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Photo BART PAJAK @bartpajak
Fashion ARINA ORLOVA @arinaorlovastylist
Makeup BRYANNA ANGEL @bryanna_angel_mua
Models REX & CHEIKH @sheckeastt @rexadams_
MA 777 CASTING MANAGEMENT @777castingmanagement







Vest 66 NORTH Trousers RHEA SONAWANE Sandals PUMA 

Interview with photographer Shamil Khairtdinov


I r i n a  R u s i n o v i c h

Interview with photographer Shamil Khairtdinov

Shamil Khairtdinov was born in Podolsk, Russia, but now lives and works in Moscow. He has been involved in photography since 2014, however, he never studied it. Qualified as a specialist in the oil and gas industry, Shamil graduated from the faculties ‘Creative Video’ and ‘Directing’ at the Wordshop Academy of Communications in 2015. 

The blooming talent of the photographer was soon recognized: his accomplishments were awarded by many professional institutions such as Hamdan International Photography Award (Dubai) where Shamil reached the final in 2016 and Trierenberg Super Circuit contest for photographic art (Austria). Shamil Khairtdinov also participated in various exhibitions for young artists and photographers, including those held in the museums for modern art in Moscow and Austria. He had several personal exhibitions: e.g. at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow). 

I wanted to become better acquainted with Shamil, so I asked him some questions about his approach and artistic path.  

How would you describe your style and your approach to photography? 

I always follow the feelings: the instincts are in the first place for me. You know, sometimes thinking gets in the way. While shooting, I try not to think at all, just taking pictures of the interesting things that wander into my sight. At that moment, all prejudices are turned off, they simply die. Following the feeling, following the instinct: you open up to the outside world, to what is in front of you at that very moment, and start noticing beautiful things. 

In fact, it’s similar to the behavior of a cat. I observed the behavior of my cat for a long time and realized that if something catches her attention, she goes there immediately, without hesitation. So we can compare it to the state of instinct in photography: you move where your eyes lead you without any doubt. Next is the selection of photos. This process resembles a counselling session. It’s important to analyze all images, while making choices, asking some questions like: ‘Why did I choose this stone or this pavement or this person? What attracted me to this? Why am I interested in this at all? Does it maybe have something to do with my past?’. 

As for people, I try to connect with them. The main thing is to read the person’s mind and state in the process of photo shooting. 

Did you always know you wanted to be a photographer? 

No, it happened by accident. Before filming, I worked in advertising. I ran my own little commercial agency. One day I decided to study strategy at the Wordshop Academy of Communications, so I entered the faculty of Creative video and later the faculty of Directing. At the faculties, there were some photography tasks. It all started there. I was just wrapped up. I began taking photos of virtually everything: I took around 1,500 pictures every day and 2 months later, I won a photo competition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. On March 6, 2014, I quit advertising and decided to dive completely into photo and video shooting. It was like falling in love with a woman at first sight. True unconditional love… That’s how it was here: I knew for sure that I wanted it. In addition to photography, I also work as a cameraman and director.

The topic for the current Purplehaze print issue is WOMEN. What do you think of when hearing this word?

Women are the love. In fact, Al Pacino’s monologue from the film The Scent of a Woman immediately came to my mind! I completely agree with it! ☺

Do you have a different approach to women in your work? 

The main thing is to love. That’s my only approach! ☺

Please tell us about your creative process. Do you tend to follow the same process in each project? 

No, I’m constantly exploring new approaches and applying some of them in my work. However, the approach of instincts that I described at the beginning, I always use it because it allows me to see and feel what’s happening in front of the eyes from a new perspective.

What are the fundamental messages you want to get across with your work? 

Talking about reportage and street photography, I seek to transmit what I feel for the place where I am. I try to show everything with no assessment.

But as for the project series or movies that are in the process of being created, then it’s more interesting for me to show the strength of a person’s spirit, demonstrate what a person is capable of. I love to highlight the stories of the people, who even while finding themselves in the most terrible conditions, retain a piece of soul. Whatever happens, some hope should always stay there. In my opinion, art should encourage people to create and inspire others after all.

What’s the latest project you are working on? 

I’m currently working on a short film, the story of which is based on real events from the distant 2000s. The script and all other things are ready for the project. The budget just leaves to be found! 

