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Januar 2023

Dominika Witos „Reflection“



Photographer: Dominika Witos @dominika.witos
Model: Julia Pakuła @__smilea__
Model agency: Revs Models @revs_models 
Makeup: Gabriela Pyclik 
Stylist: Klaudia Kolegowicz – Magiera @kkolegowicz

Golf: Sinsay; Jacket: Reserved; Trousers: Reserved; Earrings: Krafciarka; Body: F.H.U Xsara-Aspol; Shoes: Jenny Fairy; Glasses: Celine 

Dress: H&M; Shoes: DeeZee; Cap: Decathlon; Bag: AllSaints; Glasses: Versace; Choker: Domina; Ring: Mango

Golf: Sinsay; Jacket: Reserved; Trousers: Reserved; Earrings: Krafciarka; Body: F.H.U Xsara-Aspol; Shoes: Jenny Fairy; Glasses: Celine 

Golf: Sinsay; Jacket: Reserved; Trousers: Reserved; Earrings: Krafciarka; Body: F.H.U Xsara-Aspol; Shoes: Jenny Fairy; Glasses: Celine; Dress: Promess; Gloves: Shein; Glasses: Prada; Earrings: Manilai;

Golf: Sinsay; Jacket: Reserved; Trousers: Reserved; Earrings: Krafciarka; Body: F.H.U Xsara-Aspol; Shoes: Jenny Fairy; Glasses: Celine; Shirt: H&M; Skirt: Reserved; Shoes: DeeZee; Body with chains; F.H.U Xsara-Aspol; Glasses: Gucci; Earrings: Krafciarka

Skirt: Reserved; Blouse: Fiore Lana; Bra: H&M; Neckerchief: Lauren Ralph Lauren; Bag: Vintage; Shoes: DeeZee; Choker: Edibazzar; Dress: Promess; Gloves: Shein; Glasses: Prada; Earrings: Manilai

Glasses: Saint Laurent; Necklace & bracelet: New Yorker; Ring: Vintage; Blouse: Promees; Bra: H&M; Trousers: H&M; Shoes: Jenny Fairy; Gloves: Guess

Golf: Sinsay; Jacket: Reserved; Trousers: Reserved; Earrings: Krafciarka; Body: F.H.U Xsara-Aspol; Shoes: Jenny Fairy; Glasses: Celine 

PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE is happy to announce that the 008 issue

PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE is happy to announce that the 008 issue

PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE is happy to announce that the 008 issue of PURPLEHAZE will be presented at HAZEGALLERY BERLIN on 20.01. from 19.00.

The magazine main focus is on fashion and art and features interviews of contemporary artists and inspirational editorials from international creative teams.

«Each year we become a different person. Every new year is a time and an opportunity to become a better person; to be kinder, wiser and a little happier, to be closer to family, friends and loved ones. December is a great time to remember your promises and keep them. I would like to pass on to you, our beloved readers, from the entire PURPLEHAZE Magazine team, a huge thank you for the love you give us every day! And may all your dreams come true! Happy New Year!», – Irina Rusinovich, founder & publisher of PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE.

More information about the upcoming magazine can be found at our website

François-Xavier Antonini „25“



Photographer: François-Xavier Antonini @francoisxavier_antonini 
Stylist: Liam Derouiche @jee2ge 
Model: Theo Lobry @theolobry 
Make Up Artist: Jeanne Schneider @jeanne.schneider_mua
Hairdresser: Sergei Khegai @sergheg

Leandro Cano – @leandrocano / Weisheng – @weishengparis 

Leandro Cano – @leandrocano / Weisheng – @weishengparis 

Jaespe – / Carre Y – @carreyparis

Calher Delaeter – @calherdelaeter / Victoria Tomas – @victoriatomasofficial / Nycto – / Leandro Cano – @leandrocano

Calher Delaeter – @calherdelaeter / Victoria Tomas – @victoriatomasofficial / Nycto – / Leandro Cano – @leandrocano

Leandro Cano – @leandrocano / La mome bijou – @lamomebijou 

Leandro Cano – @leandrocano / La mome bijou – @lamomebijou; Jnrc Studio – @jnrcstudio

΄Repetitive Actions΄ Digital prints by Pavel Zeldovich

΄Repetitive Actions΄ Digital prints by Pavel Zeldovich

Opening: Friday, January 20, 2023, 8 pm
Duration: 20 – 28 January 2023
Location: HAZEGALLERY, Bülowstrasse 11, 10783 Berlin

The solo exhibition Repetitive Actions by Pavel Zeldovich opens at HAZEGALLERY in Berlin on January 20, 2023.
Pavel Zeldovich was developing this project in Moscow from 2021 until early 2022, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine forced him to leave his country and move to Berlin.

