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Tatiana Vakhrusheva „Missing the ocean“


PHOTOGRAPHER Tatiana Vakhrusheva @tanyavakh_
MODEL Eugenia Scherbinina @jenny.mdl
MAKEUP ARTIST/HAIR STYLIST Viktoria Istomina @v.i_makeup
WARDROBE STYLIST Nina Atiskova @ninzeee

The story is becoming relevant in the light of the last events and the regime of self-isolation. It is  the story about the girl who is prisoned alone at home and who misses the ocean so bad. But the only thing she has is a toy blue whale that she spends all her time with and that reminds her the ocean a lot.

Body Bershka; Body Vintage
Dress Vintage

Crown Stylist’s property; Ties Calzedonia;
Shoes Bershka; Coat 22.Clothes

Kimono 22.Clothes

Body Bershka
Body Vintage

Kimono 22.Clothes