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November 2023

Clara Parmigiani | „THE DAUGHTER OF THE MOON“



Photographer @clara.parmigiani /
Stylist @stelaplaka
MakeUp&Hair @cinzia_moioli_mua
Model @suni____ from @selectmodelmilano
Assistant photographer @alicastells
Assistant stylist @_ricky_matt_

on the left| Coat @whiherofficial Dress @mithridateofficial Shoes @theattico on the right | Dress @yllkabradaofficial Shirt @prada Bag @gb_david_com

on the left  | Dress @yllkabradaofficial Shirt @prada Bag @gb_david_com on the right | Shirt @antoniomarras Skirt Shoes @loloballerina


on the left | Shirt @antoniomarras Skirt Shoes @loloballerina on the right | Jumper @karinerocke Pants @ysl Sunglasses @tavateyewear Jewellery @smth_ something Shoes @avavav

on the left| Coat @whiherofficial Dress @mithridateofficial Shoes @theattico on the right | Total look @whiherofficial

Shirt @prada Pants & jacket @ql2quelledue_official Accessories @sundaylife_paris

Interview with photographer Diana Smykova


Meet Diana Smykova, a talented visual artist whose work seamlessly merges documentary and fine art photography. Through the incorporation of video and text into her projects, she skillfully captures the essence of her subjects and the stories they tell.

Born in the Far Russian North, Diana has dedicated herself to exploring the culture of the Arkhangelsk region and delving into her own identity through her photography. By immersing herself in remote northern villages and traversing her homeland, she has been able to shed light on the personal narratives of local people, as well as explore intimate themes such as sacred landscapes, beliefs, and folklore.

Currently residing in Turkey, Diana lives as a nomad and is in a constant state of travel. Her latest project delves into the concept of home and how it is perceived by people from different countries. Through her lens, she tackles profound topics such as trauma, migration, and identity.

A member of esteemed organizations such as Women Photograph and the Russian Photography Society, Diana Smykova is a rising star in the world of photography. Her unique perspective and dedication to storytelling make her work truly exceptional.

Read our exclusive interview, where we delve deeper into Diana’s artistic journey, inspirations, and the stories behind her captivating images.

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Dear fashion and art enthusiasts,

We are delighted to cordially invite you to a remarkable double event: the launch of our fashion and art magazine, Issue 9, centered around the theme of „Body,“ and the opening of a captivating group exhibition titled „Body Alchemy.“

Prepare yourself for an evening of sartorial splendor and artistic intrigue on Friday, the 15th of December. The festivities will commence with a venissage at 7 PM, where you will have the opportunity to witness the merging of fashion and art in a stunning display.

Our magazine, Issue 9, explores the concept of „Body,“ delving into the diverse ways in which the human form is portrayed, celebrated, and reimagined through the lenses of fashion and art. The pages of our publication come alive with captivating editorials, thought-provoking articles, and breathtaking imagery that unravels the complex relationship between the body and creative expression.

In addition to the magazine launch, we are thrilled to present the group exhibition, „Body Alchemy.“ Step into a realm where artists reinterpret the human body as an intricate canvas, exploring its beauty, vulnerability, and ability to transform. The exhibition promises to be a sensorial journey, where you will be immersed in a fusion of art forms that celebrate the boundless potential of the human form.

Dress to impress for this enchanting evening, as we encourage you to embrace your style and unleash your creativity. Captivate those around you with your unique fashion choices, reflecting the spirit of both the fashion and art worlds that will be brought together at this event.


Date: Friday, 15th of December
Time: 7 PM (Venissage) 
Duration: 16 – 17 December 11 AM -6 PM
Location: Reuterstraße 62, 12047 Berlin

Kindly RSVP by 08.11 to  to secure your place at this memorable double event. Please note that space is limited, so we encourage you to respond promptly.

Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and mesmerized by an evening that celebrates the beauty of the human form in both its visual and artistic manifestations. We look forward to sharing this extraordinary experience with you.


Irina Rusinovich 


Elizaveta Solgalova | THE CODE IS WATER

By /ART/, /NEWS/


Photographer: Elizaveta Solgalova @liza.solgalova
Producer: Sabina Marsh @sabi_marsh_photo
Muah: Julia Grezina @grezina_july
Model: Aksinia Lukinykh @aks_nya
Stylist: Sofia Vyalova @ohsoffi

Dress @svyatayashop Belt Wangscanis Bracelet @lime_official

on the right: Skirt @shi_trendy Body @lime_official Knit top @likeyana on the left:Blazer @pinkspink_store Raincoat @pepen_official Boots

Skirt @shi_trendy Body @lime_official Knit top @likeyana

Skirt @shi_trendy Body @lime_official Knit top @likeyana

Dress @svyatayashop Belt Wangscanis Bracelet @lime_official

Blazer @pinkspink_store Raincoat @pepen_official Boots

Skirt @shi_trendy Body @lime_official Knit top @likeyana