A new solo exhibition by Victoria Rosenman “Don’t kill me” opens August 20 Th at Haze Gallery

A new solo exhibition by Victoria Rosenman “Don’t kill me” opens August 20 Th at Haze Gallery

The artist explores the space of an inner dialogue seeking connections between her present self and the child she used to be. Continuing her famous series “Vom Vernichten einer Muse” (Destruction of A Muse), Victoria Rosenman exposes the very condition of “deliberate uncertainty” that comes naturally to being a muse, releasing creative energy from it.

12 photo-based works by Victoria Rosenman will be on display until September 06/2020

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Martin Schoeller: Exhibition from June 20 at CAMERA WORK gallery

Martin Schoeller: Exhibition from June 20 at CAMERA WORK gallery

CAMERA WORK gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Martin Schoeller’s work from June 20 through August 29, 2020. The exhibition presents a selection of new portraits from Martin Schoeller’s legendary »Close Up« series for the first time worldwide. The selection includes famous international personalities such as Metallica, Michael Douglas, Toni Garrn, Anne Hathaway, Kobe Bryant, George Clooney, and Michael Jordan in a unique and incomparable visual language. A comprehensive photobook entitled »Works« was published by Steidl this year.

Martin Schoeller levels people from various backgrounds on the same platform, inviting comparison in a democratizing approach to portraiture that depicts famous subjects such as Robert  De  Niro  or Christopher Walken with the  same technical  treatment.  Schoeller started his »Close Up« series over 22 years ago. The exhibition showcases works created since 2005, when CAMERA WORK hosted his first »Close Up« exhibition. In this series the German artist photographs each of his subjects‘ faces with the same camera angle, lens, and lighting. The expressions are consistently neutral, serious yet relaxed, in an attempt to tease out people’s differences and capture moments »that feel intimate, unposed.« Just like in a trusting relationship, the portrayed individuals accept the photographer’s rules, which have lent to his unique style that became a trademark around the world. These rules, for example, include the minimal utilization of make-up as well as doing without beauty or skin touch-up in post-production. The result is a more vulnerable, mask-less form of expression, enabling an easier study of faces and personalities.

Martin Schoeller

Born in Munich in 1968, Martin Schoeller is one of the most renowned and preeminent contemporary portrait photographers. After studying photography in Berlin at the prestigious Lette-Verein and in Hamburg, he assisted as Annie Leibovitz in New York for four years before starting to focus exclusively on his own photography in 1996. Martin Schoeller is a regular contributor to acclaimed publications and, like Richard Avedon before him, served as a contract editorial photographer for »The New Yorker«. His first book »Close Up« (teNeues) was published in 2005, followed by several fine art books that showcase other facets of Schoeller’s work. Editions of his photography are sought-after in the fine art market and are exhibited in museums and art institutions around the world. The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam hosted a retrospective in 2018 and NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf is presenting a retrospective until September 2020.

Exhibition from June 20 through August 29, 2020 Telephone interviews with Martin Schoeller on request

CAMERA WORK · Kantstrasse 149 · 10623 Berlin · Germany Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday · 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. · Free admission

 @cameraworkgallery   @cameraworkberlin · #cameraworkgallery

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Open-call for artists worldwide by Ludvig Rage Club


Julia Kryshevich

Open-call for artists worldwide by Ludvig Rage Club

Berlin publishing company Ludvig Rage Club invites artists from all creative sections and all countries to join the new project. In the end of June a book is planned for publication, dedicated to quarantine, self-isolation, and all those things we’re going through right now. Artists are welcome to send their artworks created in any media and format, however, it’s essential that they are linked to the project topic. Also a short text description necessarily in English must be provided. The goal of the project is to capture a historic moment in art for the future. 

The publication will be available in bookshops and galleries in Vienna, Berlin, and other European capitals. 

Deadline for artists: June 5, 2020

You can apply and/or learn more about the project by sending an email to

Or please contact the co-curator Julia Tet 

The open-call page: 

Art Digest: May 11—17

By /ART/, /BLOG/, /NEWS/

Julia Kryshevich

Art Digest: May 11—17

The situation is evolving: while some countries try opening museums and let people visit public places, others don’t rush to cancel the security measures. The only thing that seems to unite us is the awesome spring, no matter what… But wait, we still have online activities — though recently having become commonplace, digital events keep on surprising us by their even more complex and engaging content. And there is something that can be done right away — e.g. enjoying brand new gorgeous artworks by famous artists, listening to podcasts with their participation, getting back in time, exploring fashion collections, and other things. Learn more about the news, events & opportunities of the week below.

