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Chiron Duong „identification“


Creative director: Baina Uchaeva @baina.uchaeva
Photographer: Chiron Duong @chironduong
Light: Boi Boi
Model: Kim Quy Liem @liimkim
SFX/Headpiece: Baina Uchaeva @baina.uchaeva

Identification. The psychological transformation of a person affects his behavior, his style. Do we need to get rid of fake faces/masks, with every painful drama worked out? We try to play, but all this leads to cyclically repeating events… We again lay on the floor, without a face … Who am I? Why am I? Utopia. Perhaps our mission is to be faceless?

Tri Dong Phong, Leu Leu Leu, Phạm Duy, Nguyen Quynh Anh, Tran Quang Bao