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Designers who rocked Berlin Fashion Week


courtesy Danny Reincke


AUTUMN/WINTER COLLECTION 2024/25 The Dreams in the Cupboard

As part of the W.E4. FASHION DAY and Berlin Fashion Week, Danny Reinke presents his autumn/winter collection „The Dreams in the Cupboard“. The new collection is inspired by experiences, impressions and desires that we as individuals collect and carry within us. Some we fill with
others remain hidden within us forever. We often try to preserve and enclose the wishes that we have realized – be it an object that we have brought back from a trip as a memento or thoughts and feelings that we have experienced in special moments and locked away in our memory – „Every wish when fulfilled, instantly has a son.“ (Wilhelm Busch). We are constantly evolving. Our lives are characterized by collecting new impressions, processing them, and expressing them again. Our memory becomes a cabinet of curiosities that is constantly growing and sometimes brings to light old, long-forgotten, preserved moments.

About Danny Reinke

Danny Reinke produces exclusively in Berlin and mainly uses materials from the EU. The label pays attention to high ecological standards as well as working conditions in the production of the fabrics and short shipping routes in order to make production as environmentally friendly as possible. A large proportion of the collections are one-off pieces. They are only produced customised on demand – because resources are precious. Since the company was founded in 2017, the garments have been lovingly made by hand in the Berlin studio. Danny Reinke’s fashion is durable, high-quality and produced to the highest standards – perfectionism thought through down to the smallest detail.

Photo | Gillian Neumann @lichtpausenkollektiv

The Berlin fashion label MAXIMILIAN GEDRA presents its first collection „STALACTICTE“ in Berlin

6th of February,  the Berlin fashion label MAXIMILIAN GEDRA celebrated its eagerly awaited Berlin Fashion Week debut. More than 200 guests were able to admire the 20 avant-garde high-fashion looks.

The ‚STALACTITE‘ collection presents an almost bizarre interplay of silhouettes, skin-tight latex and voluminous faux fur applications that challenge the social ideal of beauty. Body shapes are deliberately expanded, with corners and edges taking centre stage. MAXIMILIAN GEDRA wants to offend and it shows.

The show opened with a spiky thorn coat – a patent leather creation that not only sticks out vertically but also horizontally and can be transformed. The model’s body is completely covered in leather – the collar almost completely envelops the model’s face and looks like a ruff. The opening is accompanied by dark techno music, which creates the right atmosphere. This is followed by a skintight black dress with a very robust appearance, which envelops the model and stands out in particular thanks to the continuous lace. The dress looks like a hard shell, almost like an armour for defence. Defence against the piercing gaze of society?

The collection is inspired by the stalactite stalagmites hanging from the ceiling, the centrepiece of which is the growing stalagmite. ‚STALACTITE‘ aims to connect and bridge the devastating gap between feminine and masculine.

The grand finale of the line-up provided a special surprise: an unorthodox bridal look worn by a masculine model. A symbiosis of shiny vinyl, hard edges and a flowing cut. The top impresses with a striking collar that merges into a deep neckline, while the sweeping skirt draped heavily over the catwalk.


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Berlin-based design conductors Jale Richert and Michele Beil electrify Berlin Fashion Week as they celebrate a remarkable decade of creativity. The AW24 Runway collection, named NACHLASS, marks the triumphant 10th anniversary of RICHERT BEIL at Westend Office.

Within the futuristic location on February 6th, RICHERT BEIL hosted a noteworthy gathering of around 500 guests, including household names such as Stefanie Giesinger and Jerry Hofmann, among other shining personalities.

With ‘NACHLASS,’ Jale Richert and Michele Beil pay homage to the rich heritage of traditional German fashion craftmanship. In this captivating collection RICHERT BEIL takes a nostalgic renaissance through our grandmother’s wardrobe, reflecting on thefashion heritage within Germany, inspired by the sensibilities handed down to them from their own families and legacy they willleave behind in the years to come. The visionary designers deconstruct their wardrobe into conceptual masterpieces, subverting familiar silhouettes and styles with audacious materials and avant-garde design techniques.

The show radiates an aura of inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability, featuring models of various ages, including elderly women,diverse genders, a spectrum of body types, and several ethnicities, all adorned in innovative designs and exhilaratingly bold silhouettes.

Unveiling a total of 18 looks, the runway spectacle unfolds a mesmerizing mix of precision tailoring, presenting both modest yet sophisticated ensembles and deconstructed twin sets, cardigans, smocks, and other stylistic marvels. Conceptually, the grandmother’s look emerges as a harmonious fusion of personal style, comfort, and the influences of the bygone eras which hasgracefully traversed—a unique and heartwarming fashion statement that encapsulates her remarkable life journey.

Furthermore, RICHERT BEIL notably emphasizes sustainability, showcasing thoughtfully upcycled materials. A show-stoppinggown, crafted from partly recycled saddles, takes center stage accompanied by accessories repurposed from vintage watch cases and bag handles. Styles inspired by historical underwear add a touch of nostalgia and refinement. The incorporation of crystal jewelry not only enhances the collection’s uniqueness but also carries a meaningful connection when adorned by the younger generation, honoring traditions of the past.

In its entirety, the AW24 RICHERT BEIL collection serves as a luminous beacon, inspiring the fashion industry to stride boldly towards a future marked by profound inclusivity and unwavering sustainability.

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Berlin Fashion Week, Fashion Council Germany, Dr. Hauschka, STRABAG Real Estate GmbH, Kess Berlin, Falke, Neu Casting


Richert Beil is a Berlin based fashion brand founded by Jale Richert and Michele Beil. The brand is known for its inclusive collections and avant-garde designs thatblur the lines between traditional gender roles and challenge conventional ideas of what constitutes elegance and luxury since 2014.

Photo Credit Adam Siwek

#DAMUR is a Berlin-based high-end streetwear brand. With each collection, we challenge the labels society wants to impose upon us. Our voice is ever-present in our clothing through the # logo. It is the new generation’s means of self-expression. With the # we distinguish, we belong, we identify and assemble, we express the freedom of being non-standard in style, culture, and social norm, the Berliner attitude.