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Hugo Marongiu | TAINTED OIL



Photographer : Valerie Archeno – @valeriearcheno
AD/Fashion : Hugo Marongiu – @artistic.hugo
Make up : Camille Lutz – @Camillelutzmakeup
Models : Zoe Dupeyre – @zoedbarz
Gabriele Silvia – @silvia_gabri_gs

Her Patoe   Him  Ruohan  Shoes  Lana Volkov

Total look Moon Young Hee Sunglasses Prada

Suit  Agnès B

Dress  Patou Jewels  Agnès B

 Her AZ FACTORY  Him Coat Alter Pants Sandro GlassesVersace

Her Sandro  Him Agnès B

Yulia Garkushina | REBELLIOUS FLOWER



Photographer Yulia Garkushina @djanuli

Stylist Kseniia Vorotnikova @k_vorotnikova

Make up Liza Radugina @raduginaliza

Hair Lina Avaeva @liangina_mua

Model Anastasia Mosyakina @vestram 
Agency Lilas Model Management @lilasmodel

Set design @anyblossom.msk

skirt Postpast @postpast____   shirt Orrez @orrez_store   kerchief Olaola @olaola_store    shoes Vitaccig

dress Orrez @orrez_store gloves Ónoma @onoma_cloth tights Calzedonia shoes Public desire earrings Zara

skirt Postpast @postpast____   shirt Orrez @orrez_store   kerchief Olaola @olaola_store    shoes Vitaccig

dress Orrez @orrez_store gloves Ónoma @onoma_cloth tights Calzedonia shoes Public desire earrings Zara

dress Ónoma @onoma.clth  leggings OlaOla @olaola_store shoes Betsy @betsy_shoes earings H&M

top Love Republic shorts OlaOla @olaola_store shoes Vitacci gloves Ónoma ring (stylist’s own)

dress Ónoma @onoma.clth  leggings OlaOla @olaola_store shoes Betsy @betsy_shoes earings H&M

Masamichi Hirose | He has more sins than seven sins.



Photographer Samichi Hirose @masamicccchi
Stylist Haruka Minei @1994hrk
Make up artist Irie Okamoto @irie_okamoto
Hair Tomomi Tokuda @tomomitokuda
Model  Isana @isana0723

Total look Stylist Own   

Tops and Skirt noir etoffe Skirt Lisa Suganuma tops, balaclava, globe stylistʼs own


Jacket, KnitNATSUKA NOGUCH pants,socks, shoes/stylistʼs own

TopsAiWatanabe         pants,inner,globe/stylistʼsown

 Total look All stylistʼs own

Saskia Schäfer | Iridescent Divinity



Photographer Saskia Schäfer
Assistants Pelan Alkas and Charlotte Feldkamp  @pelan.alkas @charlottefdk
Stylist Sejne Dvorkina @sof_dvorrkina
Make up artist & Hair Larissa van Riesen @larissa.hmua
Model Magatte Diop / Modelwerk  @magattediop_
Set Design Freddie Brehm   @areyoureadyfreddie_

 Total look @merrfer_the brand

 Total look @merrfer_the brand

 Total look @merrfer_the brand

 Total look @merrfer_the brand

 Total look @merrfer_the brand

 Total look @merrfer_the brand


current open calls

Open call Opportunities for 3D Exhibitions 

29.06 – 15.07«Monochrome Passion»Black and White Photography 3D Collective Exhibition 

Deadline 15.June 

27.07 – 12.08 «Festival Of Life»Still life Collective  3D Exhibition  

Deadline 09.July 

03.08 – 17.08 „Sartorial Lens: A Contemporary Homage to Fashion Photography Icons“ 

Deadline 22.July 

For the PRINT or/and DIGITAL feature opportunity at PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE 009  click here 

For participants from other cities:

Delivery and packaging of originals in both directions to the gallery (Berlin GER)  and back at the expense and responsibility of the Artist.

For artists:

– Participation in the exhibition, organizational Fee of 60 – 135 Euro depending on wanted options and exhibition type. 