Olafur Eliasson launches a new AR project

During COVID-19 quarantine artist Olafur Eliasson has released two digital projects: the first one, “Earth Perspectives” series of artworks was introduced in April as a means of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The recent work Wunderkammer has been launched in conjunction with digital art app Acute Art. The augmented reality project features a collection of 10 sculptures including a sun, a raincloud, and the Northern Lights that can be virtually placed around users’ homes — all of them available for free through the Acute Art app. 

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is world famous for using natural elements in his works, integrating them as an immersive installation into some public spaces and galleries. Probably, the most well-known work by EliassonThe Weather Project was first released at the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern in 2003. The visitors of the exhibition could see a huge sun rising, transforming the entire space of the Turbine Hall. However, apart from the mesmerizing light installation, it was the audience who contributed to the process of making art — by contemplating the sun and experiencing the environment. 

Olafur Eliasson: “I always try to make work that activates the viewer to be a co-producer of our shared reality”.

The weather project, 2003

The weather project, 2003

The weather project, 2003

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair available online

The 1-54 New York 2020 edition of the Contemporary African Art Fair has been postponed, however, thanks to Artsy, visitors can get acquainted with the artworks presented digitally. Until May 31 you are welcome to access the page of the Fair on 180 paintings, 192 fine-art photographs as well as the “Works on Paper” and “Cultural Commentary” categories are waiting for your exploration.

The leading international art fair dedicated to contemporary African art was founded by the Moroccan entrepreneur Touria El Glaoui in 2013. Ever since the fair has been held annually in London, while New York edition appeared in 2015 and Marrakech in 2018. Why 1-54? Simple, there are 54 countries constituting the African continent — whose brightest representatives from the field of art are on display within the innovative platform. The soonest offline edition will take place in the British capital, from October 8—11 with a VIP Preview on October 7. See you at Somerset House at the 1-54 London very soon (meanwhile enjoying the option provided by Artsy).

Contemporary African Art Fair

Contemporary African Art Fair

Contemporary African Art Fair

Yohji Yamamoto remembers his past

The new capsule series by Yohji YamamotoReplica SS96 is meant to revive the brand men’s spring-summer 1996 collection. The Replica line includes four models of jackets with lapels, four pairs of trousers and three shirts that resemble their counterparts from 1996 a lot. “Replica SS96” will be available in Aoyama shop in Tokyo from May 30. The estimated price for one item is between $400 USD and $2,500 USD.

The Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto gained much fame in the 1980s as an advocate for deconstructivism from the world of haute couture, an avant-garde artist and a rule-breaker. Yohji Yamamoto caught the vibe of the upcoming social and cultural changes, suggesting that women could dress the way men do — relaxed, simple, and yet elegant. His favorite colour has always been black and generally it’s dark basic tones that constitute the brand’s palette. The designer says, he doesn’t really believe in future, but he enjoys retrospecting. That might be a good explanation for his recent decision to create “Replica SS96” series. 

Yohji Yamamoto: “Start copying what you love. Copy copy copy copy. At the end of the copy you will find yourself.

“Replica SS96” Line by Yohji Yamamoto

“Replica SS96” Line by Yohji Yamamoto

“Replica SS96” Line by Yohji Yamamoto

“En Route to New Orleans” by William Eggleston sold for €38,000

The dreamy photo work depicting someone sitting on the plane by the window with a drink, shining under sun was made by the American photographer William Eggleston in 1971. Recently “En Route to New Orleans” has been sold at the auction by OstLicht Gallery (Vienna) at a price of €38,000. It’s a much higher rate than estimated, however, it’s not the limit. Christie’s reports that Los Alamos portfolio by Eggleston (1965-74) was sold for $1,022,500 USD at the auction on October 13, 2008 in New York. 

William Eggleston is famous for having legitimized color photography as a fine art form. Maintaining his curiosity for reality fixing, he implemented the dry language of documentary photography into the genre of the future. Photographs by William Eggleston didn’t win recognition at once, so ridiculously mundane they would appear to the artist’s contemporaries. However, looking at the price of his works today, one might guess that Eggleston managed to leave a mark in the history of photography.  

