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image copyright Anya Mokhova 

In focus Anya Mokhova

Meet Anya Mokhova, a contemporary artist based in London renowned for her captivating installations and sculptural creations that transport visitors into meticulously crafted worlds of wonder.

Driven by a deep passion for art history and innovative media exploration, Anya delves into a realm of artistic expression using unconventional materials such as tallow, bee’s wax, soap, gold, and brass. Through intricate processes like incrustation, engraving, and casting, she masterfully merges rigid and soft textures, natural and artificial elements to construct a unique visual language that beckons for tactile engagement.

Drawing inspiration from classical frescoes and sculptures, Anya’s art elicits strong emotions and challenges the boundaries between the tangible and the metaphysical. Her evocative works offer a multi-sensory experience, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay of reality and imagination within the realm of artistically crafted objects and space.

copyright | Anya Mokhova

copyright | Anya Mokhova

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