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„Mythic Woods“ by Rachele Frison Opens Friday, July 19 at 19:00

‘MYTHIC WOODS' Solo VR Exhibition by Rachele Frison

Opening:  Friday, 19 July 2024 at 7 PM

Duration:  20 July  – 04 August   2024

Curator: Irina Rusinovich

Location: platform

Dear Art lovers and enthusiasts mark your calendars on Friday, July 19 at 19:00, Rachele Frison’s much-anticipated solo exhibition „Mythic Woods“ opens online with an immersive virtual tour on the Haze. Gallery platform, running until August 4.

Curated by Irina Rusinovich with meticulous care, „Mythic Woods“ shows the mystical charm of woodland settings, inviting viewers into a kingdom of fairy tales. Frison’s latest works delve deep into an enchanted forest, where each painting is a dynamic narrative unfolding across the canvas. These narratives interweave to create a larger story, capturing the very essence of this mythical world.

Frison’s art is celebrated for its ability to merge the mystical with the mundane, drawing viewers into an immersive experience filled with rich, vibrant colors and intricate details. The enchanted forest in her paintings is not just a setting but a metaphorical meeting point for civilizations, representing the earliest connections through shared stories and legends. This narrative tradition is central to Frison’s artistic exploration, bringing to life shapes, colors, and scenarios that evoke collective memories.

„Through her works, Frison taps into a universal language of myth and legend, transcending time and culture. Each painting is a testament to the enduring power of these stories, offering a glimpse into the shared human experience,“ notes the curator. „The rich, vibrant colors and intricate details in her paintings not only captivate the eye but also stir the imagination, reminding us of the timeless allure of the enchanted forest.“, – curator Irina Rusinovich.

Join us on Friday, July 19 at 19:00 for the virtual opening of „Mythic Woods“ on the Haze.Gallery platform and experience the magical world of Rachele Frison.