) the artist photographed real twins to cut the portraits pictured into puzzles and blend them into each other a bit. Thus, we still have a couple of perfect pictures of twins, but there is something bizarre about each of them: e.g. three nostrils or a narrowed eye on the face. Sounds like an automatically generated image, right? Well, almost — in the series Alma intends to reverse the process of gene transfer, demonstrating how different, actually, twins can be. 

13. From the ‘Within 15 Minutes’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

There is also a project in Alma’s practice that stands out because of the focus suddenly shifted… to plants. In Pseudo the artist refers to plants as a metaphor for the fake, strongly believed to be true. Plants as a distillation of nature yield us a highly authentic experience, however, it’s plants again that people so often try to imitate. Here Alma Haser skillfully draws a link to the way we interpret and respond to information.

‘It relates to the way we hear, read or see things on the news. We tend to cherry-pick things we think we can trust and believe in’.(Alma Haser, talking about ‘Pseudo’ series in the interview with AnOther Magazine, 2018)

Speaking on the whole, Alma Haser is recognized (and loved) for her paper aesthetic, which has something of a gloomy mystery and a bedtime story at once. So contradictory and complex is Alma Haser herself as an artist. 

16. From the ‘Pseudo’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

17. From the ‘Pseudo’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

18. From the ‘Pseudo’ series. Courtesy of the Artist_

P.S. Obviously, Alma’s projects mentioned above haven’t been left unnoticed — the artist received 3rd place People’s Choice Award for Cosmic Surgery series at the Foto8 Summer Show in 2012. Her Within 15 Minutes series debuted at San Francisco PHOTOFAIRS and was on display at Photo London in 2018. In addition, British Journal of Photography called Alma Haser one of the best graduates in Photography in 2010. 

Alma Haser’s website:
Her instagram: @almahaser

Lyubov Urbanovich „i want you to see me“



Photographer: Lyubov Urbanovich @urban_lyuba
Model: Marina Akulicheva @mrrrmrmayramr MA @aquarellemodels
Hair Style: Valeriya Vladykina @vladykinavaleriia
Hair Assistant: Anastasiya Goodwin @goodwin_nastya
MUA: Ludmila Greidan @ludmila.greidan_mua
Style: Alena Hanesman @alenahanesman

Shirt Red September rep. by Nob Agency

Sweater Roma Uvarov rep. by Nob Agency
Leather pants Red September rep. by Nob Agency

Sweater Roma Uvarov rep. by Nob Agency
Leather pants Red September rep. by Nob Agency

Shirt Red September rep. by Nob Agency

Sweater Roma Uvarov rep. by Nob Agency
Leather pants Red September rep. by Nob Agency