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März 2024




Photographer: Yuka Lee
Female Model: Chen Shin
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Riz Shih
Wardrobe Stylist: Qiu Nian
Photography Assistant: Cassy

Top by Coperni,Btm by Dionlee.

Top by Coperni,Btm by Dionlee.

Top by Coperni,Btm by Dionlee.

Top by Coperni,Btm by Dionlee.

Top by Coperni,Btm by Dionlee.

Elena Illarionova | RED MOOD



Photographer: Elena Illarionova
Model: Bridget Vandjuke

Hat Helen hats, earrings Saint Lauren

Top Zara, earrirngs Balenciaga right: Dress Daria Bardeeva, Hat handmade

Top Zara, earrirngs Balenciaga right  sunglasses Gentle Monster, earrings Saint Laurent, suit Daria Bardeeva, shoes Loewe

Top Zara, earrirngs Balenciaga right  dress Daria Bardeeva, hat Helen hats, earrings Saint Lauren

Top Zara, skirt no name, shoes Loewe right  sunglasses Gentle Monster, earrings Saint Laurent, suit Daria Bardeeva

Interview with multi media artist Azia Maria Sammartano


Text by Irina Rusinovich

Interview with multi media artist Azia Maria Sammartano

In a world where art is often a reflection of the artist’s soul and experiences, Azia Maria Sammartano, known as Essereilnonessere, presents a unique blend of self-taught artistry and academic prowess. Based in  Turin, Azia’s journey through various disciplines such as human communication, neuroscience, and neuropsychology has shaped her artistic vision in profound ways. Despite her academic background not being conventionally tied to the arts, Azia’s dedication to self-improvement through courses in drawing, painting, and theatrical improvisation speaks volumes about her commitment to her craft.

Join us as we delve into the artistic universe of Azia Maria Sammartano, as she shares her journey of self-discovery, creativity, and the profound meaning behind her arts. 

Can you tell us about your background in both medicine and art, and how these fields have influenced your artistic practice? 

Many in history have been scientists and artists, just think of Leonardo, Michelangelo, A durer or Calder and not least the legendary Brian May, guitarist and NASA consultant. Combining art and science has always been the goal of research for cosmic harmony. I graduated in medicine in 2009 and chose to specialize in Phoniatrics out of extreme love and interest in the study of human communication, an aspect that the medicine I practice deals with. Sign language was my first great love, I had been drawing for a long time and I have always liked experimenting with different styles and many techniques. I then understood by studying and being interested above all in non-verbal communication that it itself was an intimate part of art. Communication and art are intrinsically intertwined, forming a powerful union that transcends mere words and strokes of a brush. It is through communication that art finds its voice, and through art that communication becomes a vibrant symphony of emotions. Each brushstroke, each word, each note, carries a message that reaches beyond the surface, resonating deep within our souls. The beauty of art lies not only in its ability to captivate our senses, but also in its power to connect us on a profound level. It is in the shared experience of art that we find solace, inspiration, and understanding. Through art, we can express our deepest fears, our greatest joys, and our most profound truths. It is a medium that allows us to communicate the unspoken, to bridge the gaps between cultures and languages, and to create a universal language that speaks directly to the heart. Art has the power to unite, to heal, and to ignite change. It is a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity, a celebration of our creativity, and a reminder of our shared humanity. Let us embrace the intimate connection between communication and art, and let our voices be heard through the power of artistic expression.

How do you integrate scientific concepts and research into your artworks? Can you provide some examples?

