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Artist in Focus | Anastasia KOROLKOVA


In the glamorous yet gritty world of contemporary art and photography, Anastasia Korolkova shines like a diamond in the rough. Born in Moscow in 1998, Anastasia’s journey into the realm of artistry began at the British Higher School of Art & Design, where she graduated in 2016. It was there that the seeds of her unique vision were planted, eventually blossoming into a career that challenges and redefines the boundaries of conventional photography. Her approach to photography is nothing short of revolutionary. For Anastasia, the camera isn’t just a tool—it’s a liberating force, a way to make emotions tangible and slow down the relentless march of time. Guided by the affective nature of life and a profound fear of amnesia, she captures the fragile, fleeting moments that make up our human experience. Her work isn’t just about creating pretty pictures; it’s about capturing the raw, unfiltered essence of life.

«Saint maid», mixed techniques, 2023 copyright Anastasia Korolkova 

Anastasia’s visual narrative is a rich tapestry of contradictions and complexities. She dives deep into the neuroses, fears, and obsessions of our postmodern society, using kitsch not just as decoration, but as a form of sensibility. Her images are a bold exploration of life’s tensions—neurosis and fear sit alongside narcissism and tense self-awareness; sexual thrill is juxtaposed with the desire for autonomy and creation. Through her lens, these contradictions become a cohesive, compelling story about the human condition.

«Vorvalis», 2024 copyright Anastacia Korolkova 

Since 2023, Anastasia has been sharing her wisdom as a lecturer at a stylist school, teaching the art of photography and styling to the next generation of creatives. Her decade-long journey through the artistic landscape has given her a wealth of knowledge, which she now imparts to her students. This role is a natural extension of her artistic practice, a way to nurture and inspire budding artists to push their own boundaries.Her collaborations are as diverse as they are impressive. Anastasia has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and beyond, including Versace Jeans Couture, Nike, Puma, and Jagermeister, as well as cutting-edge designers like Yaspis and Sasha Zayatz. She’s also partnered with artists like Anton Reva and Andrey Berger, musicians, and local designers. Each collaboration is a testament to her versatility and ability to adapt her unique style to different contexts, creating work that is both impactful and evocative.

Compilation of archives, 2021-2023

For a closer look at Anastasia’s world, her Instagram @chknasty is the place to be. Here, she shares not just her finished projects but also the behind-the-scenes moments that make up her creative process. Her feed is more than just a portfolio—it’s an immersive experience that invites you to journey with her through the highs and lows of her artistic exploration.

As I see it, Anastasia Korolkova’s work is a profound exploration of what it means to be human. Her ability to weave personal trauma with broader societal themes through her photography is both compelling and thought-provoking. Each image is a testament to her dedication to creating art that resonates on a deeply emotional level, challenging us to confront our own feelings and the complexities of the world we live in.

Anastasia Korolkova is more than just a photographer; she’s a storyteller, a creator, a visionary. Through her work, she navigates the chaotic beauty of life, using her lens to craft a dialogue between her inner world and the broader societal landscape. Her art is a bold declaration of the power of photography—not just to capture moments, but to transform them, to make sense of the chaotic, and to find beauty in the contradictions. As she continues to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, Anastasia remains a vital voice in contemporary art, inspiring us all to look beyond the surface and embrace the deeper, often hidden layers of our own experiences. 


Text : Irina Rusinovich 

«Behind the Blinds», 2023 outtake from «All this is cringe» series, exploring the feeling of cringe and how to overcome it