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August 2021

Cosmoscow 2021 at Central Manege and Online

Cosmoscow 2021 at Central Manege and Online
Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair will be held in a ‘hybrid format’ for the second time.
In addition to the main event at Central Manege, the fair will be available online with the support of the Visa payment system – via the platform TEO. Launched by the Cosmoscow team in 2020, TEO is the largest online marketplace for contemporary art in Russia.
Cosmoscow Online will feature an expanded line-up of galleries, each with their own online booth. The online version of the fair also has a longer duration than the event at Central Manege and will be open to a wide audience on September 18-26. This will follow the Cosmoscow Online Preview, which begins on September 14 for an exclusive audience.
•Cosmoscow Online Preview – September 14 – 17, 2021
•Cosmoscow Online is open to the public – September 18 – 26, 2021
Cosmoscow Online 2021 will take place in partnership with Visa. After making a purchase with any Visa card, users will receive special privileges: the video course ‘How to Collect Contemporary Art’ from Cosmoscow experts as a gift, as well as an invitation to an exclusive event at Cosmoscow Collectors Club and a 20% discount on a six-month membership.
Quimera. Valentina Ansaldi, „Vostok 6“, 2018 (acrylic on canvas). Courtesy of Quimera and Valentina Ansaldi.

Pearl Lam Galleries. Mrs Dudl

Pearl Lam Galleries. Mrs Dudl

A convenient system for purchasing artwork online will operate at the on-site fair in Central Manege. Under each artwork in the gallery booths, visitors will find a QR code. Once scanned, it will take the visitor to the artwork’s page on TEO, where they can learn more about the artist and chosen work, including the price. A user-friendly advanced search function will make for easy navigation on the platform. You will be able to filter for works by your favorite artists, find similar works displayed by other booths at the fair, and make instant acquisitions online.
The 9th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair 2021 will be held with support of Ruinart (Official Partner), Audi Russia (Automoblle Partner), Samsung (Innovation Partner), Hutton Development (Partner), Breguet (Watch Partner), Visa (Cosmoscow Online Partner) and Otkrytie Private Banking (Partner) from September 18 to September 20 at Central Manege (Manege Sq, 1, Moscow). This will follow the Cosmoscow Preview on September 17
77 galleries, including 13 international participants, will present booths at the fair — the largest number that the fair has seen in its history. Visitors of Cosmoscow 2021 will discover galleries from Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Georgia, Hong Kong, Norway, Russia, and Switzerland.

Katja Stadler „wild“



Model Kate Erler (SP-Models) @kateerler @spmodels
Photography & Styling Katja Stadler @katja.stadler
Set design Susanne Kerl @kerlstudios
Hair & MakeUp Nieves Elorduy @nieves_elorduy
Styling assistant Sabine Kerl @binekerl

Sweater: Alohas; Shorts: Dondup from; Loafers: Ganni; Socks: Cos

Dress: Holzweiler; Wool shirt: Sabinna; Jeans: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini; Mules: COS

Coat: Wright from; Tights: Lauren Perrin; Shoes: MM6 Maison Margiela

Skirt: Ganni; Sweater: Neithan Herbert; Boots: Flattered; Dress: Holzweiler

Dress: Neithan Herbert; Jacket: Sabinna; Pantolettes: Zara

Michael Matsoukas „UNKNOWN ORCHID“



Photographer: Michael Matsoukas @michael.matsoukas |
Stylist: Nelson Vieira @_nelsonvieira_
Hair Stylist: Rui Rocha @ruirocha_hairstylist
Makeup Artist: Patrícia Lima @patricialimaatelier
Model: Darina Toropova from We Are Models @darina__toropova @weare_models
Photographer Assistant: Diogo Oliveira @_diogooliveira_
Stylist Assistant: Pedro Neto, Rita Paupério, Najia Mattos @pedroneto_studio @rita_pauperio @najiamattos
Retoucher: Mariana Gomes @maria.botija
Fashion Film: Raul Sousa @raulepsousa
Graphic Designer: Ana Rita Almeida @arita_almeida

UR bomber, vintage dress, H&M skirt. Boots from Zara, neckeless and bag from production. @hm @zara; UR Dress and earings from production

Coat from Opiar and earings from production @opiarstudio; Uterque shirt combined with dress and boots from Zara. Socks from Calzedonia, sunglasses UR and earings from production @uterqueofficial @zara @calzedonia

Coat from Luis Carvalho and shoes UR @luiscarvalhoofficial

Dress from Adolfo Domingues @adolfodominguezofficial

Trousers from UR, long slive from Zara and sunglasses UR @zara; Total look from Zara, shoes and earings from production, lingerie from Calzedonia. @zara @calzedonia

Dress Luis Carvalho, earings and shoes from production @luiscarvalhoofficial

Dress from Luis Buchinho, UR sunglasses and Zara boots @luisbuchinho @zara

Polina Polikarpova & Diane Arbus | Twins meet Twins | Hazegallery | 29.08 – 04.09.2021


P.C. Neumann

Polina Polikarpova & Diane Arbus | Twins meet Twins | Hazegallery | 29.08 – 04.09.2021

Until 04.09.2021 | Hazegallery shows from 29th August 2021 Twins meet Twins exhibition with the works by the artists Polina Polikarpova and Diane Arbus, curated by P.C. Neumann

The exhibition about otherness in sameness (Diane Arbus) presents exclusively two photographs by Ukrainian photographer Polina Poilkarpova and American photographer Diane Arbus, which enter a dialogue with a musical layer in an exhibition architecture curated especially for this event.

