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Juni 2020

Anton Pronin „Scarlet“



Photographer: Anton Pronin
Wardrobe Stylist: Zulfira  Mansapova @mansapova_zu
Makeup Artist: Mansapova Zulfira @makeup_mansapova
Model: Ulia Hohlova @ulia.kho

Scarf: Vintage; Glasses: Keddo
Top: Passion lingerie; Jacket: Bershka

Swimsuit: Passion lingerie; Glasses: Keddo;
Earrings: Mango; Scarf: Vintage

Swimsuit: Passion lingerie; Glasses: Keddo; Earrings: Mango
Scarf: Vintage; Earrings: Mango; Dress: Zara; Shirt: Zara; Boots: Dr. Martens

Beret: Vintage; Shirt: Zara; Corset: Passion lingerie; Earrings: Mango
Berert: Vintage; Earrings: Mango; Shirt: Zara; Pants: Zara; Scarf: Vintage

Lyubov Lukashenko „Bloomy Girl“



Photo: Lyubov Lukashenko @lukashenko_l
Make-up & hair: Anastasiia Tymoshchuk @tymoti_beauty
Style: Alona Nikonova @alonanikonova
Model: Mariya Kramarenko @mariya_kramarenko
Model agency: Modelwerk @modelwerk

Dress ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Shoes Robert Clergerie.
Top ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Pants Keep Style; Shoes Jonak.

Jacket, shorts and top ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Shoes Jimmy Choo
Top ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Pants Keep Style; Shoes Jonak.

Jacket ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Jeans Levi’s; Shoes Mango.

Top ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Pants Keep Style; Shoes Jonak.
Jacket ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Jeans Levi’s; Shoes Mango.

Dress ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location);
Shoes Robert Clergerie.

Dress ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Shoes Robert Clergerie.
Jacket ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Jeans Levi’s; Shoes Mango.

Jacket ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Jeans Levi’s; Shoes Mango.
Top ‘NoName location’ (@noname_location); Pants Keep Style; Shoes Jonak.

Art Digest: June 08-14

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Julia Kryshevich

Art Digest: June 08-14

June is the brightest month of the year — the daytime is so long that it feels like the night will never follow. And it doesn’t really matter what to do — whether to go to a museum (the one that is already open for the public), to watch a fashion show online or flip through a cool magazine. By the way, have you heard the latest news about Manifesta 13? Yes, it’s coming, and very soon! Discover about that and more from this week PH Digest.

Manifesta 13 is to run from August 28 to November 29, 2020 In Marseille 

Manifesta 13 will finally take place this year, starting from late August. 

Originally the biennial was to open in May but was moved back due to the coronavirus outbreak. Since Marseille has remained the venue for the event, Manifesta 13 is going to focus on the identity of the key port city of France, its history and diverse culture. To date, the artist list for Manifesta 13 includes 47 creative representatives from such countries as UK, Germany, Algeria, Palestine, Lebanon, Russia, US, Vietnam, let alone local French artists. 

Titled as ‘Traits of the Union, The Third Program, The Parallels of the South’, the biennial is curated by Katerina Chuchalina, Program Director of V-A-C Foundation (Moscow), Stefan Kalmár, Director of London’s ICA, and Alya Sebti, Director of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, Berlin. The biennial consists of the three parts — its central exhibition Traits d’union.s; the education and mediation programme Le Tiers Programme, and the parallel programme Les Parallèles du Sud. Though the event is to be launched from August 28, you can already start discovering its educational component. Invisible Archives #4 exhibition is available at Tiers QG, the headquarters of Le Tiers Programme from June 12.

Art for Health: 100 artworks to be displayed at London hospitals 

In such challenging times like these artists don’t stay aside. We’ve already seen numerous examples of their involvement, and there’s another one. The Arts & Health service for Barts Health NHS Trust Vital Arts (London) has launched an initiative called #100NHSRooms, which aims at placing original artworks across 100 hospital rooms of the city. Now patients and clinical staff of such hospitals as St Bartholomew’s, Royal London Hospital, Whipps Cross, Mile End, Newham Hospital can enjoy contemplating art, either recovering or resting. According to the organization, #100NHSRooms is the response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, however, the impact of the initiative might extend far beyond it. The list of the artists participating and further details on the project are available at Vital Arts website.