The project is a multi-genre series of digital prints and videos of urban daily life. Despite their apparent diversity, the paintings share a common theme: a set of endlessly repetitive actions. The situations depicted are not isolated moments in life, but rather parts of endlessly repeating cycles – day after day, year after year, generation after generation… Going to the grocery store, coming home from work, brushing their teeth in the morning, having a smoke on the balcony, surfing social networks on the phone – people do most of those things constantly and continuously. Repetitive Actions explores the idea of the hidden power of the „boring“ daily routine. The actions depicted in the paintings themselves are inconspicuous and trivial. But when triviality is repeated everywhere and uninterruptedly, it acquires tremendous power over our lives. Perhaps the most notable work of the project, School Class, an allusion to school group photo shoots, is, from the author’s point of view, an embodiment of this phenomena of repetitive action. Similar photographs are kept at home by almost every person on our planet. Despite changing generations of teachers and students, the strict, nearly totalitarian structure of school life remains unchanged.

There is another dimension to the project: the historical or, one might say, national. Made in Russia, Zeldovich’s works naturally reflect the urban life of Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union. But phenomena and experiences depicted in these digital prints are universal and equally understandable to European, American, and Asian people.

The works in this project are also united by the visual approach that can be observed in most of Pavel Zeldovich’s works: an ironic contrast between the external deliberate decorative effect and the ambiguous and sometimes even depressing phenomena depicted in the paintings.

The technique of the works based on 3d modeling is largely the product of Pavel Zeldovich’s long international career as an architect. He was a student and later colleague of the great Zaha Hadid, famous for introducing advanced computer-aided design techniques into architecture. By becoming an artist Pavel applies his computer skills, acquired during many years of work as an architect, in a completely new capacity.

The artistic influences which have shaped
Pavel Zeldovich as an artist reflect the path of many contemporary artists from the former Soviet Union: echoes of the legacy of Soviet Socialist Realism mixed with influences from postwar modern art in the West. In Pavel’s case, the latter includes American photorealists of the 1970s such as Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, Chuck Close, and Charles Bell. The basic principle of their work has largely shaped the Repetitive Actions project. These artists deliberately and meticulously reproduced on their canvases the „dull“ places of the American backwoods. The act of recreating a trivial place or object transformed these supposedly insignificant things into something important and majestic. Reinterpretations of Soviet Socialist Realism (largely based on the traditions of the Renaissance) can easily be found in many of the works of the Repetitive Actions project, above all in Pavel’s particular love for circular compositions-rotundas, which in many ways parody Soviet decorative stucco on monumental facades.

About the artist: Pavel Zeldovich studied architecture in Moscow and Vienna, and before turning to arts, he worked in architectural firms in Vienna, London, Moscow, and New York, most notably in the internationally famous firm Zaha Hadid Architects. Before moving to Berlin due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Pavel participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

About the gallery: HAZEGALLERY was founded in 2019 with the mission of sharing Berlin’s young contemporary art scene with the world through exhibitions, pop-up shows, and art gatherings. More information: Opening hours: Tue – Friday 11am–3pm Saturday 1–4pm Sun. Closed Mon.Closed

The eponymous label Olivia Ballard premiers its first runway show at Berlin Fashion Week on Thursday the 19th of January.

The eponymous label Olivia Ballard premiers its first runway show at Berlin Fashion Week on Thursday the 19th of January. ‘At Dusk’ - The Fall/Winter Collection will be shown in MaHalla Berlin at 20:00.

The eponymous label Olivia Ballard was establish in 2020. In the past 3 years, 27 year old Olivia Ballard has left a graceful yet strong mark within the German fashion circuit. Through her carefully selected materials she explores the ways in which the body can shape form, life and individuality to each handmade garment. Her designs symbolize a harmonization of different physicalities and identities, hereby continuously questioning both beauty standards and consumerism. While rooted within Berlin nightlife, Olivia Ballard dresses, pants, tops and swimwear have gained worldwide attention and can be found in stores around Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, and London.

Having spent the past years working and reworking the fringes of her statement materials and designs, Olivia Ballard will present her new collection ‘At Dusk’ FW23 at Berlin Fashion Week 2023. Dusk resembles an in between tension; a transition into the other or the next. As we transition from light to dark, we tend to slip into our comforting garments, or shift gears and indulge in the aesthetics of the night. It is right on the cusp of these pillars of life where Olivia Ballard will create and collaborate. ‘At Dusk’ plays with these intersections and imagines clothing which blend the barrier.

The event will be held in MaHalla’s Black Hall. This striking building placed in the midst of a historical industrial area in Schöneweide embodies the dusky tension between an intimate display of creativity and a sensation of magnitude and accessibility for all.