Untitled (1970). From Dust Bells, Volume II (1965-1974)

Los Alamos portfolio by William Eggleston (1965—1974)

Untitled by William Eggleston (1983-1986)

Listening to Marina Abramovic in the podcast by the Art Newspaper 

The Week in Art podcast brought by the Art Newspaper in association with Christie’s comes out each Friday and tackles the most recent issues of the field. Last time there was a really special release featuring the interview with Marina Abramovic. The topic sounded like: what’s the future of performance in the post-pandemic art world? Considering the general situation with epidemic and specificity of this kind of art (which frequently rests on experiencing the context) it feels so true to listen to the grandmother of performance art, learning about her perspectives on the future.

COVID-19 resources for photographers by LensCulture

And now bonus for photography-lovers! LensCulture editors curated a “list of initiatives, ideas and resources” for all those who can’t imagine their lives without photography — both professionals and amateurs. You can choose from competitions, festivals, educational opportunities, grants, inspirational podcasts and blogs and many other things. The list will be updated weekly. By the way, suggestions and additions from the readers are widely welcomed. Just get your camera ready 🙂

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Art Digest: May 4—10

By /ART/, /BLOG/, /NEWS/

Julia Kryshevich

Art Digest: May 4—10

Obviously, the world is changing: the more unforeseen and large-scale the challenges are, the deeper transformation we can observe. And the art world reacts — some artists do (while thanking doctors all around the world or creating fortune cookie installations), some auctions do (successfully moving online, providing us with all that might be necessary for learning about the present series). Not to mention fantastic exhibitions that prove to be as good in the online-format as in the reality. Actually, it is reality — new reality we are facing and, frankly speaking, enjoying to some extent.


Félix González-Torres “Fortune Cookie Corner” to be exhibited across the globe 

The “Untitled” (Fortune Cookie Corner) by the American artist Félix González-Torres was presented in 1990 — now it might be a perfect time to re-enact the installation. Organized by Andrea Rosen and David Zwirner, the show will run from May 25 to July 5 in numerous locations simultaneously (just like it used to be in 1990) — however, this time it’s expected to be a largest-ever showing of González-Torres oeuvre. 

Félix González-Torres: “Above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art”.

A huge pile of fortune-cookies covering a circle of a gallery floor — that’s how the work looks. Visitors are welcome to take as many treats as they want, yet, the supply is never-ending as it’s being replenished. 1,000 people selected by Rosen and Zwirner will re-create the installation in their chosen place all around the world. Félix González-Torres would be pleased — to see his work being realized again two decades after it originated. And just on point — in the context of the overall situation, when people are chained to their flats, experiencing fear and hopelessness. The artist himself died in 1996, six years later the “Fortune Cookie Corner” was presented, the cause of death was HIV infection. The Sculptor of Love and Loss (as the famous NY Times baptized him in the news of his death) created several series of works that were meant “to unite”, including his “Billboard” works (1991) and “Candy” project (1991), dedicated to the artist’s boyfriend, Ross Laycock, who died of AIDS in 1991. A 175-pound pile of candies making up the installation resembled the joint weight of the unhappy couple. What for the re-enactment of “Fortune Cookie Corner”, by the end of the exhibition the cookies will no longer be considered to be González-Torres work, as the project focuses on the regeneration of the concept, which is valuable in this regard. 

Frieze Viewing Room, a new online-project by Frieze New York opening May 8—15

Though cancelled offline, Frieze New York Art Fair takes place online from May 8—15. A specially created digital initiative Frieze Viewing Room will enable visitors to get a proper look at all major works by established and emerging artists in the virtual space. There is also an invitation-only Preview which runs on May 6—7. 

Just amazing — over 200 galleries participating (each accessible in its’ own virtual viewing room space). The digital edition of Frieze might be handy — it claims to have a search engine which makes it easier for visitors to navigate among the different categories such as artists, medium, price and others. The curated program acclaimed for Frieze New York 2020 also sets the tone for Frieze Viewing Room, dividing the artworks into thematic sections. Thus, if you have an eye for Latin American art, take a look at “Diálogos”, while Frame section might be of interest to those who enjoy discovering new, promising galleries in the vastness of the art world. To explore Frieze Viewing Room, don’t forget to register for the event.

