Purplehaze Genderless issue presentation at Hazegallery

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D e n i s  K o n o v a l o v,  S a s h a  G r i g g

Purplehaze Genderless issue presentation at Hazegallery

Last night, PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE celebrated the launch of their 6 issue by throwing an incredible fashion industry launch party in Berlin’s beautiful and historic Schoneberg Area. HAZEGALLERY heated up like a sauna jammed packed with fashion insiders, photographers, stylists, make-up artists, models – some budding, others aspiring, were all there eager to get in on the PURPLEHAZE buzz and swap business cards.

The star attraction was the cover star himself Mark Bryan , who came extra for the presentation in a dazzling skirt and high heels! We would like at this point thank you Marriott Hotel for hosting our special guest for his stay in Berlin.

Other big highlight of the evening was the fashion show “fashion moment” styled by Miguel Maldonado with designer stars like Giuseppe Tella, BRACHMANN, Remesalt Official, Tanja Christiani and makeup and hairstyling by Nadia Kosh. And many others who had worked with, or were keen on the prospect of working with PURPLEHAZE.

Although this is the magazine’s 6 issue, PURPLEHAZE is a fully visual fashion and art magazine that targets fashion insiders as well as contemporary art creatives in graphic and photography industry. Their focus is on long editorial spreads that push boundaries of fashion, photography, art, design, creative talent/artists, contemporary culture, beauty, while showcasing fascinating models and their personalities.

When discussing the 6 issue’s theme «GENDERLESS», Editor-in-Chief Iren Russo states in her Letter From the Editor, «Today the issue of gender has gained particular importance. The digital society we exist in incorporates tons of images in our daily lives. Being constantly bombarded by the obtrusive pictures that tell us who we are and what we should be, we finally give up, identifying ourselves with the imagery. How may it affect our ways of life, worldviews, artistic activities? With the #006 issue titled ‘Genderless’, I invite you to discover the endlessly appealing topic of gender, the way it’s being formed, perceived, and challenged“