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Creative Direction Gerard Angulo @gerardangulo and Sergio Valenzuela  @sergio.valenzuelach
Photographer Frances Rou @frances.rou
Grooming Iris Roxanne @irisroxanne_
Styling Vanessa López @vanecl.__
Model Markus Lamar @markus_lamar for Wanted Bang @wb.mgmt
Production Step On Fashion @steponfashion

Total Look, Dolce & Gabbana @dolcegabbana

left Total Look, High Life @highlife_mx Rings, Elisheva & Constance @elisheva.and.constance Ring (left hand, index finger), Uno de 50 @unode50 right Total Look, Fendi @fendi

Left Total Look, Gucci @gucci Chair, Taller Batán @tallerbatan Right Total Look, BOSS @boss

Left  Pants, Carlos Pineda @carlospinedamx  Jewelry, Uno de 50 @unode50 Right Total Look, Alfredo Martínez @alfredomartinez_brand  Necklaces (Top to Bottom), Elisheva & Constance @elisheva.and.constance and Uno de 50 @unode50  Boots, Fendi @fendi

Left Total Look, Dolce & Gabbana @dolcegabbana Right Total Look, BOSS @boss