MaHalla. Expanding Culture beyond the Ego

By /ART/

MaHalla @mahallaberlin Chief : Irina Rusinovich
Photographer: Sasha Grigg @sasha_grigg
Make Up : Elena Schmerberg @caras_masqueradas
Stylists : Elisa Lindenberg, Thoas Lindner @elisa_lindenberg @thoaslindner
Curator & Text: Dr. Almut Hüfler @almutcorneliahuefler
Fashion designers: @fadeoutlabel @lenavoutta @theothergods

MaHalla. Expanding Culture beyond the Ego

The Mother Hall

MaHalla is a private socio-cultural initiative. Initiated by renowned filmmaker Ralf Schmerberg, it is supported by a growing community of artists, investors, and creative enthusiasts. Thus, years of engagement and social activism were brought together under the roof of the industrial building. 

Its overall aim is to inspire social consciousness. ‘The world is full of pain’, is what visitors learn from the emblazoned writing. The project’s name MaHalla can be translated as ‘mother-hall’. It conjures up associations with comfort, warmth of the arms, softness, and care. A ‘mahalla’ in Arabic is a centre for the whole neighbourhood, a place to meet, to talk and do business. In contrast to the initial roughness of the building and its innate masculinity, the vision is to create a program that aims at providing relief and nourishment on different levels: inspiration, practice, knowledge, discourse, celebration, and community.

Right from the beginning, fashion designer, stylist, and musician Elisa Lindenberg decided to take care of the food side and make lunch for the team. ‘The kitchen is the beating heart of the day in MaHalla’, she says. Once a day, everyone is called from where they work to come and sit together at a long table and enjoy a wholesome meal cooked with love. Elisa is joined by a team of artists who are happy to take turns in bringing their creativity into the kitchen.

Since the summer of 2021, the team and the ever-increasing group of volunteers have been organising various events. For the winter season, they created LUX NOCTURNA — Salon zur Unzeit to provide the community with warmth and shelter during times of darkness. For the first time since its construction, the black hall was transformed into an exhibition space for contemporary painting, photography and installations. With a background in literature, art history and years of personal development under her belt, curator Almut Hüfler has developed a curatorial concept for MaHalla that allows art to become a means of participation and consciousness development. For the show, the curator selected colourful works of large formats of renowned Berlin artists to provide a better framework for a series of three months of interactive experiences. Ranging from innovative music, participatory art events, breathing exercises to Michelin-starred gourmet feasts, these events invite the public to recharge their batteries. 

Human Electricity

In 2019, Ralf Schmerberg fell in love with the building while looking for a new studio space — and it was love at first sight. Serving as a turbine showroom, the factory was part of the former Electropolis area (Berlin, Oberschöneweide), which stood out in all its industrial grandeur and beauty. It was not a usual factory, however, but a functional one with some decorative elements. This place is believed to have inspired Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927). Entering through a tiny door, anybody with a sense of creativity points out the capacity of its internal space.

Built in 1897, only a few years after the Eiffel Tower, the steel construction comes as the very embodiment of a groundbreaking innovation. A good hundred years later, with mankind in the midst of another technical revolution, MaHalla incorporates aspects of energy generation and humanity and moves into the digital age. The concept is to link creativity with energy, trigger inspiration in others, and establish a solid basis for innovation and change.

Economical Innovation and Spirituality

The economic side of MaHalla rests on the basis of a private initiative of its founder and a steadily growing circle of well-off visionaries and entrepreneurs. Eventually, there will also be public funding. However, at the beginning, the concept of MaHalla asks for a committed community of shareholders instead of one main investor or public financial support. The idea of MaHalla is democratic and very idealistic. Together with a team of creatives, free spirits, and volunteers, the investors and shareholders make the dream possible. 

MaHalla is unique in the sense that it is an oasis, a small, idealistic world in its own respect. It explicitly rests on an open spiritual foundation in the widest sense, aiming at raising consciousness on all possible levels. The team is developing an ambitious program balancing out contemporary art, cutting-edge music, spiritual experience, humane science, and strategies towards a more partial society. It is a creative experiment that aims at becoming a myth radiating far beyond Berlin, while at the same time generating sound economic growth for everyone who has invested in its foundation.

Anyone can find a way to contribute. MaHalla’s roof is literally very wide: ranging from a volunteer program that provides exciting opportunities to learn, meet interesting people, and obtain a one-year free membership, to freelancing/working for the team, renting studio spaces, and finally acquiring the status of a ‘whale’ or an ‘elephant’, i.e. becoming a larger shareholder of the MaHalla GmbH & Co KG. 