Conrad Shawcross ‘Tamara Spline’ 2014

Diango Hernandez ‘Hashtag Love’ 2020

Henry Hudson ‘IPad Dreams’ 2020

London Fashion Week running online from June 12—14

Early in April it was announced that London Men’s Fashion Week scheduled for June wasn’t going to take place this year just like those of Milan and Paris. However, now we have an alternative — the event has been relaunched as a ‘digital only platform’, covering wear both for women and men. What does that mean, exactly? That would mean we are not going to see any fashion shows in the usual sense, but it would be rather a variety of digital content formats provided by the participating brands. The platform of London Fashion Week is free for everyone to access from June 12—14.

Panel discussions, online conversations, playlists, and podcasts instead of unveiling new seasonal collections? That may be a way out in circumstances where many factories are temporarily closed and supply chains are halted. However, while the emerging brands such as Robyn Lynch and Bianca Saunders grasped the opportunity of trying new formats, several established names refused to take part in London Fashion Week at all. Thus, Burberry, Craig Green, Martine Rose, Wales Bonner are among the absentees. And yet it’s worth visiting the LFW digital platform — first, it’s a precedent that may go down in history; second, where else would you find such a variety of audible, visual, and interactive content starring faces of the fashion scene in one place?

Sony World Photography Awards 2020 announced its winners 

One of the world’s largest photography competitions Sony Photography Awards has revealed the names of the laureates for this year edition. The recipients of the award have been chosen in the four competitions — Professional, Open, Youth, and Student, plus in the brand-new Alpha Female and Latin America Professional Award categories. In 2020 more than 345,000 images in total were submitted for the contest. On the Awards website you can not only see the winners’ works but also watch their acceptance videos.  

As a result, Pablo Albarenga from Uruguay has been rewarded twice as both Photographer of the Year and Latin America Professional Award winner. For his series of works Seeds of Resistance Pablo received $25,000. Tom Oldham from UK (Open) presented a black-and-white portrait of Charles Thompson aka Black Francis, a Greek photographer Ioanna Sakellaraki (Student) showcased a night-time view of the renewable-energy systems found on the island of Tilos, which she called Aeiforia. Lily Dawson-Punshon from UK made a photographic reference to the renowned Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring and, thus, became the Alpha Female Award winner, while a 19-year-old Taiwanese Hsien-Pang Hsieh was chosen in the Youth category for featuring a street performer. 

Aeiforia by Ioanna Sakellaraki, Royal College of Art

Black Francis by Tom Oldham, United Kingdom

Lily Dawson-Punshon, United Kingdom

Samira Nasr is the new and first-ever black editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar

The former executive fashion director at Vanity Fair Samira Nasr will head Harper’s Bazaar starting in July, replacing the magazine’s longstanding editor Glenda Bailey. Montreal-born Nasr who has Lebanese and Trinidadian routes is the first colored person to be in charge of the edition in its 153-year-history. Seems like it has taken a long time for change, yet better late than never. In comparison, the other leading US fashion edition Vogue can’t boast of ‘elevating and giving space to black editors, writers, photographers and designers’, as Anna Wintour, Vogue longtime editor-in-chief has recently admitted. Back to Samira Nasr, the new head of Harper’s Bazaar seems to have a proactive stance and much energy to continue the changes started by her precursor Bailey.

The cover of the new Vogue Italia designed by children 

Remember discussing the covers of the July print edition of Vogue UK last time? Vogue Italia has revealed the images of the June issue, which is entirely dedicated to children under the hashtag #OurNewWorld. And yes, the covers are designed by the younger generation as well. 8 kids from 2 to 10 years have presented their drawings that now decorate the face of the Italian edition. Learn more about the #OurNewWorld initiative from @vogueitalia Instagram account.

Cover of Edition 838 Vogue Italia, June 2020

Cover of Edition 838 Vogue Italia, June 2020

Cover of Edition 838 Vogue Italia, June 2020

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Sophie van Hasselt „into the woods“



Photographer: Sophie van Hasselt @sophievanhasselt
Stylist: Valerie Schroots @valeriecaroline_s
MUAH: Norien Voskuilen @norienvoskuilen

Dress – Scotch & Soda; Belt – ‘Bij ons’ Vintage; Scarf – Fiorucci vintage
Necklace – No Brand; Yellow top – Scotch & Soda

Hat – Vintage, Mevius Amsterdam; Green Sleeves – Old fishermen pants; Corset – Vintage, KiloShop
Sheer top – No brand; Blouse – No brand; Skirt – ‘Bij ons’ vintage; Sandals – No brand;
Blouse – Scotch & Soda; Skirt – Vanilia;