BP Portrait Award announced its’ winners 

The BP Portrait Award is probably the most prestigious international portrait competition. On May 5 this year’s prize winners were announced on the contest website. And the Award goes to: Thai artist Jiab Prachakul for “Night Walk” (first prize), Russian artist Sergey Svetlakov for “Portrait of Denis: Actor, Juggler and Fashion Model” (second prize), and English artist Michael Youds for “Labour of Love” (third prize). Dutchman Egbert Vincent Modderman who presented the work “Restless” was honored with the BP Young Artist Award

The BP Portrait Award as we know it today has been running annually for 31 years. In 1989 it replaced its’ predecessor John Player Portrait Award that, in turn, existed between 1980—1989. The thing is that today the Award is organized by the two authoritative structures — the National Portrait Gallery (London) and BP oil and gas company, both influencing the most important decisions that are taken within the frame of the contest, including the judging procedure. However, the public (the participating artists not excluded) has recently opposed to the National Portrait Gallery collaboration with BP, claiming the latter exacerbates the climate crisis and doesn’t respect human rights. For the first time this year BP representatives didn’t judge the contestants, which caused a great resonance, yet, the company continues to support the Award. 

Banksy dedicates his new artwork to hospital workers 

A new artwork by the famous British street artist Banksy has been found on the wall of Southampton General Hospital. The painting depicts a young boy playing with an NHS nurse model figure (instead of paying attention to those of Spiderman and Batman that have been put aside). The note left by the artist seems to be a perfect comment on the work:

Banksy: “Thanks for all you’re doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if it’s only black and white.“

It’s a large 1m2 monochrome painting, now hanging in the foyer of the hospital, near the emergency department. The only colored element in the picture is the Red Cross emblem which is to be found on the apron of the toy nurse. It seems like Banksy has chosen a new hero of the following decade — the one who is ready to undertake the mission of rescuing the world. Now you can try imagining the reaction of the hospital staff discovering the gift by Banksy! (on the video below). The painting will be on view until the autumn, when it will be auctioned to raise money for the NHS.

T-shirt by Takashi Murakami raised $1 million for COVID-19 relief

“The Warhol of Japan” famous artist Takashi Murakami has decided to turn his outrageous income for the benefit of the society. In collaboration with the streetwear brand Supreme the artist created a T-shirt, the sale of which has raised about $1 million in funds for COVID-19 relief efforts. The price of a single item is $60. The money raised will be donated to the Help USA non-profit organization that provides support for individuals facing homelessness and poverty. 

Putting one’s name to a product which is meant to raise money for charitable purposes is a common practice for artists. While the new T-Shirt created in collaboration with Supreme doesn’t really represent the character of Murakami’s oeuvre, it’s really worth getting acquainted with his art, if you haven’t already. Having majored in Nihonga, the traditional Japanese painting technique, Takashi Murakami soaked up the diversity of Japanese culture and stormed the world of contemporary art, being determined to change it. Takashi Murakami is famous for blurring the boundaries between high and low arts, namely producing his works in large numbers at the empire factory Kaikai Kiki Co, while at the same time endowing each with his own vision and philosophy. My Lonesome Cowboy, Mr. DOB, Miss ko², and other characters created by the artist, disclose a lot about the Asian mindset and the local cultural tradition, though looking showy, modern, and commercially attractive.  

The Fondation Cartier digitized a few spectacular projects 

While the Fondation is still closed for visitors, it has announced the digital release of some interesting content on the website. An exhibition by Brazilian photographer Claudia Andujar, a sound installation by the famous bioacoustician Bernie Krause, and a film, following up the past exhibition “Trees” (2019) are already available for exploring.

The digital getaway, prepared by the Fondation Cartier looks (and sounds) exquisite. The exhibition by Claudia Andujar was open in the end of January, but didn’t last for long. Now we have an opportunity to learn more about the life and art of the female photographer who was the first to photograph the Amazonian Indians called Yanomami, having moved to Brazil after her family had died during the Holocaust. 

If you enjoy discovering the world by ear, don’t miss Bernie Krause unique sound map, which is made up of birdsongs recorded in different parts of the planet. For those who saw the exhibition “Trees” last year, it might be interesting to watch the film “Mon Arbre” which has been produced as a supplement to the show.

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ART & FASHION is a new exhibition at Hazegallery

ART & FASHION is a new exhibition at Hazegallery

ART & FASHION is a new exhibition at Hazegallery which takes place from May 15th to 28th, with a opening on 14th of May, 7 pm.

