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Hessam Yekta „Roamers“


As the sun began to set, the two girls made their way into the old house. The creaky floorboards added to the strange ambiance that surrounded them. They felt at home in this abandoned place, a place where they could let their true selves shine.

This photoshoot featuring two girls hanging out together exudes a bold and unapologetic energy that is both fierce and captivating. The use of harsh lighting in a vintage setting creates a unique visual aesthetic that emphasizes the characters’ style and their unbridled attitude.

Overall this is about individuality and the importance of staying true to oneself in any environment.

Model: Niloofar @imgoldenlily
Creative Director: Nastaran Rezaee @nastaranrze
Stylist/Creative Director: Saman Amini @samanamini
Makeup Artist: Hanie Abbasi @hanieabbasi.mua
Model: Khatereh @xa.tere
Photographer: Hessam Yekta @hessamyekta

Tops by Hypeupthemood @hypeupthemood