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Interview with Artist of the Month MAKSIM KROKIN

Interview with Artist of the Month MAKSIM KROKIN

MAXIM KROKIN was born 08/10/1993 in Rostov-on-Don in Russia. At the age of 9
he followed his mother in Naples in Italy where he spent most of his youth ages.
During his teenage years he was involved in a underground scene of skateboarding,
electronic music and graffiti between Naples and Rome. After the High school he
decided to move to Berlin with a desire to become a Music producer and DJ. During
the last 5 years making music in Berlin some how he started to spend more time
working on the covers for his future releases than on music itself, this was a
breaking point in his life where he get caught form art. Some times you will find his
art funny full of colors and some times criticizing the modern society.

How did you get into art? Whats your definition of beauty?
harmony between colors and and right proportions

Tell us about the spaces within which you live and work .
small topical Berlin apartment suffering to find daily light.

Do you have a routine or rituals as you work?
not really but before i start i usually take a cup of coffee

How would you describe the colour palette of your art?
punch in the face. no to be honest i like to very and experiment
new combinations but if i have to define it i would say “warm
and bright”.

Which artist of the past would you most like to meet?
Jean-Marc Côté

What visual references do you draw upon in your work?
old comix and advertising signs but also photography

Do you find that BERLIN art scene inspires or influences your art?
yes specially Berlin’s street art inspires me a lot.

As an artist is really hard for me to explain wich art movement i belong to, i like to vary but most of my works are divided in abstract and satire pop art.
I like to observe and sometimes to represent some aspects of our everyday life using some kind of humor. i want to suggest to the viewer to think about some aspects of out society and about our moral values in a modern society.
The keywords of my art are satire and colors. Talking about the colors i have to say that i spend a lot of time to decide wich color combination to use and find the right balance between bright and dark.
One of my Inspirations resource are old comics and advertising posters, but i also like to let my self inspire from photography and from some of the artist of the past centuries.