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Anastasia Kvasnikova „The metamorphosis“


This is a story about how an idea is born.
It’s a mystical cocktail of chance and causation. An idea is capable of changing the world. It grips the mind, inspires with energy, and gives you a dream. It’s the key to victory that opens any lock.
A metamorphosis. As mysterious as … the birth of a butterfly. Transformational processes take place within the cocoon. An incredible cycle of rebirth at the very essence of which lies the start of a new life. You can’t glue wings onto a caterpillar, it has to change on the inside too. Like a first thought that gradually grows in detail, develops images, moving from one stage to the next.
And finally it reaches a peak, and takes flight. The idea has been brought to life and this moment can be relished. But the existence of a butterfly is no more than a flapping of wings in the vast Universe. Death awaits the butterfly. It disappears. In short, everything develops in a spiral. And that means that, one day, the process starts anew from the very beginning.
Cocoon, caterpillar, wings. Thought, idea, flight…

Art Director& Photography& Designer by Anastasia Kvasnikova @kvnastya_photo
Model by Marina Loyko @marina_loya
Light designer by Nikita Ivanov @nikitosprofwork