– Installation/Dismantling by the gallery (except HAZE BAZAAR Fair)

– E-newsletter and Social Media promotion (21,000+ gallery&magazine subscribers)

– Gallery-designed e-invites for artist distribution

– Opening and Closing  Reception

– Photo Reportage of the event 

– Press release and promotion via press partners 

– Details of the exhibition on our website

– Pricing advice and sales support

– Curatorial advice

– Wall-mounted artist statement and artwork listing

– Post about each participant in the social networks of the organizer; (optional)

– Commission of the gallery for the sale of works – 30% for in-person and 25%  for 3D exhibitions. 

Works are accepted in any genre, in any technique and media,

graphics, watercolors, sketches, photos, collages, and canvas.

APPLICATIONS are accepted by emailing with the subject of the exhibition you are interested in.

1) Send your info:

Bio, CV, City, links to social networks + a short text of intent.

2) Send photos of your artwork, and sign each one in the file name before you send it:

Title size materials cost.jpg

(Title 70×50 cm oil on canvas 700 EURO .jpg)

3) Payment of the entry fee is due once your application is approved; the number of places/walls is limited!

Any questions:

+49 (0) 1746127171

Broemaand “WATCH ME RISE”



Photographer Broemaand @broemaand
Stylist Josephine Herfst @j.herfst
Make up artist & Hair Shakira @shakira_mua
Model Hugo @hugovanboven @innocencemodelagancy 
Studio @studioletterie

LOOK 1 Hat Marianne Jongkind @mariannejongkind Mesh top Object & Dawn @objectanddawn Leather pants Tim Couwenberg @tii______________ Shoes Filling Pieces @fillingpieces LOOK 2 Hat Marianne Jongkind @mariannejongkind Rings The pool jewelry @thepooljewelry

LOOK 1 Boots stylist archive Leather pants Afura @afurastore Crop tops Paulina Meyle @paulinameyle Chain necklace The pool jewelry @thepooljewelry LOOK 2 Chain necklace The pool jewelry @thepooljewelry

Look 1 Green hat Marianne Jongkind @mariannejongkind Rings The pool jewelry @thepooljewelry Look 2 Hat Marianne Jongkind @mariannejongkind Mesh top Object & Dawn @objectanddawn Leather pants Tim Couwenberg @tii______________

Look 1 grey skirt Vanderwilt-Amsterdam @vanderwiltamsterdam Necklace The pool jewelry @thepooljewelry Boots stylist archive Look 2 black hat Marianne Jongkind @mariannejongkind grey skirt Vanderwilt-Amsterdam @vanderwiltamsterdam Boots stylist archive

Green hat Marianne Jongkind @mariannejongkind Rings The pool jewelry @thepooljewelry

Interview with Vadim Vasilis


Vadim Vasilis  /photo , Issa Tall /   text,  Irina Rusinovich

Interview with the Paris-based model Vadim Vasilis
What does it take to be a model today? How does one get there, how does one keep fit and stay inspired? We have talked to Vadim Vasilis, a French-Greek model in Paris, about what drives him, and what he is working on at the moment
What made you want to become a model?

I came back from Bulgaria where I was doing a training course before the soccer season, in full questioning and psychological fatigue, I returned to Greece, where I realized that I had reached my limits concerning my career in soccer.

When I came back, I told myself that I was going to refocus on my goals, and it was at that moment, during a party in Greece, that a lady asked me if I was interested in fashion and I confess that I had never thought about it before. From then on, my view on what I wanted to do with my life changed, I said to myself why not, I wanted to change my life, I was no longer happy in what I was doing in the past, I was tired and worn out of this life while another one opened its arms to me.

Vadim Vasilis, photo Fabien Caudy

Being an international model, how has your life changed? 

I’m just starting out, whether it’s international or not, I for one haven’t seen or experienced anything, I still have everything to prove, but regardless you have to give it your best shot.

I suppose that the international would make me spend more time in transport and that I would have to work more on my dark circles with the jet lag.

No more jokes, the international induces the knowledge of the habits and customs of the different countries I will travel to in order to adapt myself, but always in the spirit of staying true to who I am.