Working on the Myth and Transforming the Crisis

Many artists and partners discover MaHalla, while looking for a special location to present or document their projects. The process of developing MaHalla is conceived as an organic growth model. The team plants the seed and takes good care of its cultivation. They create a particular ‘MaHalla-vibe’ and are confident to continuously attract and build the right audience for a wide range of different formats. Many artists feel drawn towards MaHalla by its creative, unconventional and welcoming atmosphere. Soon there are going to be studio spaces and a project-based residency programme for artists and external curators.

Speaking about the so-called ideal audience, MaHalla is a ‘mother’ with a big heart and open arms, welcoming a crowd of people as diverse as possible. Anyone who identifies themselves with her humanist core values can come to enjoy the space — and is invited to join and co-create! Ralf Schmerberg said in a team meeting recently: ‘I have just started a campfire for you – it burns with everything you bring’. 

MaHalla was launched during the crisis: thanks to private supporters, it survived and flourished despite still looking like a building site in the middle of the pandemic. But even this phase was turned into art: Staub (German for ‘dust’) is a film documenting the cleaning of the big hall in cooperation with Kärcher. The resident band Music Ashram produced a record, through which the team led MaHalla into the next phase of the revival of culture, moving beyond the pandemic.

The MaHalla-vision paints a vibrant cultural space, a place for people to leave their sorrows behind, feel inspired, nourished, and creative. MaHalla is going to have restaurants, bars, exhibition spaces, and a nightclub; thus, it will become a venue for a continuously running diverse and innovative program. There are going to be workshops, festivals, concerts, conferences, film screenings, fabulous dinners, dance, yoga, breathing, meditation, sound experience, and many ways for people to share their skills, art, and knowledge with the world. The building will be renovated and made welcoming and comfortable; it will be surrounded by a landscaped garden with a vertical ‘green wall’ as one of its main attractions inside. Meanwhile, we will continue reading enthusiastic feedback on social media with people talking about ‘this amazing new place’ down in the south-east of Berlin.

Through out the shoot we used the following Labels :
Elisa : Fade out Label , Moga e Mago , Comme des Garconne, Alexander McQueen , Rick Owens , Vintage Head, Jewellery (earring) by ALAMA

Almut: The Other Gods , LALA Berlin , Lena Voutta , Borsalino
Ralf : KENZO , Fade Out Label , Lumen et Umbra , Alexander McQueen and Birkenstock Shoes




Photographer: Marat Mukhonkin @mukhonkin_pro
Models: Natasha Stepanova @twainmanagement, Aleksandra Akhremenko @aleksandra_akhremenko from @vprojectmodels, Oleksiy Kolbey @oaolexiy, Rodion Degtyarev @rodio_d
Stylist: Natasha Novikova @natanovi
Style assistant: Oxana Liventsova @oxanaliv
MUAH: Janna Dzukaeva @jdmakeup__
MUAH assistant: Natalia Galunina @promakeup_natali
Location: @nakedskystudio

Oleksiy wears sweater MARM by @marm_jerseys, roses F2R by @f2r.official

Oleksiy wears body jumpsuit NO BORDERS by, crinoline OLEKSIY KOLBEY by @oaolexiy, boots SYRO by @shopsyro, roses F2R by @f2r.official • Aleksandra wears body NO BORDERS by, tights CALZEDONIA by @calzedonia, sandals DOLCE&GABBANA by @dolcegabanna; Oleksiy wears sweater MARM by @marm_jerseys, roses F2R by @f2r.official

Rodion wears sweater MARM @marm_jerseys, hat F2R by @f2r.official; Oleksiy and Rodion wear sweater MARM by @marm_jerseys, brooch F2R by @f2r.official

Oleksiy wears long-sleeve top MONKI by @monki, trousers ZARA by @zara, boot JIALUOWEI by @jialuowei, gloves and sword belt stylist’s own, mask BAMBOLO by @ru_bambolo • Natasha wears dress TALI RUTMAN by @tali_rutman_studio, tights CALZEDONIA by @calzedonia, sandals ZARA by @zara, all jewelry ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry • Rodion wears chain mail OLEKSIY KOLBEY by @oaolexiy, trousers ZARA by @zara, cap stylist’s own, gloves LABBRA by @labbra_shop, boots BUNKER, choker F2R by @f2r.official; Oleksiy wears body jumpsuit NO BORDERS by, crinoline OLEKSIY KOLBEY by @oaolexiy, roses F2R by @f2r.official

