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Photographer | Max Panov @_maxim_panov
Makeup Artist | Elena Kozina @elena.kozina
Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director | Orika Lukmanova @orika.lookman
Model | Ksenia  @imugylk @T Models Management

White shirt: Uniqlo Sequins Skirt apron: 10 etudes

White shirt: Uniqlo Tights: Vivienne Westwood

Dress Giulia De Santis @gl.dsn

Coat: Simple life Tights: Vivienne Westwood

White shirt: Uniqlo

Story behind 

This medium was created to encourage our team’s creative director and stylist Orika Lookman make a painting right in the studio with people overlooking the whole – so intimate – process.

We were inspired by her previous works on transparent canvases and kind of forced Orika to create something new in a short period, exactly one hour and no longer.

As she told us after the shooting, it was her worst nightmare to paint before someone else’s eyes, frightened by the thought that the final result could ruin the idea, the shooting and the whole story behind it.

Our model Ksenia wore a shirt painted by Orika right in the studio too, and our makeup artist Elena painted makeup over Ksenia’s face trying to support the image on the canvas.

We call this story A Punk Muse, cause the very first glimpse of the idea was based on Orika’s endless love of the art of Dame Vivienne Westwood, who is still her real inspiration in art and life.