Curated by Purplehaze Editor-in-Chief Irina Rusinovich @irinarusinovich, the show focuses on fashion photography as a medium which transforms fashion into a tangible art object. Since Purplehaze Magazine @purplehazemagazine is devoted to both fashion and art, Haze Gallery follows this synergy concept as a sequel to the publication.⠀

To coincide with the reopening of the BERLIN gallery with a new exhibition a 3D online viewing room, will launch on May 14, 2020. Art & Fashion features works by 10 visual artists from different parts of Europe in anticipation of the summer show season.⠀

Georgy IL [Russia]
Alina Gross @alina.gross [Germany]
Katya Derksen @xkxtya [Great Britain]
Marta Braggio @martabraggio [Italy]
Taja Spasskova @tajaspasskova [Czech Republik ]
Noortje Stortelder @noortje_stotelder [Netherlands]
Anthony Authie @zyvastudio [France]
Tatjana Yeryomenko @ta_nu_chic [Russia]
Adam Siwek @adam_siwek [Poland]
Letu Salvi @letusalvi [Germany]

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Photo Credit “RED” Noortje Stortelder, @noortje_stortelder

Art Digest: 26 April – 03 May

By /ART/, /NEWS/

Julia Kryshevich

Art Digest: 26 April - 03 May

What a strange spring we have this year — meanwhile it’s the first day of May. Despite all the difficulties, however, there is still a lot going on in the world of art & photography. Some galleries provide us with a full perspective on the shows running, while others let a couple of reporters get a sneak peak of what was being carefully prepared, but didn’t see its’ viewer yet (we all hope, it will one day). Find a selection of recent exhibitions, art events, and premieres below.

Aubrey Beardsley’s retrospective at Tate Modern

Find out more about the life and works of the late Victorian era artist at his retrospective at Tate Modern. Joining the 7-minute exhibition tour run by Tate curators Caroline Corbeau-Parsons and Alice Insley, you will see the spacious solution of the show as well as some of the works presented, all in the right mood. A room-to-room guide posted on the Tate website will help you to get a better understanding of the nature of Aubrey’s art through the artist’s biography.

A real dandy aesthete and a smooth provocateur, Aubrey Beardsley knew how to shock the respectable English audience at the end of the 19th century. Nevertheless, he kept juggling the line between refinement and eroticism giving no excuse to question his genius. The most surprising about him, however, is that Aubrey Beardsley created all his artworks in the span of just 7 years (1891—1898) dying from tuberculosis at the age of 25. His exquisite illustrations, drawings, and cover designs done in the run-up to the new century, such as Salome and Mademoiselle de Maupin share with us some top notes of a fin de siecle fragrance.

Aubrey Beardsley La Dame aux Camélias 1894 Tate

Aubrey Beardsley Self-Portrait 1892 British Museum (London, UK)

Helmut Newton online exhibition at his 100th anniversary 

Take a digital tour of “Helmut Newton 100” exhibition provided by a nice Sussex gallery, commemorating the artist’s 100th anniversary.

The legendary photographer would have turned 100 in 2020, had he been a centenarian. Though black and white, his photographs looked thrilling and certainly brave for its’ time (and even still maybe). Portraits of celebrities, fantasies lived out and curious close-up shots taken throughout the second half of the 20th century influenced the history of photography a lot. Newlands House, a new gallery space not far from London, offers an opportunity to enjoy the works by the artist online — while the show keeps being closed for the visitors, the gallery released a digital tour of INSIDE HELMUT NEWTON 100 just yesterday. It’s a nice way to see the Newlands House charming space as well. 

Helmut Newton, ‚Heather Looking Through Keyhole’

Helmut Newton’s Retro Verseau, Vogue France (1979)

Helmut Newton, Yves Saint Laurent in his atelier, Paris (1991)

Peeking at Met Show 2020 (though postponed)

Though the Costume Institute’s show and Met Ball 2020 have been postponed, we can still have a look backstage — some of the journalists were let in and allowed to take photos of the exhibition. A detailed, to the extent possible, coverage by Vogue might be good news for all fashion lovers. 

This year the Metropolitan Museum of Art is celebrating the 150th anniversary. The Costume Institute’s new show “About Time: Fashion and Duration” curated by Andrew Bolton was meant to celebrate the solemn occasion by providing a retrospective view of its history. The idea of the exhibition was to reveal the connection between the nature of fashion and time. Thus, the history of fashion from 1870 to 2020 has been explored with some curious patterns emerging. How Victoriana inspired the famous Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto to add some deconstructivist elements to his collections, where the balletic proportions in Christian Lacroix evening gowns came from — close-ups from the exhibition done by Annie Leibovitz will give a good hint on those and many other issues.

