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Interview with Nina Hauben

Interview with Nina Hauben

Step into the world of photography through the lens of Amsterdam-based photographer Nina Hauben. A graduate of the esteemed Amsterdam Fashion Institute in International Fashion Management, Hauben’s work reflects a unique blend of artistry and innovation. With upcoming exhibitions at Haute Photographie in Amsterdam, as well as a showcase at NockNock Art, Hauben’s visual storytelling continues to captivate audiences.

Can you share with us your journey as a photographer, starting from your graduation at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute?

My journey as a photographer unfolded organically after completing my studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Fashion Management. While I began my career in Fashion Marketing and Art Direction, I soon found myself drawn to the visual aspects, alongside my growing desire for entrepreneurial exploration. Now, all these elements blend seamlessly into my journey as a photographer.

How do you blend elements of fine art and fashion in your photography work, and what inspires this unique fusion?
My work serves as a visual narrative of (un)spoken words, mostly in black and white. My process is intuitive, often inspired by my emotions and experiences. I see photography as a unique language I need to “speak” to express feelings. I start by conceptualizing ideas that personally resonate with me, drawing from my life and observations. From there, I collaborate closely with a creative team to bring these concepts to life. Throughout the process, I remain open to spontaneity, allowing for the unexpected to shape the final outcome.

Could you tell us about your experience showcasing your work at Haute Photographie in Rotterdam in 2024? What was the response to your exhibition?
Exhibiting at Haute Photographie in Rotterdam, the Netherlands was a great experience, at this exhibition the series “With(out) “ was presented. This series is about:
“In the end, all that’s left are memories we have. It’s a fear that memories, like wisps of smoke, will dissipate with time, leaving me with a void that cannot be filled. I wish I could have collected more of these memories. As I can’t hear your voice, your footsteps, or feel your presence, I have to pretend, so that’s what I do.”
It was rewarding to see how people reacted to the work, resonated with people and started conversation. At the moment I’m already preparing for the next edition in Amsterdam in September.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations or goals as a fine art and fashion photographer based in Amsterdam?

I always say, the most important journey you can take is one of self-discovery. Through my work, I’ve discovered more about myself. This continuous process of creation provides something that I can always reflect upon later. There’s still much to learn, as long as I’m creating I’m confident that I’m on the right path. However, my ambitions extend beyond personal exploration; my goal is expanding my work and style. 

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