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Photography & art direction: CHRISTINA KAPONGO @christinakapongo
Makeup & Hair: ESTRELLA ELORDUY @estrellaelorduy
Model: KADEEM  SAMUELl @de3m_
Model Agency: BENTŌ

MUSSA canaria Extra moisturising vegan body cream with natural coconut oil and coconut butter H&M hat; vegano hero all-purpuse  lip Cream

Lotus Radiance Dark Spot Treatment  help to reduce impurities in your face  GEMA GALDON HAT GALERRY.  CALVIN KLEIN’S  UNDERWEAR  Jeans DSQUERED2

Eternal Ink tintes veganos 100% y cruelty free Ink colors tatoo; 

DR.Andrew Weil for Origins Mega – mushroom relief & resilience soothing cream  SOMBRERERIA MIL hat

Old neck of cloth from KAPO’S  privacy Collection. Carton shoes horme