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„HOLLYWOOD“ June 3 – November 20, 2022

"HOLLYWOOD" June 3 - November 20, 2022
Eve Arnold, Anton Corbijn, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Michael Dressel, George Hoyningen-Huene, George Hurrell, Jens Liebchen, Ruth Harriet Louise, Inge Morath, Helmut Newton, Steve Schapiro, Julius Shulman, Alice Springs, Larry Sultan
Press tours: Thursday, 2 June 2022, 10 am + 11.30 am
Opening: Thursday, 2 June 2022, 7 pm
Duration: 3 June – 20 November 2022
On 2 June 2022, the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin will open its new exhibition “HOLLYWOOD” featuring works by Eve Arnold, Anton Corbijn, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Michael Dressel, George Hoyningen-Huene, Jens Liebchen, Ruth Harriet Louise, Inge Morath, Helmut Newton, Steve Schapiro, Julius Shulman, Alice Springs, and Larry Sultan. Photographs by George Hurrell and publications by Annie Leibovitz and Ed Ruscha will also be on view in glass displays.
Helmut Newton is always the point of departure and reference for group exhibitions like
this one. His photographic works often include references to film and even quote specific scenes, such as by Alfred Hitchcock or the French Nouvelle Vague. Starting in the 1960s, some of his fashion photographs seem cinematic in their staging, while from the 1970s onward, some of his portraits look like artful film stills. In the 1980s and ‘90s, Newton photographed actors at the Cannes Film Festival and fashion on the Croisette.

Anton Corbijn, Marianne Faithfull, Los Angeles 1990, © Anton Corbijn | Helmut Newton, Sigourney Weaver at Warner Bros, Burbank 1983, © Helmut Newton Foundation

In addition to those images by Newton, this new group exhibition features 13 photographers and their interpretations of Hollywood, presented as usual in larger groups of works. The main exhibition space is dedicated to the medium of film and the Hollywood system. It features portraits of actors from Hollywood’s early years by Ruth Harriet Louise and George Hoyningen-Huene, as well as later film stills and on-set photographs by Steve Schapiro and several Magnum photographers, including Eve Arnold and Inge Morath, who documented the 1960 production of the John Huston film, Misfits.

A glass display presents an extensive portfolio of photographs by George Hurrell that Helmut Newton owned, along with some later works by Hurrell, who replaced Ruth Harriet Louise in 1930 as the most important Hollywood portraitist for the major film studios. Elsewhere in the same room hang five large-format color photographs from Larry Sultan’s series The Valley, a study of the porn film industry near Hollywood – the largest of its kind and, in a sense, the equally lucrative dark side of the dazzling world of glamour. Gracing the walls of another part of the space are five large, minimalistic black-and-white portraits shot by Anton Corbijn in Los Angeles, from Clint Eastwood to Tom Waits. A further display case holds Annie Leibovitz’s famous Hollywood portraits, which she shoots every year for Vanity Fair. The Oscar winners depicted in panoramic group portraits appear on gatefold covers of the magazine.
As a whole, this room traces a historical arc over an entire century – from the early star portraits of the 1920s, which set a precedent, to present-day Hollywood, and from vintage prints of various sizes to magazine reproductions.

Larry Sultan Sharon Wild, 2001, from the series „The Valley“ ® The Estate of Larry Sultan, courtesy Galerie Thomas Zander, Cologne

In the back exhibition room, the focus is on the city of Los Angeles. Julius Shulman’s architectural photographs showcase legendary mansions in Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills. These architectural icons of L.A. modernism were often the home of film stars and producers and occasionally served as film sets. Appearing in sharp contrast are Michael Dressel’s striking, sometimes unsparing portraits of the failed and disillusioned and even Hollywood tourists. These fleeting encounters are captivating in their spontaneity and situational composition. Jens Liebchen began work on his color series L.A. Crossing in 2010 as part of the “La Brea Matrix” project initiated by Markus Schaden, aiming to trace the footsteps of Steven Shore. From the window of his rental car, Liebchen photographed what at first glance seems to be unspectacular street scenes. Viewed as a series, however, the images unfold into a compassionate sociological study. On the opposite wall is Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s Hustler series from the 1990s, portraits of male prostitutes around Santa Monica Boulevard. Each photograph’s title includes the sitter’s name, place of origin, and hourly rate – the latter in this case referring to the fee for the photograph. Flipped open in the central display case, Ed Ruscha’s legendary 1966 accordion-fold leporello, Every Building at the Sunset Strip provides an architectural and social backdrop for the other photographers’ later images of the same sites and street corners, which hang on the walls in this exhibition space.
A different kind of street photography is on view in June’s Room, which Alice Springs shot on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood in 1984. The images capture the music-based counterculture of punks and mods and other style-conscious individualists who transformed the streets into a stage as if life were a casting show.