Natasha wears dress TALI RUTMAN by @tali_rutman_studio, all jewelry ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry; Oleksiy wears top DIONIS, skirt ISABEL GARCIA by @isabelgarciarussia_official, brooch F2R by @f2r.official, cap, gloves and chain stylist’s own, shoes ZARA by @zara, socks H&M by @hm • Rodion wears top DIONIS, skirt ISABEL GARCIA by @isabelgarciarussia_official, brooch F2R by @f2r.official, hat NAF NAF @nafnaf, belt and chain stylist’s own

Oleksiy wears dress GIAMBATTISTA VALLI by @giambattistavalliparis, all jewelry ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry • Natasha wears dress DIVERSE by @diverseshop, all jewelry ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry

Alexandra wears dress TALI RUTMAN by @tali_rutman_studio, earrings ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry; Oleksiy wears long-sleeve top MONKI by @monki, trousers ZARA by @zara, boot JIALUOWEI by @jialuowei, gloves and sword belt stylist’s own, mask BAMBOLO by @ru_bambolo • Aleksandra wears kimono ELENA SUPRUN by @elena_souproun, corset AGENT PROVOCATEUR by @agentprovocateur, shorts NO BORDERS by, tights CALZEDONIA by @calzedonia, sandals DOLCE&GABBANA by @dolcegabanna, all jewelry ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry • Rodion wears chain mail OLEKSIY KOLBEY by @oaolexiy, trousers ZARA by @zara, cap stylist’s own, gloves LABBRA by @labbra_shop, choker F2R by @f2r.official • Natasha wears dress TALI RUTMAN by @tali_rutman_studio, tights CALZEDONIA by @calzedonia, all jewelry ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry

Aleksandra wears velvet suit ELENA SUPRUN by @elena_souproun, necklace ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry, earrings stylist’s own; Oleksiy wears dress GIAMBATTISTA VALLI by @giambattistavalliparis, earrings ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry • Natasha wears dress DIVERSE by @diverseshop, sandals GIUSEPPEZANOTTI @giuseppezanotti, all jewelry ARDECO JEWELRY by @ardeco_jewelry

Natasha wears all clothes NO BORDERS by, @necklace stylist’s own • Rodion wears penuar NO BORDERS by, trousers ZARA by @zara, belt GIORGIO ARMANI @giorgioarmani

Carlo Carbonetti & Edoardo Girardin „la differenza tra me e me“



Makeup Artist: Canberra Wicki @canberrawicki.mua
Photographer: Carlo Carbonetti & Edoardo Girardin @carlo_carbonetti;
Model: Sara Pannetto @sara_pannetto
Stylist: Nadia Peana @imnadia.dv

Blazer bianco in Satin STYLIST’S OWN; pantaloni in organza rosa CUSTOMIZED BY STYLIST; mules in pelle color avorio ZARA

Total look STYLIST’S OWN; Top rosa in pizzo ZARA; blazer bianco in satin STYLIST’S OWN; pantaloni in organza rosa CUSTOMIZED BY STYLIST

Top bianco monospalla ZARA; vestito arancione DESIGNER AURORA MAZZI @madrediva @aurym_; foulard in organza azzurro STYLIST’S OWN; manica trasparente CUSTOMIZED BY STYLIST;

Top velato rosa con strass e completo in satin ZARA; Mary Jane, tulle bianco e accessori STYLIST’S OWN

Gonna lunga con paillettes argento e piuma rossa CUSTOMIZED BY STYLIST; Pantaloni da completo HUMANA VINTAGE; Tabi MM6 MAISON MARGIELA; manica e copricapo nero in tulle CUSTOMIZED BY STYLIST; anello ZARA

Top verde con strisce in pelle bianca CUSTOMIZED BY STYLIST; gonna in pelle rossa STYLIST’S OWN; Tabi MM6 Maison Margiela; guanti in pelle nera STYLIST’S OWN; catena argento sottile STYLIST’S OWN;

Top nero velato ZARA; corsetto in pelle CUSTOMIZED BY STYLIST; pantaloni pitonati in pelle ZARA; stivali con zeppa ZARA; Top verde con strisce in pelle bianca CUSTOMIZED BY STYLIST; gonna in pelle rossa STYLIST’S OWN; Tabi MM6 Maison Margiela; guanti in pelle nera STYLIST’S OWN; catena argento sottile STYLIST’S OWN; bastone in legno e argento VINTAGE

Interview with artist Lasha Chrelashvili


Text and Photo: Irina Rusinovich

Interview with artist Lasha Chrelashvili

Where do you come from, where and when were you born?