Top – Scotch & Soda; Necklace – Vintage, Mevius Amsterdam
Dress – Scotch & soda; Belt – ‘Bij ons’ Vintage; Scarf – Fiorucci vintage; Boots – Vintage, KiloShop

Religion of youth

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A l e x a n d r a  K h a r k o v s k a y a

Religion of youth

Time is capricious and it`s better to keep on good terms with it — the Lewis Carroll`s words resonate in all areas, especially beauty. Youth is not eternal, and this idea encourages society to create standards of beauty and the image of „evergreen” Eve of the 21st century, who should be ashamed of any discoloration sign by daily faced with the poisons in household chemicals, cosmetics and cosmetology products. PURPLEHAZE will tell you that becoming gray means being honest with yourself.

Let’s start with 4 shades of noble gray hair, which make you wonder, whether it is worth masking? Just look at these gorgeous owners of metallic gloss in their hair:

If you still doubt your appearance, then pay attention to the model agencies over 40 around the world:

Oldushka (Russia)
Agency Silver (France)
Grey Model Agency (UK)
JAG Models (USA) 

What happens if you pull out a gray hair?

Everyone knows that hair begins to turn gray from the root, so if it has become only half silver, DO NOT even think of pulling it out! Here’s why:

The pigment cells responsible for the color of our hair — melanocytes — which synthesize less and less melanin with each hair that falls out. This means that the new hair growing in its place will have less pigment than the previous one. When you pull out a hair that is still pigmented at its base, you kill the melanocyte itself. The new one will be formed in its place only 6 months later, but it will work “worse” than the last one. The hair that will grow from this follicle will be COMPLETELY gray. Plus, there is a possibility of damage to the hair bulb, then a scar will appear, and nothing will grow out of it for sure.

Is Marie Antoinette syndrome a myth?

There is a legend about Queen Marie Antoinette and her sudden turning gray on the night of her execution. Many attribute this to the fact that she was deprived of her wigs and hair dye in captivity, so people who did not know her true appearance were surprised to see her white-haired on the way to the guillotine. Thus was born the legend of the instant graying.

5 tricks be gentle with hair

In the 21st century, we can say that it is not a shame to become gray, and the global fashion industry proves this. However, for those for whom gray is a problem, we don`t recommend immediately running for a hair dye tube. Start with this checklist, it will save you a hundred dollars at the beauty salon.

  • Remember the importance of hormonal balance. Raging testosterone is one of the causes of hair loss.
  • Check your endocrine system. It regulates hormones that increase the production of pigment by melanocytes.
  • Protect your hair with a headdress in hot and cold weather. In the sun, they fade and become lighter. And in the cold, the hair follicles and blood supply suffer.
  • Hair is 78% protein, 10-14% water, 6% lipids, 1% pigment. Create a sufficient flow with an essential micronutrient (iron, selenium, zinc and copper), B-vitamins (especially B12), proteins and fluids into the body, normalize nutrition and sleep.
  • Less stress. The fact is that the stress hormone cortisol reduces the number of melanocytes and as a result limits the production of melanin. Nutrition also plays a big role here: please do not torment yourself with strict diets! Provide yourself with a balanced daily caloric content and don’t forget that carbohydrates are also needed by the body for energy. More energy — less stress! But, beautie, don`t get carried away with flour products.

PURPLEHAZE quoted opera singer Barbara Hendricks, „Live your life so you can say: ‚I have really done my best to be true to who I am“.

Be loved by yourself!

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Beautiful Eyes in Three Simple Steps


A l e x a n d r a  A z a r o v a

Beautiful Eyes in Three Simple Steps

Eyes are the mirrors of the soul, a popular proverb says. It cannot be denied, as eyes are the key point of our face, our personality, thus – of our very own selves. No wonder we do our best to emphasize this vital part of the look: if you google ‘eye make-up’ you’ll get nearly 6 billion web pages! Smokey eyes, winged eyeliner, bright eyeshadows, vamp or natural – you’ve got loads of variants to choose from. Still, whatever you might prefer, any eye make-up follows a set of simple steps. You can add more color or let it be natural close to nothing – in any case your make-up should be neat and clean. How to achieve the best result – here are our tips and tricks.