Helmut Newton Elizabeth Taylor, Vanity Fair, Los Angeles 1985 © Helmut Newton Foundation

Ruth Harriet Louise Joan Crawford for the film “Our Dancing Daughters”, Hollywood 1928 © Ruth Harriet Louise, courtesy Sammlung Kothenschulte

George Hoyningen-Huene Judy Garland, Hollywood 1945 © George Hoyningen-Huene Estate Archives

With these images, the group exhibition traces the allure of Hollywood that continues to draw many people to Los Angeles in search of work in the film industry. We glimpse both the official and private lives of stars, the villas of the rich and beautiful, film-loving fans, as well as numerous secondary motifs, such as film props in the studios. On the one hand, the exhibition looks back upon 100 years of Hollywood through these select works. At the same time, its perspective is utterly contemporary, paying homage to the slowly fading splendor of an entire era. Cinematographic storytelling is continued here with photographic means.

Constantine Enquist „Les parfums de 55 rue de Babylone“


Les parfums de 55 rue de Babylone

Photographer Constantine Enquist @enquist.mag
Model Veronika Oginskaya @unicornikaa
Style Rhizome prod. @enquist.mag / @rhizome.production
MUA / hair stylist Evgeniya Kondrashova @ev.kondrashova
Dress, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Pants, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Jacket, Anna Morgun @annamorgun_official Earrings, Pur Pur Queen @purpur_queen Ring, PSS Studio @psstudio_space_to_create
Dress, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Pants, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Jacket, Anna Morgun @annamorgun_official Earrings, Pur Pur Queen @purpur_queen Ring, PSS Studio @psstudio_space_to_create; Necklace, Le Paon Accessories @le_paon_accessories Earrings, Pur Pur Queen @purpur_queen Tights, Stylist own
Dress, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Pants, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Jacket, Anna Morgun @annamorgun_official Earrings, Pur Pur Queen @purpur_queen Ring, PSS Studio @psstudio_space_to_create; Dress, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Earrings. Purpur Queen @purpur_queen Tights, Stylist own Shoes, Boohoo
Dress, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Boots, Stuart Weitzman Earrings, Pur Pur Queen @purpur_queen Ring, PSS Studio @psstudio_space_to_create
Dress, Katerina Rutman @katerinarutman Necklace, Le Paon Accessories @le_paon_accessories Earrings, Pur Pur Queen @purpur_queen Gloves, Tanya Martin @_tanya_martin Cape, EPPS @e.p.p.s; Dress, Katerina Rutman @katerinarutman Earrings, Pur Pur Queen @purpur_queen
Dress, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Boots, Stuart Weitzman Earrings, Pur Pur Queen @purpur_queen
Dress, Nadya Dzyak @nadyadzyak Necklace, Le Paon Accessories @le_paon_accessories Earrings, Pur Pur Queen @purpur_queen Tights, Stylist own

Alain Egues „MERMEID“



Photographer Alain Egues @alainegues
Makeup Artist Einat Dan @einatdanofficial
Hair Stylist Asier Aguiriano @asier_aguiriano (using DAVINES)
Stylist Elena Shylina @elena.shylina
Model laura kasz @laurakasz
Styling Assistant Sylvia Lecybyl @sylvionfire
Makeup assistant Prinz Basil @prinzmakeup

Look 1: blazer Joseph, blouse Bibi bachtadze, earrings Swarowski; Look 2: dress Joseph earrings Swarowski

Look 1: body and dress BiBi Bachtadze; Look 2: blazer Joseph, blouse Bibi bachtadze, earrings Swarowski

Look 1: blouse and other stories, earrings Swarowski; Look 2: pullover Joseph, blazer Joseph, ear cuffs Swarowski;

Look: blazer Marcell von Berlin, top Khaite, ear cuff Swarowski

Open Call for photography

Open Call for photography

The 2022 year will stay in our memory as a cruel and bloody year, a year of civil and human tragedy. Now, when the whole world is in agony when people are dying, and losing their homes, and families we all can’t stay aside. As we know, artists are very sensitive people and we want to take a chance for them to say what they are thinking about, and what they are feeling, no matter what.
Since today HAZEGALLERY resumes representation of photographers and visual artists from Ukraine, Russia, and CIS countries. We came to this decision because we are sure that the art is the multicultural language of the piece and we want to tell it to everyone. We know many talented photographers and artists, who have to be silent in their countries because of politics.
Every month our gallery will show an exhibition (a week or two) by one contemporary painter or photographer for CIS countries. Then we will work as a showroom and our visitors will have the possibility to see all our authors.
We hope this position will help our viewers to understand how many brilliant and unique authors live in Ukraine, Russia, and over CIS countries, to understand their pacific and strong position, even if they are keeping silent because of the circumstances.