Research in communication brings with it the desire to experiment with new ways of conveying messages, overcoming personal barriers and therefore those of humanity as a whole. I often bring the exploration of different modalities into my works, combining techniques that are not always associated. I like to use materials in an unconventional way, manipulation is often an integral part of the creative process. I always aim to use at least two different types of materials and styles. Just as human communication cannot be one and only, the work of art must use different communication channels. The pen combines with oil paint, newspaper and wire, with collage. Take for example ‚Belly‘ or ‚Panta Rei‘, his works are very different but exemplify scientific and artistic research. In the first work I initially used a part of my body, I modified it and then I divided it into different sectors just as Todd’s social networks are used. Each sector is a part of the human being, representing dreams, nightmares, desires, thoughts and relationships. The choice of the color black is an example of the oppression of women over the centuries, as can be seen from the description of the work. In the second work ‚Panta Rei‘, I chose to use modeling paste, acrylic colors and plastic support all tied with steel cables. The idea is precisely to create abstract living beings with pasta, each with its own color, bearer of a message, but each initially locked in its own sphere and place, chained in cables, but with each exposure the work can change having changed the individual addends and this leads to new balances, exactly like in human relationships. Furthermore, I almost never use noble supports because, just like human communication, it is often improvised, so the supports I use must also reflect this aspect.

copyright Azia Maria Sammartano

What inspired you to explore the relationship between human communication, neuroscience, and neuropsychology through your art?

Often in the part of research in the sphere of human communication we work with people who bring with them a whole emotional, cognitive, relational and linguistic-communicative baggage. Language is only one part of communication and paradoxically it is the least important. Nonverbal communication, which includes gestures, posture, facial expressions and tone of voice, can often convey more information and emotions than words themselves. It has been shown that the majority of human communication is non-verbal, in fact only a small percentage of communication occurs through words. Nonverbal communication can be more accurate and authentic than verbal communication, as it is often involuntary and reflects our emotional state and intentions more directly. It is therefore important to pay attention to non-verbal communication during interactions with others, since how we are interpreted and compressed can be very important. My field of work and constant research in non-verbal communication is visible in all the works through the use of different supports and materials as well as the unconventional way of using colors, to express that communication and art are two pillars of human expression that intertwine in a fascinating dance, creating a symphony of emotions and connections. Through the strokes of a brush or notes I try to communicate the depth of the human soul, transcending linguistic barriers and cultural divisions. Art becomes the universal language that speaks directly to the heart, evoking powerful emotions and inspiring change. Likewise, communication is an art form in itself, requiring mastery of human communication skills to convey thoughts, ideas and dreams. It is through the power of effective communication that we bridge the gap between individuals, fostering understanding, empathy and unity. In a world where words can both heal and harm, we have the opportunity to harness the transformative power of communication and art to create positive change. Let’s embrace the energy and vitality that these two beautiful forms of expression possess and use them to ignite passion, inspire creativity, and build a world that thrives on open dialogue and mutual respect. Together, we can shape a future where communication and art intertwine to create a vibrant tapestry of understanding, love and hope.

How do you bridge the gap between the inner and outer worlds in your artwork? Can you share some techniques or approaches you use to achieve this?

For many years now, I have been following yoga, meditation and personal awareness courses. It is interesting to note that finding yourself immersed in a period of meditation or deep introspection often leads to the personal production of significant works. This silent reflection often allows you to delve deeper into your emotions, thoughts, and experiences, ultimately leading to the creation of something meaningful. Emotional intensity can serve as a catalyst for creative expression. I always draw inspiration from emotions, be it joy, sadness, anger or love, sometimes even those of the people who are closest to me emotionally. These intense emotions can ignite an inner spark, pushing me to express my feelings through art. Furthermore, the society in which one lives just as often greatly influences my creative output. Social events, cultural movements, or significant changes can serve as a backdrop that shapes perspective and provides a unique lens to display emotions and ideas. When I observe or experience the impact of such events, I am often driven to create something that reflects the perception or reaction to these circumstances. The connection between meditation, emotionally intense events and creative production is a deeply personal and individual journey, but always leads me to productions that audiences perceive as highly engaging. it is a testament to the power of introspection, emotional exploration, and the ability to channel these elements into artistic endeavors.”

Azia Maria Sammartano at (UN) FAIR 

Your works often leave space for personal interpretation. How do you strike a balance between conveying your intended meaning and allowing viewers to bring their own experiences and perspectives to your art?