I am from Tbilisi, Georgia

Please tell us about your artistic vita in a few sentences.

I think my artistic vita begins in my dad’s art studio on the top of a soviet apartment building, the
place from which, till this day, I derive knowledge, emotions and questions with which I play with answers. In 2016-2021 I studied at Muthesius Kunsthochschule in Kiel. During which I participated in multiple shows. I can’t brag about the amount of gallery shows I’ve been in, since I’ve always been experimenting with different materials and styles. But I’m sure a lot will change in that direction this year.

How would you describe your creative process?

It is very chaotic, spontaneous and impulsive. I work on multiple different scale paintings at the same time. I believe these dynamics are shown in the paintings as well, I’m just not sure if it’s good or bad, but I look closely inwards during my creative process and I believe this is the most important aspect.

What was the key influence that led to the development of your process and style?

I think a big part of the process and the style stems from childhood insecurities and difficulties. What had the most influence was a confession, a very important confession that we don’t really know the place and environment we’re in and we need to study it, despite the fact that by itself everything looks familiar. This feeling of being lost was very interesting for me and acted as a starting point of this thinking, of the new style and process in my art.

What does art mean to you personally? Is there a goal you’re trying to accomplish?

Personally for me art is the reality, the chemistry of you looking or listening and knowing that it’s true, sincere and special. You have no idea why or how but you do know that it’s there.

Probably these are the hormones of reality with which people connect with each other outside of consciousness.

What is your favorite museum or art gallery and why?

Museums aren’t my favorite, they’re way too official. I prefer galleries and experimental spaces, since they’re a lot more candid and real. A lot of people criticize openings, saying that people go there just to talk and drink, but if that’s the case, then it’s good. Isn’t one of the qualities of art to build these sorts of bridges between people?

What’s your definition of beauty?

I try to find beauty in the everyday details. For example, I see a lot of it in a passionate person.

How do you think the art world will shape in the future?

Hard to say. The space is wide open and there are many directions. Despite technological progress and AI, human made art will have a significant value throughout the foreseeable future. Now is one of the most interesting times in the art world. We have an absolute craziness ahead.

What’s next for you?

I’m very motivated because I feel like I’m making my first serious steps towards my career.
A lot of new emotions, still unknown, await me. I’m excited for my solo show in Haze Gallery and I’m very happy that we work together. Thank you for the trust.

Greta Bartuccio „The dance of Angels“



The progenitors left all their descendants with the loss of divine grace, pain and death.
„I have seen martyrs on fire like flashlights Preparing their evergreen palms thus I have seen tears of love ooze That will outlast the stars in heaven.“ In an advancing desert, the human hero moves like a stranger. He looks at the earth, lost home and the sky , ancient cradle is now only a heavy wall that turns to dust before his eyes.
„The nights without skin, Dreams without stars“.

Hair Stylist: Nicole Sorti @nicolesorti_makeup
Stylist: Cristina Cucinotta @cristina_cucinotta
Makeup Artist: Chiara Baldini @_maybechiara
Photographer: Greta Bartuccio @gretabartuccio
Model: Emily O’dette @sophie.models @esodette

Shirt : Cristina Cucinotta; Skirt : Cristina Cucinotta

Dress : Cristina Cucinotta; Shoes : Vintage

Shirt : Cristina Cucinotta; Skirt : Cristina Cucinotta; Shoes : Vintage

Crown : Handmade; Sweatshirt : Cristina Cucinotta; Pants : Vintage; Shoes : Vintage

Dress : Cristina Cucinotta; Shoes : Vintage

Jumper: Vintage; Gloves : Vintage; Skirt : Handmade by Cristina Cucinotta

Crown : Handmade;Sweatshirt : Cristina Cucinotta; Pants : Vintage; Shoes : Vintage; Jumper: Vintage Gloves : Vintage; Skirt : Handmade by Cristina Cucinotta; Shoes : Vintage

Interview with photographer Marco Sanges


Text: Irina Rusinovich
Photo: Courtesy of photographer Marco Sanges

Interview with photographer Marco Sanges

At an early age, Sanges started to work at his uncle’s photographic lab and became fascinated by the crafts and the process of developing and making black-and-white pictures. Sanges prefers analogue photography, as he’s nostalgic for the early 20th century, when life was slower-paced and even feelings seemed to last longer.

