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In November 2022 HAZE GALLERY will introduce 8 of our artists at Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg

In November 2022 HAZE GALLERY will introduce 8 of our artists at Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg

ARTISTS: Irina Drozd, Ming Lu, Mathias Escotto Gadea,  Kristina Okan, Marina Wittemann, Kleber Cianni, Lasha Tchelashvili, Victoria Rosenman
EXHIBITION STAND: F9 November 10 – 13th, 2022 | Opening November 10th, 2022 | Hamburg Messe Eingang West, Halle A3, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

In November  2022 HAZE GALLERY will introduce 8 of our artists at Affordable Art Fair , Hamburg .This is the forth time HAZEGALLERY participating  in an Art Fair and it’s very exciting and honorable. We selected 8 of our artists and they are very different, but all of them have an unique original style, artistic language and, as we expect, will be interesting for visitors of the Fair and art connoisseurs from all over the world.


The very first edition of the Affordable Art Fair took place in London’s Battersea Park in October 1999. Ten thousand art lovers descended upon the fair to browse and buy thousands of original contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints in a relaxed and friendly environment. The Company now hold fairs in 10 cities around the world including London, New York, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Singapore Stockholm, Melbourne and Sydney. Each year we welcome over 185,000 art enthusiasts to our fairs globally, where they can discover a mix of local, national and international galleries showcasing a wide array of affordable artworks by established artists and rising stars.


Marina WitteMann, being a synesthete, feels the world a little deeper and more fully than the other persons, she sees in color the emotional states of surrounding people, vivid experiences, pain, anger and euphoria. That is why the works she created strive to break out of the framework of generally accepted art forms. That which had no volume, breaks through the two-dimensional space, color acquires shape, paper — texture, depth. Each work is an outspoken image formed through the prism of the artist’s perception, through the fusion of several sensory levels at once.


In her works, Kristina examinse the beauty and fragility of the natural world. Her sculptural language is rooted in classical European traditions of porcelain art, engaging with themes of beauty, biomorphism, and notions of the micro and macrocosm. One of her main ideas is to capture the transformation of ephemeral brittle beauty into petrified porcelain forms that will stay like little eternal monuments of delight and celebration of life. Inspired by Renaissance traditional still lives with their visual relish of objects, she creates sensual biomorphic shapes formed from repetitive and fractal modules.

Mathias Escotto Gadea

Visual artist and photographer. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts Institute of UDELAR and the Torres García School in Montevideo, Uruguay. He studied at the Photography Center and Uruguay´s Photo Club. He has participated in numerous seminars, workshops, and panels on photography and history in Latin America and Europe.

Ming Lu

Ming Lu’s works include photography, installation, performance, and more traditional media – porcelain and embroidery. Her recent works play on the tension between contemporary art and traditional Chinese craftsmanship. As Made-in-China mass production became a global industrial phenomenon, the artist works closely with the handicraft that is known to be slow, inaccurate, time and labor consuming, almost forgotten but are deep- rooted. Lu’s works reflect her cultural identity, which combines enduring attachments to China, the country of her birth and to Europe, where she studied art.

Irina Drozd

Lives and works in St. Petersburg and Pasca (Hungary)

In her paintings, Irina Drozd depicts a fantasy world filled with amazing creatures and characters: her toy monsters at the same time touch and frighten, sometimes enchanting, and presented to the viewer on silver platters can cause disgust at all. The heroines of her paintings are almost always girls, girls, women – often in pairs or doubles, with animals or monsters. The artist explores the nature of femininity, modern stereotypes, and new archetypes of femininity, and also often refers to the theme of childhood and play.

From 2016 to the present, he has been on the list of the Russian investment art rating 49ART. Group and individual exhibitions were held in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Lyon, and Budapest. The artist’s works were exhibited at the Moscow and Krasnoyarsk Biennales of Contemporary Art. She took part in the residencies of the Marino Marini Museum in Florence, the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, as well as in the Berlin Higher Art School Berlin Weissensee School of Art.

The artist’s works are in the collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the State Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow, the State Center for Contemporary Art in Krasnoyarsk, as well as in private Russian and foreign collections.

Lasha Tchrelashvili

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, 1990
since 2020 lives and works in Berlin

Painting process is a kind of a thinking process to me.
Sometimes you get distracted, other times you’re fully invested. It’s a dynamic process both emotionally and conceptually. My paintings are products of this thinking process which I then observe. Through these observations I analyze my internal, spiritual state and my position in relation to the universe.

Kleber Cianni

I like to observe and collect objects that are discarded because they awaken my creativity and imagination, provoking deep reflections about the community that lives there, what it consumes, what it cares for, from the garbage it produces.

I offer myself as an instrument for the transformation and reframing of this material that is no longer useful, a channel to relive and tell its story, through my art.

Victoria Rosenman

(born 1986 in St. Petersburg) lives and works in Berlin. After studying art in Switzerland, she received a PIC Selected scholarship for her project About Destroying a Muse. She works with multimedia and her works are represented in private collections, galleries and museums.

My art tells of an eternally human experience: the high-risk, horribly illusory beauty of relationships, power and dependence, destruction and creation, obsession and surrender.
The leitmotif is the transformative gaze of mutual exploration between the artist and the people surrounding her.

Who are you? What do you see in me? What could I be for you?
And: What would I be without you? How far will you go? What will you allow? How do you release the emotional tension? Do we reach the contemplative level of absolute art, or do we crash?