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Narita Savoor „Gardenia“


„Gardenia – a flower that symbolizes purity and gentleness“. A spring/summer editorial set in rural Cheshire, North West England. Cheshire is a county of countryside, known for its rural villages.

Makeup Artist: Phoebe Stronach @phoebestronach
Stylist: Taheed Khan @itstaheedk
Hair Stylist: Ashley Jones @ashleyjordanj
Photographer: Narita Savoor @naritasavoorphoto

Dress Vintage Shoes Minelli Scarf and Tights Stylist’s own

Shirt Zara Trousers & Other Stories Suitcase Vintage; Jacket Sister Jane Shirt Vince Flares Heartbreak Scarf and Suitcase Vintage Socks Miss Sixty Shoes Reformation

Dress Vintage Hat Janessa Leone Tights Stylist’s own Socks Miss Sixty; Dress Vintage

Dress Vintage Jacket Sister Jane Hat Janessa Leone; Top Sister Jane Blouse Vintage Hat Janessa Leone Black scarf (wrapped around face) Lescarf Headband Roseings London Gold chain Orelia