Paris Photo Exhibition Catalog online 

While there is still some time before the new dates of Paris Photo 2020 are announced (the art fair didn’t take place from April 2—5 as planned), collectors can start looking out for what’s on show. Here is the exhibition catalogue prepared carefully in advance by the organizers. 

Paris Photo is the world’s largest art fair dedicated to the medium of photography. This year the exhibition gathers 126 galleries and 47 publishers from 24 countries. In the Main Section you will find works by such masters of the field as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Imogen Cunningham and Dora Maar and Charles Nègre represented by different galleries, there also 15 solo shows on view. In total, there are more than 1,200 photoworks to enjoy and maybe buy. Caution: the public access to the catalogue has been provided for the time limited, until it’s clear when the exhibition takes place.

From the Paris Photo catalogue_ Masahisa Fukase, Untitled (six-eyed girl)

From the Paris Photo catalogue_ Andreas Gefeller, Untiled #015 (Palm tree), 2019

From the Paris Photo catalogue_ Feng Li, MAIDEN, 2018

Fashion-forward masks by two Bahraini entrepreneurs 

Good news from the field — people from all over the world don’t lose hope in the changing times and keep on coming up with some encouraging new ideas. Two Bahrainis created a fascinating design of anti-COVID masks inspired by Gulf culture and including some traditional symbols.

Entrepreneurs Noor Khamdan and Nada Alawi teamed up to create a colorful happiness boost which is also a necessary accessory at the present time. „With masks being mandatory… you can’t tell someone’s feelings, you can’t tell if they’re smiling at you. At least, this is a way to tell someone’s personality when they have colour on their face“ — commented Nada Alawi on the outstanding design. A set of three gift-wrapped masks is reported to cost about 52 dollars, 25% of the proceeds will go to charity.

A full-dimensional video guide at “Atelier E.B: Passer-by” exhibition 

The exhibition “Atelier E.B: Passer-by” at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow would have been closed on May 10 — since we are not going to see the project live, the museum has launched a 360° digital tour which is available on the website. 

A brief introduction into the story: designer Beca Lipscombe and artist Lucy McKenzie partnered to launch a fashion label “Atelier E.B” based on local and exploitation-free manufacturing in 2007. The label does not only produce clothes, but also takes part in gallery exhibitions and cultural researches. This time the project by Lipscombe and McKenzie has been involved into the so-called exhibition “Atelier E.B: Passer-by” which consists of the exploration of such fields as display and distribution, including fairs, expos, department stores, and other forms being popular in the countries of the former Soviet Bloc. A high quality 360° tour enables to examine the exhibition closely, additional materials such as video interview with the founder of Russian fashion journalism Lidia Orlova is available as a part of the Garage Field Research program.   

Atelier E.B_ Passer-by, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Photo Ivan Erofeev

Atelier E.B_ Passer-by, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Photo Ivan Erofeev

Atelier E.B_ Passer-by, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Photo Ivan Erofeev

Tallinn Fashion Week will take place online 

In 4 days (see the proper time left on the website) Tallinn Fashion Week will take place via webcast. The jury consists of the members of Estonian Fashion Council, there are about a dozen designers participating — a small but fair show which might be a pleasure to watch. 

The recently held Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia makes it clear that online-format can be a success (taking into account the present circumstances). Watching broadcasts of fashion events and art exhibitions you support all the people who stay behind them, having put much effort into preparing the show. Join the webcast on May 5—6 and stay with the Estonian designers!

A live online conference with the legendary Art Newspaper 

Spending the weekend discussing the future of museums within the context of technological evolution — that’s what the Art Newspaper Youtube channel is ready to offer you in the 3 coming days.The three, 80-minute, online discussions which are to take place on May 1—3 will focus on such topics as preservation of cultural heritage, role of the museum and digitally produced knowledge in the society of the future, constantly shaped by the new technologies. The series of discussions is supported by Factum Foundation and Il Giornale d’Arte; museum directors, an art editor, a critic and a writer are among speakers.