Greatly attracted to cinema and the luminous, black-and-white films of the silent-era, in particular, Sanges creates photographs in sequence. Every sequence tells a unique, multi-layered story, contributing to a highly personal, imaginary cinema. The projects staged as live theatrical performances are permeated with magnifying imagination. 

The surrealistic impression of Sanges’ work represents the liberation of the unconscious. The artist aims at creating art outside the boundaries of official culture: he seeks to reject the established values and elaborate some fantasy worlds through illustrating extreme mental states and ideas.

There is also an enchanting, yet dark side of the artist’s work: an intriguing depth that appears to highlight the drama of life and capture the sincerity of the journey. Sanges’ works make the spectator embark on an emotional voyage and lose themselves in the narrative and the power of storytelling.

His exhibitions bring together the works of an artist who is passionate about life in its entirety and continues to evoke, transcend, and excite the world! Although fascinated by digital arts, Sanges strongly believes in the immortality of film and the real essence of photography. He works with a 6×7 camera and always expects the pictures to be perfect at the first raw.

How would you describe your style and your approach to photography?

I would describe my style as cinematographic and complex. I create projects and photographs in sequence, where each story is slowly revealed to the viewer. I use photography as a medium to explore the unconscious and fantasy realms. I like to work using a variety of concepts and techniques, experimenting and bringing creativity in my compositions, designing my own imaginary world, like I were daydreaming, you know.  

The topic for the current Purplehaze print issue is WOMEN. What do you think of when hearing this word? 

Mystery, style, sex appeal, intuition, sophistication. and red lipstick.

Do you have a different approach to women in your work?

I enjoy finding strong and eccentric personalities who become the main characters of my narratives. It’s a desire of mine to tell a story through still images, while also implementing an element of cinema. It’s like a natural progression that remains strongly present. You can clearly see it in my ‚Circumstances‘ series in which I predominantly shot women. 

Please tell us about your creative process. Do you tend to follow the same process in each project?

My creative process is constantly evolving. It does change depending on the project, the subject, and the message I want to convey. The only thing that doesn’t change is my devotion with analogue shooting, i.e. developing/processing films in the darkroom. I’m attached to the old craft of photography, thus, it’s very important for me to carry it on in my practice.

What message do you want to get across with your photography?

I would say the most important thing is the storytelling power of my photographs. For me, each image is a way to address the imagination of viewers, make them experience their own version of the story. Capturing a moment with tension, inspiration, and emotion is the main goal of all my practice.

How has your practice evolved since starting out?

Photography is a vast craft and my practice has evolved a lot since starting out. Working on different projects has allowed me to discover some sides of me that I previously had no idea about. It also enabled me to push boundaries and dare to try out different ways of photographing.

Please tell us about your new COVID series.

The idea of creating COVID series came to me at the beginning of March last year as we got stuck at home. I sought to document the unique period we all were going through and represent it in an authentic and artistic manner. The first part of the project was shot at home: it was just a mixture of daily objects and everyday scenes. Those were the things that became very close to us, meanwhile the external world suddenly became unknown. I guess there was even something comforting in knowing those objects were at our side day after day.

In the second part of the project, I went out following my own shadow and capturing what had remained in the city. That’s how a series of portraits and street scenes arrived. My goal was to express the feelings we all shared during those strange times like a feeling of being imprisoned in a ghost town with the medium of photography. The spontaneous approach I took allowed me to capture genuine emotions and make striking images.

What’s the latest project you are working on?

Currently I’m working on a new project where lights, science, and astronomy are the main subjects. Photographing science and medical objects from the earlier centuries and bringing back the old crafts of astronomy is the goal of the project. The role of light and geometric shapes is very important; it brings a different dimension and definition to each image.

Anna Priakhina „M.O.S.T“

By /ART/


The source of inspiration for the new collection of designer Sasha Gapanovich was a trip to a wedding in India.
The reworked impressions of the trip and the designer’s native places were combined in one collection with the name M.O.S.T, which translated from Latin means: „My world is a secret passage.“ Two completely different worlds and cultures are connected through the creative eye of the designer.
Photographer: Anna Priakhina @annapriakhina
Fashion Designer: Sasha Gapanovich @sasha_gapanovich
Make-up artist: Kate Kolpakova @makeup.polina Liza Uchaeva @elizaveta_uchaeva
Hair artist: Kate Phillipova @ket_fillup NV Murmansk @nv_murmansk
Models: Vera Struchkova @___verrrra___ Sandra Kapshuk @sandra_r_i_c_h Diana Selihova @baby_puma51 Dima Smirnov @thesmirnov_