Open Call for photography

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Open Call for photography

The 2022 year will stay in our memory as a cruel and bloody year, a year of civil and human tragedy. Now, when the whole world is in agony when people are dying, and losing their homes, and families we all can’t stay aside. As we know, artists are very sensitive people and we want to take a chance for them to say what they are thinking about, and what they are feeling, no matter what.
Since today HAZEGALLERY resumes representation of photographers and visual artists from Ukraine, Russia, and CIS countries. We came to this decision because we are sure that the art is the multicultural language of the piece and we want to tell it to everyone. We know many talented photographers and artists, who have to be silent in their countries because of politics.
Every month our gallery will show an exhibition (a week or two) by one contemporary painter or photographer for CIS countries. Then we will work as a showroom and our visitors will have the possibility to see all our authors.
We hope this position will help our viewers to understand how many brilliant and unique authors live in Ukraine, Russia, and over CIS countries, to understand their pacific and strong position, even if they are keeping silent because of the circumstances.