Step 1. Create the canvas

No eye make-up will look nice on dull skin with dark circles and blemishes. So, our first step is to create a uniform, smooth canvas for our eye art, no matter if it were expressive or minimalistic. After cleaning the skin and applying your usual day cream you may want to use an eye primer. Almost all make up brands have their version of this product – in most cases it comes as a light colorless serum quickly absorbed by the skin. Then cover the eye area (as well as the whole face) with a thin layer of your fav foundation and don’t forget to level out any dark or red areas with the concealer. A light veil of powder will finish the preparation.

Tip: an eye primer is a must if you apply bright or dark eyeshadows, e. g. for a fantasy make-up or killer smokey eyes. It will help the color tremendously to stick to the place without any creases or blurring.

Step 2. Emphasize natural lights and shadows

Once the complexion is made up you’ll inevitably notice that your natural lights and shadows of the eye area have disappeared and your face looks pretty flat. What to do? Obviously, to recreate the volumes! (Yes, the whole procedure seems illogic but we women don’t seek logic, right?)

The vital point here, often omitted, is to emphasize your eyelash line. Use an eyeliner brush or the thinnest brush of your set. Dab its tip on the eyeshadow that corresponds the natural tint of your lashes most. Tap off the excess on the back of your palm, then put light dots just in between your lashes. No need to draw a continuous line – it isn’t an eyeliner. Choose a lighter tone for your lower lash line.

Tip: a well shaded stroke of a lighter eyeshadow just in the middle of your upper lid, above the pupil, will ‘open up’ your eyes amazingly. Still, to be avoided if you have protruding eyes.

Step 3. Add some accents

Should you feel the desire to add some color – don’t restrain yourself! Whether your eye make-up is natural or vivid, keep in mind the rules of complimentary colors to highlight the iris pigment. In addition, a darker hue in the outer corner of your eyes and a lighter one in the inner corner will create a dramatic look even out of a most natural make-up.

Play with lights, shadows and accents and let us know about your success in breaking hearts!

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Interview with Kristina Okan


I r i n a  R u s i n o v i c h

Interview with Kristina Okan

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your work
I am a visual artist, originally from Russia but currently live and work in Berlin.

I graduated from Moscow Stroganov Art Academy with major in Ceramic Art. After  studying for 6 years, I felt creatively lost, because Russian artistic high education is very separated from the real situation in the contemporary art world. So, I decided that the best idea would be for me to move abroad and to start the next chapter of life in a new place where I have never been before, thus I moved to Warsaw, and then – Berlin. Now I am a full time artist, exhibiting and working locally and internationally.

What set you off as an artist?
I never saw other options for me in life to be honest. All my life I practice and study art. Nothing excites me more than when I express myself as an artist. I guess, it is my nature. Even though I tried to run my own art space project, to be an art manager in the gallery and to be an art teacher – I always feel that I am out of my element and I waste my time when I do something different from artworks.

Tell us about the themes you pursue in your work
All my works derive from my fantasies about natural and organic beauty. I think that so much visual beauty and power is concentrated in simple, trivial objects such as apples, lemons, etc., that we get used not to notice, though they are always in front of us. Also, digging deeper into the topic of still lifes I was fascinated by how much meaning and symbolism fruits and vegetables carried in the past, in the Renaissance epoch, for example.

In my works, I often look for a balance between abstract forms and real natural objects. As I said before, I am highly attracted by pieces created by nature, and I play around with this existing beauty in my own way, creating my imaginary shapes – little biomorphic monuments. I also like the visual effect of repetitive forms and patterns, that is why all my works are made of repeated elements. For me is very important to leave a room for interpretation of my objects to the viewers, to give a chance to find their own meanings.

Is there something you couldn’t live without in your studio? what is your most essential tool?
My studio is where my table is. It is the basic and the most sacred object for me in my studio. Not sure it can be considered as a tool actually, but it is the most essential element for me for sure.

Tell us how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work
Working with porcelain implies a very high level of discipline and self organization. If there is a tiny bit of rush – everything goes wrong. That is why I always prepare myself mentally in advance for the new series of works and organize my schedule the way that nothing will disturb me and I will devote 100 % of my attention to work. It is like a retreat or meditation.

With watercolor works on paper is almost the same. Since all my graphic works are meticulously detailed, it takes also a lot of concentration. Sometimes, I am so much into work that after hours of drawing, I look at the work and think: oh, wow,  did I really do it myself? Because at some point, I have a feeling that the work guided my hand without my direct participation. I think these works are my favorite ones!

