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„I think I am an alien“ – Purplehaze Magazine presents visual artist Ersin Acir

"I think I am an alien” - Purplehaze Magazine presents visual artist Ersin Acir

What inspires you to do what you do?

I am actually my own inspiration. I have a goal. I work with all my strength to achieve this goal. My determination is my greatest inspiration. I search a lot, watch a lot and dream a lot. I think I am different from other people. I think I’m an alien 🙂

How does your process look like?

– The design process starts the moment I enter the Unsplash site. While doing research among thousands of photographs, I also think, „What can I do with this photograph?“ After determining the most suitable photo, an idea is born. I immediately put this idea on a piece of paper and see what I can do. Then, after finding the other necessary materials, I open a clean sheet and start preparing my work. Just like starting a new day … From scratch … Clean …

Moon on the hill

Birds of the Sea

For the sake of a sapling

How does a day in your life look like?

– One day of my life goes like this. Since I generally like to work late at night, I get up a little late and start the day. Because of the pandemic, I am already doing Freelance Graphic Design work from home. I sip my coffee and sit at the right computer and have a look at who has done what on the Behance site. I watch the books I need to read later, the documentaries I should watch, and the last series I continue. Most of my day passes like this.

Instagram Ersin Acura: @ersinacir
Website: ersinacir