Art is a boundless realm of creativity and expression that has the power to ignite our souls and transcend the boundaries of reality. Within this vibrant world, abstract art stands tall, radiating energy, motivation, and optimism. It dares to challenge conventional norms, inviting us to explore the depths of our imagination and unravel the mysteries of our emotions. Abstract art bursts forth with vibrant hues and dynamic forms, exuding an electrifying energy that captivates our senses. It is a symphony of brushstrokes, shapes, and textures that dance together in perfect harmony, resonating with the beating of our hearts. Each stroke carries the artist’s passion and the viewer’s interpretation, intertwining to create a captivating narrative that speaks to the very essence of our being. Abstract art is a powerful force that pushes the boundaries of our perception, inspiring us to see the world through a kaleidoscope of possibilities. It embraces the unknown, encouraging us to embrace uncertainty and embrace our own unique journey. Through its mesmerizing presence, abstract art ignites a flame within us, urging us to pursue our dreams with unwavering determination. It whispers words of encouragement, reminding us that even amidst chaos and uncertainty, there is beauty to be found. It invites us to step outside our comfort zones, to explore uncharted territories, and to embrace the magic that lies within the realm of the unknown. Abstract art is a beacon of hope, a source of inspiration, and a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit. Let it fill your heart with joy, ignite your imagination, and propel you towards a future brimming with endless possibilities

 Could you discuss some of the abstract and cryptic elements in your work? What messages or emotions do you aim to convey through these choices?

This is one of my favorite questions. Art is a boundless realm where creativity knows no limits. It is a powerful medium that allows us to express our innermost thoughts, emotions, and ideas in ways that words alone cannot capture. The beauty of art lies in its ability to transcend rationality and embrace the unconventional. By using elements non-rationally, artists can free themselves from the constraints of logic and light a fire in their work. For example, in some works such as NORIC which will soon be on display in Milan for ARTEMIDA, I chose to reuse an old VHS and join it in a collage with the idea of a way that now, if we don’t do something, it will only decay and implode. The idea of combining different colors and materials in that work left me free to imagine the world transforming, from a shapeless and devastated mass to a lush garden of a villa, if we all voted together for change. It is this courageous and bold approach that brings my creations to life, infusing them with energy, passion and meaning. Art has the extraordinary power to shake the depths of our soul, evoking a range of emotions that can only be described as transformative. It inspires us to think beyond the ordinary, to challenge social norms and embrace the extraordinary. As in the ‚Stromboli 2023‘ series, human and non-human forms come together to form wombs, humans that become flowers, flowers that transform into tentacles and tentacles that take root in the earth, mother earth that welcomes us and supports us and gives shape and the strength of being here. Or for example, in the latest works I am trying to explore different ways of analyzing the human time line within the circularity of history. The project is called THE LINE and expresses the difficulties of life, the small steps forward, the great emotional chasms that stop us, the hand of a friend or the strength of will that takes us beyond those barriers. All in constant black and white as a reminder of yin and yang, symbol of harmony, balance and energetic interaction. Through the unyielding spirit of art, we are reminded that there are no limits to what we can achieve when we dare to dream and create.

copyright Azia Maria Sammartano

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Rodshir Dailë | ROOM 604


“ROOM 604” 

Photographer: Rodshir Dailë | @rodshir_daile
Stylist: Nina Exposito Holmën | @nina_exposito
Model: Jasmin Beyer | @jasminbeyr
Hair/MUA: Anastasia Boukli | @alv_mua
Photo Assistant: Maren Nordtorp Larsen | @marennl

skirt Marco Rambaldi (complete look)

jacket HALFBOY®, dress Société Angelique, boots Marco Rambaldi, necklace ISA.COLLECTION right Saks Potts (complete look), handbag, necklace Johanna Gauder