You are from Greece, what are your 3 favorite places in your country and why?

My mountain in the Peloponese, a dry, arid place in the middle of nowhere, without any comfort. I lived there for part of my childhood with my grandparents. It is an isolated, rustic place with a mystical atmosphere, it is where everything started for me, I was marked by this period of my life and it is the basis of what I embody today.

 The various creeks near the family village in the Argolid I learned to swim, to fish following the example of my father who fished octopus, various fish and shellfish with his harpoon. In the evening, we would stay by the sea in a „caliva“, a small wooden hut that a close friend of my father had, where we would grill our catch of the day while watching the sun set.

The family village in Greece had this summer atmosphere, where we ate meals together, where I was constantly invited to eat everywhere, an active lifestyle, from getting up in the morning where I liked to go with my uncles, to the goats and sheep in the mountains, to our time spent at the beach. Soccer games would be set up when the temperature started to drop, then going home, showering outside with the hose, and finally going for a walk in the evening.

Vadim Vasilis, photo Issa Tall

How do you maintain your physique?

Sport and a healthy lifestyle!  I mainly do cardio to lengthen the muscles and draw on stored fat, I supplement a little with muscle strengthening.

My background in sports allows me to know what I need to work on. But for the time being, I do a lot less weight training than before, the goal is to be slim but not thick, so for that I exercise with much lighter weights. And I do long sets.

What brand would you like to work with in the future?

Very interesting question! There are a lot of artists I would like to work with:

Marine Serre for her esoteric and mystical touch

Balenciaga for the underground side

Jean-Paul Gaultier because he manages to make harmonious what is scattered.

But many others, Vivienne Westwood, undercover, Ambush, in fact I have so many brands that correspond to my way of being and my universe, even young designers that many ignore for the moment, but who are so talented.

We all have our difficulties to accomplish our goals, what are yours?

My impatience above all.

I admit that I am a difficult character to understand, I am my true and proper enemy, but also my true and proper brother. Everything is paradoxical about me.

I am a character who is always thinking, intense, and complicated to temper, my sensitivity often has the upper hand on me, but I will manage to tame it.

Vadim Vasilis, photo Raphael de l´Orme

Can you tell us the funniest or most interesting anecdote that happened to you since you became a model ?

That’s not a simple question, because there is really a lot of intensity in this business, so much movement, everything is ephemeral except, of course, some of the encounters you can make, but unfortunately I don’t have anything else that comes to mind right now.

You have a lot of tattoos, tell us about your three favorites.

I do have a lot of tattoos, all of them have their meaning, but it’s my secret garden 😉

I remain very mysterious and modest about some things concerning me, I reveal myself with time to people who inspire me, I trust my intuition, however my body is a rebus, when you know a little my life, my essence, you can try to play with what you see, but I remain intimate.

Is it an obstacle to have so many tattoos on your body as a model?

Yes and no, it depends on the artistic direction, the designer, the work required. It can be a brake as the opposite, but it is the game, after that it depends also on what you give off as energy, it is a whole. But you need something for everyone, you just have to be subtle.

What is your work rhythm at the moment?

Intense, at the very moment I’m writing this interview, I’m on various things at the same time, it’s not easy, you have to be organized and of course very well accompanied and I thank Nadine Dinter who takes care of my image today, who is there for me, who helps me, supports me, gives me a lot of advice, I thank life for having put Nadine on my way, it’s an encounter from elsewhere and I think we will be brought to collaborate for a long time on several projects.

             Vadim for @stephanethakid Paris 2022                                                                                                                           Paris 2022Vadim for @gillesasq, Paris 2022

How do you relax?

It is difficult for a hyperactive person like me to relax…

I’m always thinking about different things, I always have ideas in my head, I’m full of desire and energy, to go ahead, to work, to do sports, to discover, so to relax is not an easy task, even when I take a break I feel like I’m wasting my time.

But I will have time to relax when I have accomplished what I have to accomplish…

For the moment I am in full work, no time to sleep.