Purplehaze Magazine news

Purplehaze Magazine news

From the very opening, Purplehaze magazine was a space of freedom, where artists, photographers, and curators have opportunities for self-expression. All these years our team has been trying to not intervene in the author’s projects and texts. Because the first of our rules is to be impartial. Before today, we were focused on art and fashion, but now we want to a little bit correct our main themes and we will start work primarily with contemporary art and photography.
Also, we will change the frequency of issuance of print magazines. The next issue will be printed in December 2022 and from now it will be the almanac of the best projects and texts of the year. It will have two parts: contemporary art and photography. We choose this various because we want to make a review of the year, and summarise the changes in art life, society, and the global.
In 2022, being tolerant of people, and foreign cultures became a really difficult task because we all can’t think about politics, society, ecology, and other global problems. We are sure that art is the way to improve our society, to make us better: clever, softer, more tolerant. And we want to allow painters, photographers, and writers from the whole world to be heard and involved in the global art society.



LOCATION: Bulowstrasse 11, 10789, Berlin
EXHIBITION DURATION: 02.06.2022 – 18.06.2022
VERNISSAGE: 02.06.2022 AT 7PM

Pictorial traditions in art have a very deep and long history. Since the Middle Ages and Renaissance artists have been trying to find their unique and individual way, form of utterance. Painters used color as a medium and expression method, escaping more and more new facets of interpretations. In the Symbolism tradition, artists used color as a code, where each color had its own meaning. And today many painters are working with color very carefully and attentively, using colors as sights and some sort of visual message.

In the TRANSFORMATION project Lasha Tchrelashvili is reflecting about the inner force that all of us have inside. Today, when the whole world is in a permanent crisis, we have many problems: social, political and ecological. Everyday we have to fight with circumstances and with ourselves, make moral choices day by day. We should be strong to stay human, to not go insane.   

Artist uses color as an image language, telling for viewers the story of his life through sharp abstract images. His artworks are abstractive and very expressive. When we look closely, we see that all forms on canvas look like they are in movement, like in second they will be in another place, in another world.

Visitors of the exhibition with autor go on a journey through the years, through the important events of the artist’s life. From canvas to canvas we see the history of Lasha’s maturity, the process of tempering his character. 


Painting process is a kind of a thinking process for me. Sometimes you get distracted, other times you’re fully invested. It’s a dynamic process both emotionally and conceptually. My paintings are products of this thinking process which I then observe. Through these observations I analyze my internal, spiritual state and my position in relation to the universe. My intention is not to contain the dialogue within my own world, therefore I open up the conversation with a question. I title my paintings as a question in order to spark the desire for exploration within the viewers themselves. 

The main accent of my paintings is a state of transcendence. In this state of liminality the relationship between familiar and unfamiliar takes you through a mysterious experience.

Ukrainian women in Photography

By /ART/, /NEWS/
Ukrainian women in Photography

Eva Dzhyshyashvili

I explore myself deeper and deeper to finally find myself on top of personal
perception, through reflection the image is manifested, the generalized female image of which I become a part. Private, individual, personal leads to the generalized. I concentrate on the parts, looking at the fragments of my body to crumble and relieve tension. Because it is not me anymore, on the surface a female image, so powerful and fragile. And I’m in the depths.

„Swan“ Symbolic revival by Anna Cherkas

This project presents autographic images. The author symbolizes himself with a white swan.
The goal of the project is openness and acceptance of your body. Reflection of the
symphony, with the help of the body and feminine natural beauty, in a symbolic image.

According to belief, the bird is equated with human qualities. They are a symbol of true sincere feelings, pure and mutual love. According to the sign, the swan is a bird of poets. A meeting with him is considered lucky.


Ph: Victoria Likholyot
Models: Victoria Likholyot, Tatiana Afanasieva

Long hair in modern culture is a female secondary sex characteristic. I religion, traditional culture, mythology, many stories are associated wit women’s hair: from the traditions of covering the hair after the wedding to the Christian stories about Saint Agnes, who had her hair grown to cover he nakedness.

Victoria Likholyot is a photographer based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She studied photography at the School of Contemporary Art and the Chekachkov Photo Academy, both in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Likholyot’s work has been exhibited at the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine; Lavra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine; and the
Grand Palais, Paris, France. She is currently a lecturer of Feminist art at the Karazin National University in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Julia Lazumirska