Professionally, what is your goal?
My goal is to reach a broader audience and to get more visibility on international art fairs and competitions. And to have my works in David Zwirner`s collection, of course.

Are there any upcoming exhibitions or projects in the works?
I was working for a quite long time on my solo exhibition  MY SECRET GARDEN, but unfortuntely it was postponed and then finally cancelled due to current situation. Now I am very glad to announce that this show is finally going to happen in Haze Gallery and I am mostly focuced on its preparation. Besides this, I am working on a number of applications for ceramic biennales and art awards.

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L i s a  L u k y a n o v a


Not rarely creative people face burnout problems or suddenly lose their inspiration. Perhaps when you look at prominent photographers, directors and artists, you wonder how they get so many ideas and creativity. It seems that their imagination has no limits, but everyone has their secrets. 

In this article, we have collected information with unusual tips on how to unlock your creative potential and broaden horizons of your imagination.

1. Transcendental meditation 

Certainly  we all have heard about yoga, meditation practices, calmness and so on. For many people it works, for many-not, but transcendental meditation is a more specific way because it is focused on people who work exactly in art sphere. Great and famous producer David Linch in his book “Catching the big fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity” tells the story of his success, pointing out the role of transcendental meditation as every day quickly routine which has helped him to catch a creativity fish in his subconscious. In his book he is telling us that it is enough to spend 30 minutes per day (15 in the morning and 15 in the evening) relaxing and repeating mantra in your head. Sound easy, doesn’t it? He claims that after such practices our subconscious starts to produce ideas on the surface of our minds.

“Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper”.— David Linch 

More and more famous people start to mention this practice, for example recently Russian word-famous model Irina Shayk in her interview to Russian Vogue share her experience of transcendental meditation. 

2.Visit different places

Matthew Jordan Smith, one of the most famous beauty, fashion and celebrity photographers in the United States, once said that under no circumstances should you be deprived of the opportunity to go somewhere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an exhibition you don’t want to attend or a concert you’d rather miss, even if you get paid to attend. The reason for this is simple – ideas come through learning. When your mind is open, you never know what will trigger a crazy and amazing idea – it could be a haircut by a vocalist, or a work of art you have seen at an exhibition that you don’t know at all.

Doubtlessly, it seems impossible sometimes to get out your bed when you are depressed or have an apathy but you need to put all  your efforts and make you go somewhere, doesn’t matter if you will go alone or with someone. The aim is to see something new. And new is a source of inspiration.

3.Productive sleep

Many scientists examine the impact of sleep on the people’s brain and there are a lot of different sleep techniques which are aimed to improve different of mental activity. As we see many artists created a particular way of sleeping and they used their ability to see the dreams correctly. Artist Salvador Dali began to draw in half-asleep immediately after waking up, also in the middle of the night, so as not to lose the images seen in his dreams. Also there is a theory that Da Vinci was a adherent of the so-called polyphase sleep. He used to work a few hours and then go to bed for 20-30 minutes.The sum total was only a few hours of sleeping a day. 

Everything you encounter in your dreams is your subconscious with your cockroaches and beliefs. Maybe you should find how to use it. The appropriate and unique technique of sleeping can be developed according to your internal biomechanics, of course, oversleeping or the lack of sleep has a negative effect on our imagination, but in particular sleep phases our brain starts to work in alternative way and we can benefit from this ability. 

We hope that our unusual and maybe a bit odd tricks will help you to develop your mindset and broaden the horizons for imagination. Create, produce and stay inspired every moment of your life!

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Attention! Good news & opportunity for photography artists!

Attention! Good news & opportunity for photography artists!

Haze Award 500 Euro, is our new financial reward aimed at photo artists working in the field of fine art and conceptual photography. For the first time, the award will be presented in September on the results of „Art & Technology“ open-call ( Deadline 15 July) that encompasses both the print issue and the exhibition.

Art Exhibition by Kristina Okan opens 25 JUNE at HAZEGALLERY

Art Exhibition by Kristina Okan opens 25 JUNE at HAZEGALLERY

Art Exhibition opens 25 JUNE at HAZEGALLERY


Exhibition by
an award nominated international visual artist

Curated by Irina Rusinovich

“My SECRET GARDEN “, is a new exhibition by Russian born visual artist KRISTINA OKAN . The opening reception is scheduled to take place on THURSDAY the 25th of JUNE starting at 7:.00 pm at the HAZEGALLERY, Berlin The art exhibition features artist’s ceramic, drawing and graphic works and will be on display until 01 August.