What are your current/upcoming projects?

I have a lot of projects going on: magazines, advertising campaigns, fashion week to prepare. It’s an environment where you have to be reactive at the moment…

The universe is vast, it’s up to me to make the right choices and to be receptive and attentive to the signs of life.

Follow Vadim on IG at @vadimvasilis

Andrea Varlaro „SAUDADE“



Photographer Andrea Varlaro @andreavarlaro
Photographer Assistant Diana Matalucci @dianamatalucci
Stylist Giuseppe Troncone @gggiuseppeee__________
Stylist Assistant Mariachiara Civitella @mariachiara_civitella
Make up artist & Hair Carla Martino @skarlatta_makeup_and_hair
Model Iris Natale @irisnatale @bravemodels
Production Palazzo Studio

Total look Carolina Popa @carolina.apop; Coat Aenema  

Dress Giulia De Santis @gl.dsn; Total look Carolina Popa @carolina.apop

Total look Stylist Archive

Dress Giulia De Santis @gl.dsn

 Total look Carolina Popa @carolina.apop; Dress Giulia De Santis @gl.dsn

Top Stylist archive Slip bikini Josàn @josan_official

Taya Jevtic „IN THE SHADOWS“



Art direction & photography: Taya Jevtic @tayajevtic
Creative director and Fashion stylist: Miguel Maldonado @miguelmaldonadostylist
Make-up and hair: Rafa Delgado
Model: Dana Herfurth @danaherfurth

Jacket and skirt-FADE OUT Label @fadeoutlabelwww.fadeoutlabel.comBlouse-Manakaa Project @manakaa_projectwww.manakaaproject.comHigh heels–H&M @hm

Trench coat–FADE OUT Label@fadeoutlabelwww.fadeoutlabel.comBlouse-Manakaa Project @manakaa; Trench coat–VERO MODA @veromodaBlouse-Jihun Ko @i_dnttSkirt–FADE OUT Label@fadeoutlabel

Blouse-VERO MODA @veromodaMesh jacket-FADE OUT Label@fadeoutlabelwww.fadeoutlabel.comSkirt and chaps-Jihun Ko @i_dnttHigh heels-H&M @hm

Jumpsuit – FADE OUT Label @fadeoutlabel Blouse – Manakaa Project @manakaa_project; Jeans – FADE OUT Label @fadeoutlabel Blazer – ONLY @only_official

Dress – Manakaa Project @manakaa_project Gloves – Jihun Ko @i_dntt

Suit – JJXX @jjxx_official High heels – H&M @hm

Rossella Damiani „Catharsis“



Photographer: Rossella Damiani @rosselladmn 
Styling and Creative Direction: Mrunmayee Kothawade @curlycreates_ 
Talents: Bea Sloss @bea.sloss, Ke Qing @killsyougently from @elitemodelworld
Makeup Artists: Sophia Pascale @sophia_pascale, Bea Sloss @bea.sloss
Hair Stylist: Kostruk @kostrukhair 
Styling Assistant: Shreya Gandhi @shreyagandhi731
Jewelry designer: Carolina Haraki @carolinaharaki

Designer: Clementine @baldoclementine Shoes: Clementine @baldoclementine

Designer: Clementine @baldoclementine Shoes: Clementine @baldoclementine; Designer: Clementine @baldoclementine Flower Accessories: Carolina Haraki @carolinaharaki

Designer: Clementine @baldoclementine Shoes: Clementine @baldoclementine; Designer: Clementine @baldoclementine Flower Accessories: Carolina Haraki @carolinaharaki

Knitted Jacket: Min-Ji @ohhelloderee Pleated Skirt: Stylist’s own Rings: Xiangzhi Zhao @xiangzhi_design Neckpiece: Stylist’s own

Designer: Clementine @baldoclementine Flower Accessories: Carolina Haraki @carolinaharaki

Knitted Jacket: Min-Ji @ohhelloderee Pleated Skirt: Stylist’s own Rings: Xiangzhi Zhao @xiangzhi_design Neckpiece: Stylist’s own