boots  Yves Saint Laurent, robe  Stylist own

dress Société Angelique right dress Katrin Mayer, stockings Miu Miu, shoes Miu Miu

dress Société Angelique, boots Yves Saint Laurent

Andrea Varlaro | ESCAPE

By /FASHION/, /NEWS/, Без рубрики


Photographer Andrea Varlaro @andreavarlaro
Stylist & Art Director Lucilla Di Muzio @lucilla.dimuzio
Make up artist Edoardo De Falco @edf_makeupartist
Hair Stylist Jasmyne Granberg Cauchi @jasmyne_gc_makeup_
Model Yazzmine Van Goozen @yazzminevangoozen
represented by @iconomicagency




DRESS JINGYU LING @lia_lynn_jy  SHOES JINGYU LING @lia_lynn_jy

DRESS JINGYU LING @lia_lynn_jy  SHOES JINGYU LING @lia_lynn_jy right 

 TOTAL LOOK BIPASHA BISWAS @bipashabiswas  SHOES GIVENCHY – LESLEY LUXURY VINTAGE @lesley_luxuryvintage @givenchy

Christian Strahl | BLACK EYE



Photo: @christian_strahl
Retoucher: @karaskevich.retoucher
Fashion: @alexkrobath
Stylist: @sofiia_berry
Model: @koerfgenspauline
Model: @melesdi
Fashion: @anna___heim
Access: @z4liv4

Krobath, Jaded London

left Saint Laurent, Anna Heim, Bulgari, right Bershka  Saint Laurent, Anna Heim, Bulgari, Bershka

Zimmermann, Lulu & Jane, Joseph

left Dries van Noten, Zara, Wolford, Anna Field right Zara, Wolford, Anna Field

Krobath, Jaded London right Dries van Noten, Laurette Colé Duprat, Lauren Perrin, Bulgari, COS

Zimmermann, Lulu & Jane, Joseph right Isabel Marant, STUDIO ID




Photographer: Sara Matarrese @saramatarrese_
Wardrobe Stylist: Laura Maria Tonelli @artificialmaria
Makeup Artist: Monica Crosta @_monica.crosta
Model: Anette

@tasteofmoon_ @ericabassi_jewels @pi_gioielli @gabrieleceloria @_mardimardi

@tasteofmoon_ @ericabassi_jewels @pi_gioielli @gabrieleceloria @_mardimardi

@tasteofmoon_ @ericabassi_jewels @pi_gioielli @gabrieleceloria @_mardimardi

@tasteofmoon_ @ericabassi_jewels @pi_gioielli @gabrieleceloria @_mardimardi

@tasteofmoon_ @ericabassi_jewels @pi_gioielli @gabrieleceloria @_mardimardi

@tasteofmoon_ @ericabassi_jewels @pi_gioielli @gabrieleceloria @_mardimardi

Anna Volodina | PASSION IN RED



Photographer: Anna Volodina @annavolodin
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Stalnay Evgeniy @dram.mua
Model: Anastasia Petkoglo @Select management @anastsssa

dress Impression, tights Forma, shoes Blanea & Bella  

right dress Impression left sweater Jil Sander, tights Forma shoes Blanea & Bella.

dress Impression dress Zolla concept, tights Forma

dress Moi dress Impression

left dress Moi, shoes Blanea & Bella right dress Impression

Yulia Garkushina | BLANK PAGE



Photographer: Yulia Garkushina @djanuli
Wardrobe Stylist: Minegel Akshova @minegel_a
Model: Rinn Rage @rinn_rage
Makeup Artist: Polina Uyutnaya @poiuna

Gloves Vintage, earrings Vintage

Shoes El tempo

Top Topshop, skirt H&M, shoes El tempo and Vintage

Skirt H&M, tights Calzedonia, shoes El tempo

Costume Handmade, shoes Asos kirt H&M, top Topshop, tights Calzedonia, shoes El tempo

Skirt H&M, top Topshop, tights Calzedonia, shoes El tempo