Purplehaze Magazine news

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Purplehaze Magazine news

From the very opening, Purplehaze magazine was a space of freedom, where artists, photographers, and curators have opportunities for self-expression. All these years our team has been trying to not intervene in the author’s projects and texts. Because the first of our rules is to be impartial. Before today, we were focused on art and fashion, but now we want to a little bit correct our main themes and we will start work primarily with contemporary art and photography.
Also, we will change the frequency of issuance of print magazines. The next issue will be printed in December 2022 and from now it will be the almanac of the best projects and texts of the year. It will have two parts: contemporary art and photography. We choose this various because we want to make a review of the year, and summarise the changes in art life, society, and the global.
In 2022, being tolerant of people, and foreign cultures became a really difficult task because we all can’t think about politics, society, ecology, and other global problems. We are sure that art is the way to improve our society, to make us better: clever, softer, more tolerant. And we want to allow painters, photographers, and writers from the whole world to be heard and involved in the global art society.