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Marcos Rodríguez Velo „do you feel?“



Photographer: Marcos Rodríguez Velo @marcos_rodriguezvel
Stylist: Kristina Okan @kristina_okan
Models: Malte @malteladula and Luise @luisebtk
Designer: Aurelia Paumelle @aureliapaumelle

Malte: – Shirt: Scotch & Soda; – Trousers: Jack & Jones; – Shoes: Levi’s;
Luise: – Shirt: Object; – Skirt: Object; – Shoes: Vagabond;

Luise: – Shirt: Filippa K; – Hat: Paris+Hendzel;
Malte: – Suit: Filippa K;  Luise: – Suit: Filippa K;

Malte: – Shirt: Scotch & Soda; – Trousers: Jack & Jones; – Shoes: Levi’s;
Luise: – Shirt: Object; – Skirt: Object; – Shoes: Vagabond;
Malte: – Coat: Aurelia Paumelle; – Trousers: Scotch & Soda;
Luise: – Coat: Max Mara; – Shirt: Filippa K; – Trousers: Uniqlo;
Malte: – Shirt: Scotch & Soda; – Trousers: Scotch & Soda;
Luise: – Shirt: Filippa K; – Trousers: Uniqlo; – Hat: Paris+Hendzel;
Luise: – Shirt: Filippa K;

Léonie Lohmann „Contrasts of my life“



PHOTOGRAPHER Léonie Lohmann @leonielomann
MODEL Bianaca Metzner @_livefastLovehard_dieyoung_
ART DIRECTOR Lony Rell @lonyrell_makeup
MAKE UP ARTIST Lony Rell @lonyrell_makeup
FASHION DESIGNER Yevzheniia @yevzheniia

Headpiece: RellDesign; Dress: Ayanapa
skirt: Yevzheniia; Dress: Holscher; Jacket an Headpiece: Tullo

Dress: Zara; Headice: Yevzheniia
Shirt: ByClara´s; Skirt: Yevzheniia

Dress: Zara
Headice: Yevzheniia

Headice: Yevzheniia; Shoes: Aigle; Dress: Latima America
Body: EnVogue; Skirt: bar III; Headice: Yevzheniia

Dress: Zara
Headice: Yevzheniia

Diliusa Gimadeeva „Russian Doll“



Photo: Diliusa Gimadeeva
Model: Tayler Holcomb @dividemgmt  @taylerholcomb
Style: Anna Bobriakova @weanet
Ekaterina Eizler @eizler
Makeup: Alexander Nikitin @hellernichek

Dress Outrageous Mermaid
Tights Ann Demeulemeester; Gloves Manokhi

Jacket Givenchy; Belt SIN
Shorts Agent Provocateur; Shoes Vintage

Jacket Prada

Jacket Prada; Belt SIN
Shoes Katy Perry; Gloves Manokhi

Dress Outrageous Mermaid; Tights Ann Demeulemeester
Gloves Manokhi; Jacket Prada; Gloves Manokhi

Dress BCBG Maxazria; Belt SIN; Shoes Vintage;
Jacket Prada; Shoes Villager

THIS IS THE FUTURE: Russian Designer «Red September» tells us about her first ever virtual show. Exclusive backstage reportage included


I r i n a  R u s i n o v i c h

THIS IS THE FUTURE: Russian Designer «Red September» tells us about her first ever virtual show. Exclusive backstage reportage included

How did you feel about showing your collection at first ever virtual fashion week, MBFW RUSSIA in April?

– Honestly, I overslept the time of my digital presentation. Phone calls woke me up right after it ended. I was really surprised how many people watched the live broadcast of the video presentations and how many international magazines supported this idea. Thank you so much. Of course, digital presentation is a very progressive, economical, and environmentally friendly way of presenting the new season. But it is completely devoid of the emotional component. A live show is always an energy exchange with the audience, with people who come to support the brand. This is a huge preparation, which is ongoing 24/7. This is work with models, most of which you already know well and almost certainly one of them will again be taken to the police 2 hours before the show. This is one evening which for all who participate in it becomes a very big adventure.

Did the result match your expectations?
– If we do not screw it up – that is already a lot. In fact, we did not know what to expect. No one understood what we were getting into and where it would all lead to. A completely new format, technical issues, limited time for preparation – we were worried about every possible occasion. In our case when you expect nothing but get everything.

Do you believe in Unisex/ Genderless fashion?
– We live in the 21st century, this trend has long ceased to be new. This trend has long existed and has become the norm rather than something surprising. Transgender models participate in the brand’s shows, male models wear women’s clothes and vice versa. There is no shocking or attempt to attract too much attention. It just gives a certain freedom of choice and erases the boundaries. Masculinity or femininity of clothing is given not by the inscription on the tag, but by the person’s self-perception.

What was the starting point for the latest collection?
– At the very beginning, even before the idea of the collection was born, I studied a lot of literature about the universe. And accidentally stumbled upon a story, which was based on a very non-classical concept. Its essence was that souls live on another planet (a kind of paradise) and accumulate negative energy over the course of life. To get rid of this negative energy, souls come in human form to the earth (a kind of purgatory) and live an earthly life in compliance with certain rules. If during the course of life these rules are violated, then life begins again, but in even more difficult conditions, which must be overcome without breaking the rules. Only after this the soul can return back. This whole story is very deep and detailed. But the concept that the earth is a kind of purgatory for souls who came here so interested me that it became the starting point of my story.

Do you think keeping clothes accessible is a challenge?
– To introduce the principles of slow fashion and conscious consumption is a challenge. Being a young brand, we try to reduce any margins as much as possible, but we always remember that behind the production of each garment there are lots of people and their hard work must be paid accordingly. Ethics is important for us at all stages of work, so we always work with companies that care about the environment, experiment with recycled materials and this also affects the cost of the high quality fabrics and raw materials that we purchase from them.

Your message to your fellow artists / designers who are stuck on quarantine?
– Do not waste your time. Those who have adapted now will go forward faster.

Instagram RED SEPTEMBER @redseptemberofficial

Anne Z. Chen „Shopaholic in Fast Fashion“


Shopaholic in Fast Fashion

Photographer: Anne Z. Chen @annezchen/
Styling: Yian Lee @iam1anli
Makeup: Takamasa Nakamoto @go_ny_go_ny
Hair: Yukie Yamasaki @yukikie
Model: Coca Huang @cccoccca @lsimgmt_official

Light Blue Coat (left): Zara
Blazer (on Model): SALISA @salisa_official
Orange Blazer: Acne Studio @acnestudios


(On model) Bodysuit, Knit bra, Crop top: Zara
Pants: Uniqlo (On hand)
Dress:ELMADAWY NEW YORK @elmadawynewyork

Dress: ALINA CERNATESCU @alinacernatescu
Jumpsuit: MONOSUIT @monosuit

Dress: ALINA CERNATESCU @alinacernatescu
Jumpsuit: MONOSUIT @monosuit
(On model) Top: Zara; Dress:Zara