Polina Polikarpova staged her twins in a location with an old, heavy, depressed post-Soviet background and a strong green color palette. Valeria (black-haired) and Regina (red-haired), they never met before the shoot, although they have the same facial features and Tatar roots and are both artists. At that time Valeria was an art student and liked to draw academic paintings, and Regina was a bass guitarist in her indie music group and a collage artist.

Diane Arbus also paid close attention to staging in a location specially chosen for the subject. The photo shows the two young twin sisters standing vertically against the wall, isolated from the outside world in an imaginary room. Both wear matching corduroy dresses and white headbands in their dark hair. The only exception is the different design of their white stockings. The twins, Cathleen and Colleen, were seven years old in 1967 when Arbus discovered them at a Christmas party in a small town.

Both photos show two girls each, who are the same and yet different. Both photos are taken from waist level. Like Polikarpova’s twins, Arbus‘ twins are wearing green clothing (though it appears black). The looks into the camera are different for all four, as is the individualized body language, documenting the sense of otherness and difference. Documented here is also art and reality – and that photography always shows more than what you see.

Twins are fascinating and at the same time unreal. The music Is following these feelings in using surround techniques that repeat melodies from different positions in the room and overlaying them, to become one. The historical and the contemporary aspect is determined by use of real orchestral instruments and synthetic soundscapes. So, these Twins meet Twins melt and counterpoint in Time and Space.

Polina Polikarpova is a photographer and stylist born in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 1992 and holds a BA in Art History from KSADA (Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts). She is currently photographing in Kiev. She has participated in many photo exhibitions and international fairs. Her work can be described as construction of scenes and figures in her hometown, focusing on local provincial poetry and her place in it. The appearance and sculpture of her figures are infantile, erotic and extravagant. Based on the objective sexuality of the woman, the compositions created „here and now“ are also characteristic of her style: instead of the artificial environment of the studio, she prefers the interiors of real spaces and the landscapes of the city, saying that she prefers to „hold the mirror“ instead of being constantly reflected in it.

Diane Arbus was born in New York City, where she studied at the Ethical Culture School. Working with her photographer husband Alan Arbus as a stylist on fashion assignments, she developed an interest in photography that led her to take classes with Lisette Model from 1955 to 1957. Model encouraged her to pursue her own projects, and in 1961, Arbus published her photographs for the first time, in a Harper’s Bazaar feature, which began her successful career. Her work appeared in Esquire, Show, The New York Times Magazine, and many other publications, attracting attention very quickly. Arbus’s photographs possess a disarming psychological frankness. Her subjects were often odd-looking characters on the margins of society or „ordinary“ people whose normalcy was made strange by Arbus’s camera. Because she used a flash and held her camera directly opposite the faces of her subjects as they looked into the camera, her photographs often appear confrontational. Her personal work is thus considered by some to be exploitative, and it has been the subject of controversy.

Date Vernissage:
Vernissage: 28. August

Exhibition Period:
Exhibition Period: August 2021 bis 04 September 2021

ARiEL Lii „home alone“



Photographer: ARiEL Lii @arieleemage
Model: Antonela Kacaj @elitetoronto @antonelakacaj
Stylist: Christal Williams @christylez11
Assistant Stylist: Sundra O. Sefa @sundra_o_sefa
Makeup: Miranda Xue @mirandaisnotbusy

Top: Levi’s @levis Skirt: gucci @gucci @shopfy Shoes: top shop @topshopcanada

Vest: Dry Lake @drylakeofficial Skirt: D&G @dolcegabbana @shopfy Tights: Calvin Klein @calvinklein Sunglasses: Matt & Nat @mattandnat

Dress: Danny & Nicole New York @blackmarketvintage Shoes: Zara @zara Hat: Jaycow millinery @jaycow_milliner

Jacket: shrimps @shrimps @shopfy Dress: Safora Shoes: Saint Laurent @ysl @shopfy

Shirt: Ganni @ganni @shopfy Shorts: Tome @tomedresssalon Hat: Jaycow millinery @jaycow_milliner Shoes:  Sergio Rossi @sergiorossi @shopfy

HAZE GALLERY presents 12-21 August „SIE“ by TOTEM

HAZE GALLERY presents 12-21 August "SIE" by TOTEM

presents 12-21 August

She as the mirror which reflects our deepest fears and desires, she as the deposit of one’s tenderness and vehicle for self-awareness, she as the bridge to connect with one’s feelings and emotions. In the exhibition ‚Sie‘, Francisco ‚Totem‘ Perez shows us the different nuances of life thought the color spectrum with androgynous and feminine figures as the interpreters of scenes who invites us to a vindication of feelings, the creative spirit and the inner feminine which resides in every individual.