Panel 1_ The Future of Museums, Photo

Panel 3_ An Intimacy with the Physical World, Photo

Panel 2 The Circulation of Objects, Photo

Fashion world during the quarantine: virtual fashion week, FaceTime shooting and medical staff on magazine covers



Fashion world during the quarantine: virtual fashion week, FaceTime shooting and medical staff on magazine covers

Now the world reminds us more and more of an episode from „The Black Mirror“. We see how rapidly people adapt to new conditions through technology. The fashion world is also undergoing significant changes in 2020, not only trying to adapt to the current situation, but also to contribute to the fight against the virus.

Gucci and Prada have cancelled shows in San Francisco and Tokyo while Ralph Lauren has postponed the show in New York.

Changing Russia’s fashion week into a virtual format is due to the imposition of restrictions on public events with over a thousand people. It is worth mentioning that the familiar fashion show has changed, and in April-May a complex of online events will be held at AIZEL.RU

Shooters and models promptly managed to find a remedy to this situation. Professional world-famous photographers simply jump on a FaceTime calling with their model mates, directing them and capturing screenshots each time they see a picture.

Demi Lovato was one of the first stars photographed in FaceTime style. Following this, such shootings became a trend and simplified life for models and photographers.

Now, we can find Bella Hadid’s FaceTime shooting for Italian work.

Demi Lovato

@aliona_pole на MBF Russia

Bella Hadid

Also, i-D made its special debut earlier this month with a design theme entitled Safe + Sound, in which nineteen models worldwide – including Bella’s sister, Gigi Hadid, and model Adut Adech – were reflecting on their adaptation to indoor lifestyle.

Many internationally renowned magazines, such as Time, Grazia, Vanity Fair, New Yorker and etc. have posted real heroes of our time on their covers- medical staff, demonstrating respect and moral solidarity to the people who fight against the COVID-19.  For the first time ever, Italian magazine Vogue will be released with an empty cover. The choice of white or „blank“ cover was made in support of the medical personnel, since this color is associated with the medical uniforms.

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Day 2 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, for the first time ever taking place totally online, has finished. On April 5, many brands showcased their collections as video presentations at AIZEL.RU, including MIETSA, AMPLITUDA, N.LEGENDA, NASTYA NEKRASOVA, Mineral Weather, SEMILETOVA, DOKUCHAEVA, DIANA ARNO, WHO I AM, RomaUvarovDesign, ÓNOMA:, MADFRENZY, Olya Kosterina, T3CM, RUBAN, Novaya, and IGOR GULYAEV. Ceremony, LEATHER LIKE WOOD, SERAYA, and TSUGI presented their new lookbooks.

The ÓNOMA: brand, started by Sandra Gutsati and Inna Bodrova in 2017, specializes in embroidery and appliqués that transform dresses into moving pictures. Their new collection was presented in the form of a videoconference between the designers and the models, all stuck at home because of the quarantine. The designers make all their embroideries themselves, presenting the audience unique complete works that can’t be repeated.

In fact, the collection itself was titled Self-isolation. “This is a good time to start feeling things – keener and deeper. This is time for intuition and harmonization, for purification and accumulation. This the time to feel unity through the unity of the position all of us are in. We are there alone – and yet we’re together, bound with hundreds of invisible threads, connecting us through walls and distances. We’re together” tell the designers of their new creation. Embroideries on the dresses show images of people that used to surround us and that are far away now.




Sisters Alisa and Julia Ruban founded the RUBAN brand in 2010. Several iconic awards confirmed their success and made them assured they’d chosen a correct direction for their designer duo development. Fine work with delicate fabrics, mostly natural ones, combinations   of complex textures, layering and transformability are the distinguishing features of the brand.

RUBAN brand continues the story of the Fall/Winter collection 2020-2021, but this time online, complementing the story with a lookbook and a QR code system. The designers focused on self-cognition. This is how they ended up with a brand-specific collection, following the spirit of intellectual minimalism with its fundamentally new content.

Sheepskin jackets, long dresses of thick black velvet and coats of terracotta and brown made up a fascinating assortment of tender, yet very solid garments, inspired by the drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cajal, a Spanish scientist, one of the founders of neurobiology. His drawing style became the starting point for the key pattern of the duo’s collection and the art features within the design. Light marine tones were also seen on the bright striped shirts, while the dresses showed off intricate diagrams of Cajal’s graphs and schematics.




As designer Dmitry Klyuchevsky himself states in his video presentation, he decided to model his own collection himself. The new T3CM collection is dedicated to the story of the collapse of Rana Plaza building. “I photographed several labels in the nearest supermarket, chose the ones transmitting globalization issues and used them to make appliqués and prints,” said the brand designer Dmitry Klyuchevsky. The collection is a public statement about the negative side of globalization.