Saint Precious, an up and coming contemporary soul artist who works within the realm of electronic music, will open the show. Immersed in a soundscape composed by Dawud of Psssh Records, models will circle around the 76-meter stage affording guests an intimate view of the collection. Filip Setmanuk, a Berlin-based CGI Artist who uses video-games engines to create virtual worlds, will scan the models and digitally rendered the show. The artificial 3D landscape will be released and navigated in February 2023. ‘At Dusk’ will last approximatley 45 minutes followed by a private afterparty in the lower labyrinth of MaHalla for VIP guests.

Start show: 20:00
Doors open at 19:00
Afterparty: 21:00 till late
MaHalla Berlin: Wilhelminenhofstraße 76, 12459 Berlin
Public transport: Direction S Bahn Schöneweide, tram: Rathenaustr./HTW
Use the code OLIVIAxMILES for a credit of €20 for new MILES customers

The show is part of the new format BERLIN CONTEMPORARY and is supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises in cooperation with the Fashion Council Germany.

Olivia Ballard has been selected by Fashion Council Germany to showcase her latest work, thereby participating in their quest for a visionary, technological and sustainable future of the global fashion industry.

Berlin Fashion Week – An International stage for fashion and design. Since 2007, Berlin Fashion Week has been one of the most important fashion weeks in Europe. Numerous high-caliber runway shows, installations, trade fairs, conferences/panels, exhibitions and side events for trade visitors and also fashion-conscious consumers are making the German capital a trend-setting hotspot for the national and international creative scene and to underline the city’s cross-disciplinary significance as the European Capital of Creative Industries. One of the core themes of Berlin Fashion Week is the consistent promotion of national design excellence and up-and-coming newcomer brands. The focus is on sustainability, inclusion and innovation, implemented through exceptional fashion in design, production and presentation.

For press related inquires please contact:

For information regarding sales:

and for all other inquires:

#opencall Exhibition Opportunities

#opencall Exhibition Opportunities

HAZEGALLERY BERLIN wishes all creative people a Happy New Year and offers 20 % discounts on entry fees in all our OPEN CALLS 2023 until 29 January inclusive!

09.02.- 18.02.23 / Hidden Flames / Nude Art
23.02.-04.03.23 /Andy Warhol in Me / Pop Up Art
08.03.- 18.03.23 / Triumph of the Women / Art by Women
23.03- 02.03.23 / HAZE BAZAAR 002 Spring Ed. / Fashion & Art Fair
25.05. – 03.06.23 / Wild Souls / Animal Art
22.06. – 02.07.23 / HAZE BAZAAR 003 Summer Ed / Fashion & Art FAIR

Participation with New Year discount:

ORIGINALS 1-5 works =64 Euro  (instead of 80 EURO ) + VAT

ORIGINALS 6-10 works = 128 Euro  (instead of 160) + VAT
Works up to 100x100cm are accepted, participation of several authors, art groups, art studios is allowed;

For participants from other cities:
Delivery and packaging of originals in both directions to gallery (Berlin GER)  and back at the expense and responsibility of the Artist.

For artists:
– Participation in the exhibition, entry Fee 80 – 135 Euro (20 % discount until 29 January ’23)
– Installation/Dismantling
– E-newsletter and Social Media promotion (21,000+ gallery&magazine subscribers)
– Gallery designed e-invites for artist distribution
– Opening reception
– Press-release and promotion
– Details of the exhibition on our website
– Pricing advice and sales support
–  Curatorial advice
– Wall-mounted artist statement and artwork listing
– Post about each participant in the social networks of the organizer;
– Commission of the gallery for the sale of works – 30%

Works are accepted in any genre, in any technique and media, graphics, watercolours, sketches, photos, Collages, a canvas on a cardboard.

APPLICATIONS are accepted by email with a subject of the exhibition you are interested in.

1) Send your info:
Bio, CV, City, links to social networks + a short text of intend.
2) Send photos of your artwork, sign each one in the file name before you send it:
Title size materials cost.jpg
(Title 70×50 cm oil on canvas 700 EURO .jpg)
3) Payment of the entry fee is due once your application is approved; the number of places/walls is limited!


Any questions:
+49 (0) 1746127171

Viola Patzig „flowers of ordinary“


flowers of ordinary

photography: Viola Patzig @violapatzig
model: Dadi Poulain @dadipoulain, Jens Schabbach @skinny.wizzard
design & styling: Adrian Stoica @adria_tica
label: des FILLES désir @desfillesdesir
makeup & hair: Tamisha Bahr @tamishabahr
location: Studio Batterie @studiobatterie