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In Conversation with Mari Foggy | а Düsseldorf based artist

Text by Irina Rusinoich 

Interview with artist Mari Foggy

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into art?

 I am a self-taught artist, and my passion for art began in my childhood. I have vivid memories of spending countless hours in art class during primary school, where my teacher allowed me to stay late and explore various art styles. This creative environment became my place of freedom and comfort.

At the age of 16, I discovered oil painting and attended art courses. During this time, I found myself drawn to the works of great artists such as Monet, van Gogh, and Sisley. Their impressionist styles resonated deeply with my emotional nature, allowing me to express myself and my feelings. Next 5 years were dedicated to replicating their masterpieces and immersing myself in the world of color and emotion.

Thanks to this journey I found out that my empathy and emotional approach should be the identity of my art. So, when I receive an order for a painting, I ask the client to share their playlist with me. As I listen to songs, I immerse myself in the emotions they evoke, using vibrant colors and translate those feelings onto the canvas. It’s a deeply personal and collaborative process that allows me to create artworks that capture the essence of the personality through the music.

Your art seems to have an illustration medium influence, who are some of your biggest influences in the art world?

Yes, my art is indeed closer to illustration than classic painting. I draw inspiration from the world of graphic design, appreciating the ability to create visually pleasing and harmoniously simple images.

While my paintings may initially appear naive, I use this simplicity intentionally. I want to create artwork that speaks to people. However,  there are meaningful details that invite exploration and discovery. I incorporate these details to encourage viewers to engage with the artwork and find their own personal interpretations. I strive to make my art accessible and understandable to the audience.

When it comes to influences, I don’t have specific idols but find inspiration from various talented artists. Some artists who have caught my attention are Masha Somik and Sancho, who have signature styles and a cool kind vibe in their art. These painters, along with many others whose work I stumble upon randomly on Instagram, inspire me to continue pushing the boundaries of my own creativity.

Studio Mari Foggi

In your artist statement you have mentioned that it is music that inspires you to paint. * Is there a particular band or musician you find especially inspiring in your work? If so, what about their music inspires you?

My paintings are not about a specific musician or band, they are about people and the emotions they hold within. I believe that humans often hide their true feelings within music. It’s the reason why we may be shy to share our playlists with others as well as our feelings.

It can be a challenging task to identify the true feelings, so I started this experiment by myself. I had my own playlist with depressing music which I was always listening to while painting. My music could tell more about me than I am. So I decided to talk with people through my art, because only in this process I am able to identify the whole spectrum of my genuine feelings.

The collaboration of art and music becomes a key feature in listening to our hearts and finding significance, particularly within ourselves. Through my art, I aim to capture meaningful moments or relive them. My mission is to manifest these emotions, to demonstrate that they are remarkable and that there is no shame in embracing them.

Your use of color is really impressive – can you talk about your approach to color and how it affects the tone and feeling of your work?

I use vibrant colors, because they make my paintings more noticeable, capturing the viewer’s attention and inviting them to engage with the artwork. Additionally, these vivid hues reflect my life-oriented approach, where I always try to highlight the positive aspects in any situation. Rather than dwelling on negative consequences, I want to encourage people to shift their focus to a more optimistic perspective.

I aim to reveal challenging moments from an opposite perspective, allowing individuals to see them in a new light. By using vibrant colors, I intend to create an uplifting and positive atmosphere within my artwork.


„Overthinking“ „Juicy road“ © By Mari Foggy 

Your art has a lot of energy and movement in it – what techniques or tools do you use to create that sense of dynamism on the page?

 Music plays a significant role in inspiring my emotions. When listening to a playlist, I absorb every single feeling I experience, and it becomes an integral part of my creative process. All my visuals are signs and everyone can explain them from unique perspectives. The truth always hides in details.

Sometimes it can be challenging to explain my artwork when clients ask for that, I believe that the power of my artwork lies in its ability to speak for itself. Of course every time I am worried about missing something, but at the end we are on the same page. so maybe it is my superpower.

 Your characters are strong and dynamic, often taking center stage in your pieces. Can you talk about your approach to portraying those characters in your art?

My approach to portraying characters is mostly unconscious intuition. Technically my paintings are portraits, but in an unusual interpretation. It is curious to know how you look through your music, right? ​​

In my compositions, I focus on creating a harmonious connection between all objects and elements. While the mostly main character takes center stage, it is essential for me to establish a visual interplay where every detail plays a significant role. The central visual sets the mood, while the supporting elements and details work together to convey a specific message.

© Mari Foggi 

 What advice would you give to other young artists who are just starting out in the in the art scene?

 The important thing is to stay true with your passion for art. Genuine love will shine through in your work. Use references, remain open to learn different techniques and discover other artists for inspiration. It will definitely help to find your distinctive style. I also encourage people to be proactive, seek out an art community and exchange experience. I read a book about how to be a famous artist ahah but it is easier just be in love with your art, be inquisitive and keep working. Feel yourself and listen to your heart.


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Links to the music that Mari was inspired by creating those paints