This new offering by the artistic Kyuchevsky is composed of artistic outerwear (all painted with abstract art or graphic prints made up from cut-up corporate logos), and was fully filmed at the designer’s own home. Oversized coats and sweatshirts, cut-up suits, trench coats and sweaters, and Rana Plaza logos showed us a conceptual yet modern streetwear critique of corporatism and globalization.




The WHO I AM project, started in 2013 by Jacob Yakubov is a multifunctional art project that comprises an art space, a jewelry and fashion brand and a production facility. The WHO I AM manifesto proclaims ethical, slow fashion and conscious consumption first and foremost, with a focus on individualism, minimalism and classic silhouettes.

The brand presents its fully handmade collection in the oldest Moscow-based concept store, LEFORM. Titled BALANCE, the collection included men’s and women’s woolen suits, long sleeves, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, trousers, as well as every day and evening gowns. A wide range of outerwear is available: down jackets, raincoats, bomber jackets, and overcoats. The designers also offered several interpretations of the classic white shirt. Particular attention was paid to sport-style pieces: hoodies, sweatshirts, and trousers for comfortable flights, sport activities, and meditation. The authentic WHO I AM spirit is still present in the collection, but the designers have abandoned the extremely precise and sophisticated designs in favor of comfort and variety. Their garments have become more affordable, while the quality of materials is as high as before.




Anastasia Dokuchaeva’s brainchild, first started in 2017, made its return to the runway after becoming one of the most recognized Russian fashion brands. Dokuchaeva’s entire modus operandi is “out with the old, in with the new”, freedom from cultural, gendered and societal restraints.

Her new creation is BASE – a mix & match assortment of looks for any occasion. The BASE collection is just that – a base for one’s wardrobe, that one can swap and combine as one wishes. Faux-leather coats accessorized with masks, light summery trenches and robes, free-fitting shirts of white linen – this is a set for the free and easygoing, who love to accessorize and feel comfortable in their own skin.




Let us remind you that virtual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is taking place on April 4 to 6. Live streams can be followed from anywhere in the world at AIZEL.RU и MEGOGO.NET.

DJ GROOVE is responsible for the musical accompaniment of digital #MBFWRussia.




Being selected as a PURPLEHAZE Photographer puts you in the spotlight of the international contemporary photography world. It marks you as an emerging artist with great promise and gives you the means to jumpstart your career.



PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE positions twice a year a group of emerging and mid-career photographers in the spotlight on the world stage via THEME based OPEN CALLS. Our next OPEN CALL theme is ART & TECHNOLOGY

PURPLEHAZE isa  multimedia platform dedicated to exposing the world to today’s most inspiring artists and photographers. By creating space not only in the digital world but also in physical (HAZEGALLERY) we act as a bridge for collaboration and communication between artsits, their audience and collectors.


What winners receive

  1.  – 500-  EURO HAZE GRAND, exhibition participation, custom designed 5 editorial spread in both print and digital versions of the magazine that will include your artist bio, website and images. Solo 3 D online Exhibition + E catalogue.
    2.Participation in a group exhibition, editorial spread in both print and digital versions of the magazine. Published in September 2020.
    3.Editorial spreads in the print & digital versions of the magazine.


PH  Magazine is an Berlin based project with a  bi -annual large format print publication with curated collection of fashion & art editorials and stories behind artists and their works . In October 2019 , to extend artists representation possibilities, the magazine founded an offline photo gallery in Berlin, promoting young and mid-career artists working in photographic medium. By scouting, curating  following and presenting young, talented photographers and their work, PURPLEHAZE & HAZE gallery team aims to discover and stimulate exceptional quality of upcoming artists working with the photographic medium.

How to enter

Artists from any country 18 and older are welcome to apply with works in photographic and digital medium.


Submission deadline
15 July 2020
Shortlist announcement
July 2020

Submission Requirements

Requirements for an Art or Fashion Editorials

In order to avoid lookbooks and advertorals please take a note of the following information:

1.Minimum: 5 different looks ( multiple brands )
2.Team and wardrobe credits in.doc format
3.Please include your, your team members, and the designers social medea accounts in the credits so we can tag them when we share the images online
4.We copy and paste from your file so, please check all the names for accuracy.
5.Behind the scene photo/video/fashion film is a plus

We are waiting for your submissions