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August 2020

Kimdary „luxury jetlag“



Photographer & Creative director: Kimdary @kimdary.TV and
Styled by Ketsia @iamketsia_
Model: Guillemine Morest @guillemine.morest signed at @glancemanagement
Make Up & Hair: Océane Susini @OceaneSusini & Eléonore Peyret @eleonore.peyret_mua 

Dress Acne Studio / Kimono Alberto Biani / Bag Marli Shoes Miista / Sunglasses Emmanuelle Khanh / Silk scarf Dior
Silk Scarf Lauren by Ralph Lauren / Suitcases Vintage / Sunglasses Chanel

Coat and pants Collini Milano 1937 Shoes Sergio Rossi
Shirt Redemption / Pants Alberto Biani / Belt Vintage

Coat and shoes Collini Milano 1937 pants Alberto Biani / bag Fétiche
Dress Collini Milano 1937 Pump Sergio Rossi

Coat and shoes Collini Milano 1937 pants Alberto Biani / bag Fétiche
Dress Acne Studio / Kimono Alberto Biani / Bag Marli Shoes Miista / Sunglasses Emmanuelle Khanh / Silk scarf Dior

Sunglasses Emmanuelle Khanh / Silk scarf Christian Dior

Interview with artist Anna Tsvell


I r i n a  R u s i n o v i c h

Interview with artist Anna Tsvell

Hello Anna, thank you for taking time for that interview. Let’s start with a first question. What was your journey up until now in becoming an artist?
Hello !
Well I decided to be a full time artist not so long ago – in 2014 year and it was one of the best decisions in my life. I have a bachelor degree in Developmental and Child Psychology but I didn’t work even one day as a child psychologist. I’ve been working as a copywriter and event manager but I always was dreaming to be independent and to work for myself – in 2014 my dream came true.

You have a very recognizable artistic style in your paintings. What did it take to develop it?
Thank you for noticing the uniqueness of my style – it is very important for me.
As a said before I began my art career in 2014 year and I did it from absolute zero – at first I began as a digital artist but it was easy, I was just redrawing some photos and it was boring so I decided to draw and paint with traditional art supplies. I didn’t know anything about art world and art business when I was staring, I did everything very intuitively but even than I knew that I want my own remarkable style. And it was hard – hard to understand myself, hard to paint and draw without any skills or art education, hard to buy good expensive art supplies, hard to understand how does it all works in art world. But if you want something very much there are no borders so here I am now. The best advice I can give to beginners is to practice every day – to redraw, to doodle, to sketch, to find your own personal uniqueness or any psychological fixations and make them work on you . I am still improving my skills and working on my style every day, my style is changing from year to year and it is normal and great, I hope that this process will be endless .

What inspires your work the most?
I am taking the inspiration from absolutely everything so I can say that my inspiration is always with me, it is as normal process for me as breathing for example. Of course there are days of some kind of artistic bocks – I am just taking days off, walking a lot, traveling ( I am missing traveling sooooooo much now ) , reading books etc – and when the block ends I am coming out from it with new ideas.

Tell us about the spaces within you live and work?
My studio is located in my apartments because I am lazy and I don’t think that I’ll be ready to go somewhere else to the studio every day )) It is very comfortable for me to work from home – I am located in Moscow oblast now in a beautiful apartment complex near the forest and lake.

What is your favorite museum or art gallery and why?
There are three of my favorite galleries which I’ve visited : Getty Center in Los Angeles, Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and Museum der bildenden Künste in Leipzig – incredible places ! So atmospheric , so unique. These galleries gave me so much inspiration, I can spend hours there and visit it as many times as it’s possible ! But if I need to choose one ( it’s hard to do!) I’ll choose Getty Center in Los Angeles – amazing museum with incredible view on my favorite city in the whole world.

Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?
My dream is collaborate with Gucci and YSL brands, my favorite ones. Also I think it would be cool to make a collar with photographers – photography is my second one passion and I think we can create a cool project from zero. Also my dream is to collaborate with a vine brand – I would like to create a vine label one day.

How would you define your personal aesthetics?
As I like to say – I am a professional hedonist.

What is your favorite artwork from your own collection?

It is my «4 am, piercing look at the city from the Hollywood Hills» painting from Essential scars series , 2020 . This series includes four paintings and it is about all that visible and invisible ( physical and mental ) scars we are getting during all our life. «4 am, piercing look at the city from the Hollywood Hills» is the biggest one from this series ( 120 x 100 cm ) and it is quite personal – it’s about a long way to the dream : strawberry and a glass of champagne – my favorite hedonistic symbols – are about happiness and success , red lines inside the abstract body figure are symbolizing scars that were received during this hard way.

Interview with photographer Kira Gyngazova


I r i n a  R u s i n o v i c h

Interview with photographer Kira Gyngazova

Hello Kira! We are happy to welcome you at HAZEGALLERY and would like you to tell us more about you: where you from? How did you approach photography and when did you start?

I am from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I studied philosophy in the university. I got acquainted with photography when I first went living abroad to France 10 years ago. I bought a film camera on eBay and just started wondering int he cities snapping everything that caught my eye. I didn’t know that time that photography could be something more serious, like a job. I never interested in other photographers and even didn’t develop photos during a year and barely showed them anyone. That is very different feeling that I have nowadays because it was very pure, just for myself.

I started doing photography full-time when I moved to Bangkok, Thailand 3 years ago. This city literally blowed my mind and as I love cinema a lot, I found Bangkok very cinematographic and started to do a lot of street photos. From this point photography became my main passion and occupation.

Do you prefer shooting digitally or on film?
I prefer digital as sometimes I have to react very fast not to loose a perfect moment, a moment in between.

What’s your definition of beauty?
Aesthetic pleasure  that brings joyful emotion.

