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Interview with a petite model – Yvonne

Photo: Dominik Wolf

Text: Lyubov Melnickowa

Interview with a petite model - Yvonne
Please tell us a little about yourself. At what point did you decide that you wanted to become a model? How did your modeling career start?
Being a model for me means being creative. As I ́ve always been a person with a love for creativity, aesthetics, fashion and faces, living the model life has always attracted me. I started my career around two years ago with my first shooting which was a beauty shooting with an amazing photographer. I still love to work with her today and she had a really great impact on me and my career, because she always had useful tips and recommendations and really sees the uniqueness of each model she works with. Since then I have learned to get to know the industry better and was able to gain experiences and build a network step by step.
What does your normal day look like?
What I love about my life – no day looks like the other. I spend some days of my week at different sets and locations in different cities, some days I am at home doing sports, reading or planning the next trips or jobs and other days I am at my university or study for my different courses. I feel really thankful that I am able to live a life that is this colourful and diverse and that I am allowed to always meet inspiring people and visit amazing places, as well as having the privilege to study in Munich.

Photo: Mariia Ziva

Photo: Alessa

Photo: Ambra Alessi

You are studying medicine, at the same time shootings takes a lot of time and effort. How do you combine work of the model and study?
I think being organized and prioritizing what is important to you is key. I always try to keep my calendar updated and try to be as time efficient as possible. Of course it doesn’t always work out and I had some job I couldn’t do as a model, because of an important exam or course. Even though it sometimes is stressful, I wouldn’t want to change a thing, because for me both is important in order to keep the balance between creativity and science.
What can you tell us about the competition among models.
Modeling is a really competitive business. Of course everyone wants to book the job or get signed by their favourite agency. I learned to take nothing personal real quick. There’s also a lot of rejection and criticism, which is not always only constructive. But I always try to learn something from it and move on. Maybe you’ve heard some model coaches preach you shouldn’t make modeling your personality and I totally agree with that.
What difficulties have you encountered while working as a model? Was there a desire to quit everything?
For me it was and sometimes still is difficult to be booked, especially for fashion jobs or magazines as a petite model. The industry is changing and getting more diverse to some degree, nonetheless especially in the field of high fashion there are very specific requirements. But quitting was never an option for me! I love being a model and I think if you work hard, don’t let yourself get dragged down and believe in yourself and the universe, everything will work out for you the way it ́s supposed to be.

Photo: Yuliia

Photo: Rafi Glaser / Lilith Kampffmeyer

Photo: Mariia Ziva

You mentioned that you are a petite model. How tall are you? Have you faced refusals at castings due to height?

I am only 1,60m and growing up I always wanted to be taller. Nowadays I am used to it and if I ́d have the chance to change my height I honestly wouldn’t. Even though it is harder to prove yourself as a petite model, in my opinion, it is not impossible. I would love to see the industry change more and be more open and supportive towards petite models.

Are you taking any actions to show that petite models can also be successful?

I would love to be part of one of the next fashion weeks. I think Berlin Fashion Week is a bit more open to diversity than Milan or New York for example. There are a lot of designers who could really make a change. It would be a great honor for me to walk in one of the upcoming shows for example for Rebekka Ruetz. I watched her shows and she had a really diverse selection of models!

What does success in your modeling career mean to you?

Success to me means to be able to live by my principles and values. The most important value to me is happiness. Currently I am really thankful that I am able to work as a model and that it is fulfilling for me. Another principle of mine is that I want to always learn from and work with the best, so I have a list of inspiring photographers, designers, magazines etc. which of whom I would love to work with such as Philipp Plein or Natascha Lindemann. And of course – propbably every model dreams of that- being part of the Victoria ́s secret fashion show for sure! They didn ́t have any petite models yet, so why not start now?

Photo: Annsolie

Photo: Annsolie

Photo: Annsolie

What advice would you give to aspiring models?
To never give up! I think resilience and perseverance are two of the most important character traits you need as a model. If you give 110% everyday you cannot and will not fail. It will be a long and probably sometimes hard way, but it will always be worth it. Just stay true to yourself.