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We are excited to invite talented painters to participate in our upcoming 3D exhibition featuring abstract art paintings.

We welcome artists from all backgrounds, cultures, and styles to submit their work.

We are seeking original and innovative abstract paintings that break away from traditional, representational forms. The artwork must showcase creativity, technique, and a deep understanding of abstract art. It must convey a sense of movement, emotion and energy to engage the viewer.

We encourage the use of bold and vibrant colors, textures and contrast to create a unique experience for the audience. The artwork should reflect the artist’s individuality, be expressive, and convey a personal message.

All submissions will be reviewed by our experienced and skilled art professionals, who will select the best work to be displayed in our 3D exhibition.

Submission Requirements:

• Artwork must be original and abstract.
• Paintings should be created on canvas, wood, or any other suitable material.

Submissions must be received by 05.05 and artists will be notified about acceptance by 07.05 The selected pieces will be displayed in our 3D exhibition for a period of 2 weeks!

Take this opportunity to showcase your talent and share your unique perspective on abstract art. We look forward to seeing your creative work and providing a platform to exhibit it.

for more information visit Haze Gallery’s website