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In Focus | Ronja Chlebowski

Photos by Cicci_photo

In Focus | Ronja Chlebowski

“Energy is everywhere. I see it. I feel it.I transform it. I transform energy into art. “

Ronja Chlebowski is a German artist. She lives and works in Berlin.

She comes from a family of art teachers and her art education started really early.

She studied art and art education in her Bachelor and Gender Studies with a focus on Sociology in her Master. After afew years as a diversity manager in one of the biggest companies in Germany she followed her dream to workfulltime as an artist.

Today she is known for her abstract artworks. She likes to combine several materials, such as high pigments, spray paint, oil markers or sandpaste. For her paintings, she uses raw cotton and her canvases are handmade.

She finds inspiration in everything that owns energy. She combines her art with spiritual elements and is influenced a lot by her daily yoga practice.

Ronja Chlebowski

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