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visual artist Rachele Moscatelli Femme


artist of the week: visual artist Rachele Moscatelli "Femme"
Rachele Moscatelli (Cantù, 1993) She graduated cum laude in Graphics in 2016 with a thesis proposed for publication by the professor
Andrea B. Del Guercio. She earned cum laude her M.A. in Graphics with a thesis titled “Estetica della mancanza. Studio di un paradosso e della sua rivelazione” with the curator Angela Madesani as thesis-advisor. She is now living and working in Milan where she is collaborating with the Art Gallery Studio d’Arte Cannaviello. She is also coworking with visual design studios to realize installations, animations and exhibition projects.
The artist is strongly linked to painting, collage, calcographic engraving, monotype and digital photographic manipulation, techniques that relate her decisive sign and chromatic components. Her work is on female identity, sometimes without prejudice but never ideological. The ancient is the basis
for many of her works, the ultramodern is revealed instead in the linguistic overturn that breaks the images and leaves them floating in an aseptic or
made of signs space. Her subjects come from the world of fashion.

She gives a sensitive attention to the surface of her figures obtained by repeated overlapped color layers. The skin is not only the object, the theme, the texture, but the support on which she works, turning those surfaces into something alive. As if the paper or the canvas were interwoven with pores, due to an intrinsic need to breathe. it is important for her to find that impression of life that makes something more than a creation, and it makes it almost a creature.

Recently she has discovered and cultivated a strong closeness with the world of the artist’s books and adopted them as an expressive medium. Recently her work has been published in Kunst Magazine, Nicotine Magazine and in the other magazine. She has particularly approached the world of digital and of illustrated animation, so that she creates an hybrid between analogic and digital techniques, always looking for an aesthetic that creates a suc cessful integration and a compromise between the two.

Femme is a portraits’s series entirely made with collage. Female figures are here manipulated through the use of repeated layers of color or colored cardboards applied on the faces of these figures in order to transform them into modern icons or pop masks. The layering of materials represents the progressive accumulation of the artist’s thoughts and ideas. Each figure thus takes shape layer by layer.
Tecnique: collage (12 Portraits)
misure: 21,6 x 29,6 cm.
Year: 2018
instagram: @ray___bat