How would you describe the colour palette of your photographs?
It depends on my mood,  I  like desaturated, dark and low contrast tones as well as bright colours as red and green and blue.

Do you have a favorite photograph or painting, which inspires you?
“The sudden gust of the wind” of Jeff Wall. Every time I see this work something clicks in me.

What visual references do you draw upon in your work?
I collect a lot of paintings on my computer as well as screen shots from the movies. I use them as inspiration.

What are your future goals?
Just want to continue to experiment with subjects and mediums. In the nearest future planning to make a short movie

Instagram Kira @kira.gyn

Anna Furman „the wildest dream“

By /ART/


Photographer: Anna Furman @furmananna
Styling and direction: KAROLINA FURMAN @wonder_furman
Make-up and hair: Anastasia Novikova @mua_novicova
Model: Anastasia @africa_nastya
Location: @panorama_skalodrom

Dotted Shoes – Lost Ink; Dotted jacket – second hand Fits Shop;

Jacket green and floral jacket – MOHITO;
Red shoes – Sweet Shoes; Red tights CALZEDONIA

Dotted jacket – second hand Fits Shop; Dotted Shoes – Lost Ink;
Jacket green and floral jacket – MOHITO;

Dotted Shoes – Lost Ink; Dotted jacket – second hand Fits Shop;

Jacket green and floral jacket – MOHITO; Green tights – Trasparenze;
Red shoes – Sweet Shoes;

Olga Tuponogova-Volkova „eco“

By /ART/


Photo: Olga Tuponogova-Volkova @tuponogova_volkova
Photo assistant: Konstantin Egonov @kostya_nekiy
Style & Idea: Galina Smirnskaya @smirnskaya.gala
Make-up: Katerina Ponomareva @katerinaponomareva_
Hair: Margarita Khanukaeva @margarita_khanukaeva
Model: Irina Kulikova (NIK Modelmanagement) @nikmodelmanagement
Producer: Asia Oleynik @asiaoleynik

Dress and scarf – WOS (Walk of Shame) Shoes – GUCCI


Dress, coat -LUDA NIKISHINA; shoes GUCCI; Hoodie and trenchcoat NNEDRE

Blouse SO SHIRT; Bag  NNEDRE; Dress and scarf – WOS (Walk of Shame) Shoes – GUCCI

Dress (on the model) Les‘ by Lesia Paramonova; Dress (on the stick) – WOS (Walk of Shame); Shoes – GUCCI; Hat INSHADE

Blouse BELKA; Dress (on the model) LESIA PARAMONOVA; Dress (on the stick) WOS (Walk of shame)


Vlada Ivanova „Quintessence“



Art-director / photographer Vlada Ivanova@defleppardd  @vladayegor production
Stylist Artem Pilipenko @plpnk_
Music Yegor Gavrin @yegorgavrin / @vladayegor production
Muah Elena Smirnova @coooopp
Hair assistant Anna Sidorina @anchamua
Models Diana @odenu_razdenu  Kang Ir Tin @kangirtin  Roxolana @rrroxolana  Nika Sila @nikasila

Burgundy suit @alexisnovikov;  Flower shirt, flower pants, flower skirt @romauvarovdesign
Blazer @pijmak; Black T-shirt @rogovshop Accessories @jewel4you 

Blazer @pijmak T-short @rogovshop Accessories @jewel4you Blazer @pijmak 

Blazer @pijmak Vest @dolcegabbana Pants @romauvarovdesign Leather jacket @redseptemberofficial  Skirt @romauvarovdesign Accessories @jewel4you

Burgundy suit @alexisnovikov  Flower shirt, flower pants, flower skirt @romauvarovdesign
Blazer @pijmak Black T-shirt @rogovshop Accessories @jewel4you

Suit @alexisnovikov  Flower shirt @romauvarovdesign
Blazer @pijmak Vest @dolcegabbana Pants @romauvarovdesign Leather jacket @redseptemberofficial Skirt @romauvarovdesign Accessories @jewel4you

Suit @alexisnovikov  Flower shirt @romauvarovdesign
Accessories @jewel4you

Melissa Cowan „franny“


PHOTOGRAPHER Melissa Cowan @melissacowanphotography @precisionmgmt
STYLIST Tory Price @iamthetreasurehunter @precisionmgmt
HMUA Dana Vaughan @dmv.artistry @precisionmgmt
MODEL Franny Richardson @frannyrichardson @precisionmgmt

bustier and gloves – corcoran x ella borg @corcorancorin x @ella.borg
all jewellery – sacre flux @sacreflux

top and earrings – Bayley Eade @bayleyaeade
green top – trophy wife @trophywife; dress – bayley eade @bayleyaeade; hat – stylists own; earrings – Valet Studio; @valetstudio @omgfive

bustier and gloves – corcoran x ella borg @corcorancorin x @ella.borg; skirt – Stephanie cassano @akidwithideas; boots – trophy wife @trophywife; all jewellery – sacre flux @sacreflux

jacket – erik yvon @erik_yvon; sunglasses – poppy lissiman @poppylissiman;
earrings – Valet Studio @valetstudio @omgfive

top – marine serre @marineserre_official; earrings – Valet Studio @valetstudio @omgfive; rings – marmalade gardens @maramaladegardens; choker – rainbow dreamz vintage @rainbowdreamzvintage

top – Stephanie cassano @akidwithideas; pearl choker and earrings – valere @valerejewellery @bespoke_pr; long pearls – salvos @salvosstores

jacket – erik yvon @erik_yvon; bikini top – rainbow dreamz vintage @rainbowdreamzvintage; tights and underwear – Bayley Eade @bayleyaeade; sunglasses – poppy lissiman @poppylissiman