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A new solo exhibition by Victoria Rosenman “Don’t kill me” opens August 20 Th at Haze Gallery

A new solo exhibition by Victoria Rosenman “Don’t kill me” opens August 20 Th at Haze Gallery

The artist explores the space of an inner dialogue seeking connections between her present self and the child she used to be. Continuing her famous series “Vom Vernichten einer Muse” (Destruction of A Muse), Victoria Rosenman exposes the very condition of “deliberate uncertainty” that comes naturally to being a muse, releasing creative energy from it.

12 photo-based works by Victoria Rosenman will be on display until September 06/2020

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Martin Schoeller: Exhibition from June 20 at CAMERA WORK gallery

Martin Schoeller: Exhibition from June 20 at CAMERA WORK gallery

CAMERA WORK gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Martin Schoeller’s work from June 20 through August 29, 2020. The exhibition presents a selection of new portraits from Martin Schoeller’s legendary »Close Up« series for the first time worldwide. The selection includes famous international personalities such as Metallica, Michael Douglas, Toni Garrn, Anne Hathaway, Kobe Bryant, George Clooney, and Michael Jordan in a unique and incomparable visual language. A comprehensive photobook entitled »Works« was published by Steidl this year.

Martin Schoeller levels people from various backgrounds on the same platform, inviting comparison in a democratizing approach to portraiture that depicts famous subjects such as Robert  De  Niro  or Christopher Walken with the  same technical  treatment.  Schoeller started his »Close Up« series over 22 years ago. The exhibition showcases works created since 2005, when CAMERA WORK hosted his first »Close Up« exhibition. In this series the German artist photographs each of his subjects‘ faces with the same camera angle, lens, and lighting. The expressions are consistently neutral, serious yet relaxed, in an attempt to tease out people’s differences and capture moments »that feel intimate, unposed.« Just like in a trusting relationship, the portrayed individuals accept the photographer’s rules, which have lent to his unique style that became a trademark around the world. These rules, for example, include the minimal utilization of make-up as well as doing without beauty or skin touch-up in post-production. The result is a more vulnerable, mask-less form of expression, enabling an easier study of faces and personalities.

Martin Schoeller

Born in Munich in 1968, Martin Schoeller is one of the most renowned and preeminent contemporary portrait photographers. After studying photography in Berlin at the prestigious Lette-Verein and in Hamburg, he assisted as Annie Leibovitz in New York for four years before starting to focus exclusively on his own photography in 1996. Martin Schoeller is a regular contributor to acclaimed publications and, like Richard Avedon before him, served as a contract editorial photographer for »The New Yorker«. His first book »Close Up« (teNeues) was published in 2005, followed by several fine art books that showcase other facets of Schoeller’s work. Editions of his photography are sought-after in the fine art market and are exhibited in museums and art institutions around the world. The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam hosted a retrospective in 2018 and NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf is presenting a retrospective until September 2020.

Exhibition from June 20 through August 29, 2020 Telephone interviews with Martin Schoeller on request

CAMERA WORK · Kantstrasse 149 · 10623 Berlin · Germany Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday · 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. · Free admission

 @cameraworkgallery   @cameraworkberlin · #cameraworkgallery

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ART & FASHION is a new exhibition at Hazegallery

ART & FASHION is a new exhibition at Hazegallery

ART & FASHION is a new exhibition at Hazegallery which takes place from May 15th to 28th, with a opening on 14th of May, 7 pm.

Curated by Purplehaze Editor-in-Chief Irina Rusinovich @irinarusinovich, the show focuses on fashion photography as a medium which transforms fashion into a tangible art object. Since Purplehaze Magazine @purplehazemagazine is devoted to both fashion and art, Haze Gallery follows this synergy concept as a sequel to the publication.⠀

To coincide with the reopening of the BERLIN gallery with a new exhibition a 3D online viewing room, will launch on May 14, 2020. Art & Fashion features works by 10 visual artists from different parts of Europe in anticipation of the summer show season.⠀

Georgy IL [Russia]
Alina Gross @alina.gross [Germany]
Katya Derksen @xkxtya [Great Britain]
Marta Braggio @martabraggio [Italy]
Taja Spasskova @tajaspasskova [Czech Republik ]
Noortje Stortelder @noortje_stotelder [Netherlands]
Anthony Authie @zyvastudio [France]
Tatjana Yeryomenko @ta_nu_chic [Russia]
Adam Siwek @adam_siwek [Poland]
Letu Salvi @letusalvi [Germany]

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Photo Credit “RED” Noortje Stortelder, @noortje_stortelder



Day 2 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, for the first time ever taking place totally online, has finished. On April 5, many brands showcased their collections as video presentations at AIZEL.RU, including MIETSA, AMPLITUDA, N.LEGENDA, NASTYA NEKRASOVA, Mineral Weather, SEMILETOVA, DOKUCHAEVA, DIANA ARNO, WHO I AM, RomaUvarovDesign, ÓNOMA:, MADFRENZY, Olya Kosterina, T3CM, RUBAN, Novaya, and IGOR GULYAEV. Ceremony, LEATHER LIKE WOOD, SERAYA, and TSUGI presented their new lookbooks.

The ÓNOMA: brand, started by Sandra Gutsati and Inna Bodrova in 2017, specializes in embroidery and appliqués that transform dresses into moving pictures. Their new collection was presented in the form of a videoconference between the designers and the models, all stuck at home because of the quarantine. The designers make all their embroideries themselves, presenting the audience unique complete works that can’t be repeated.

In fact, the collection itself was titled Self-isolation. “This is a good time to start feeling things – keener and deeper. This is time for intuition and harmonization, for purification and accumulation. This the time to feel unity through the unity of the position all of us are in. We are there alone – and yet we’re together, bound with hundreds of invisible threads, connecting us through walls and distances. We’re together” tell the designers of their new creation. Embroideries on the dresses show images of people that used to surround us and that are far away now.




Sisters Alisa and Julia Ruban founded the RUBAN brand in 2010. Several iconic awards confirmed their success and made them assured they’d chosen a correct direction for their designer duo development. Fine work with delicate fabrics, mostly natural ones, combinations   of complex textures, layering and transformability are the distinguishing features of the brand.

RUBAN brand continues the story of the Fall/Winter collection 2020-2021, but this time online, complementing the story with a lookbook and a QR code system. The designers focused on self-cognition. This is how they ended up with a brand-specific collection, following the spirit of intellectual minimalism with its fundamentally new content.

Sheepskin jackets, long dresses of thick black velvet and coats of terracotta and brown made up a fascinating assortment of tender, yet very solid garments, inspired by the drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cajal, a Spanish scientist, one of the founders of neurobiology. His drawing style became the starting point for the key pattern of the duo’s collection and the art features within the design. Light marine tones were also seen on the bright striped shirts, while the dresses showed off intricate diagrams of Cajal’s graphs and schematics.




As designer Dmitry Klyuchevsky himself states in his video presentation, he decided to model his own collection himself. The new T3CM collection is dedicated to the story of the collapse of Rana Plaza building. “I photographed several labels in the nearest supermarket, chose the ones transmitting globalization issues and used them to make appliqués and prints,” said the brand designer Dmitry Klyuchevsky. The collection is a public statement about the negative side of globalization.

This new offering by the artistic Kyuchevsky is composed of artistic outerwear (all painted with abstract art or graphic prints made up from cut-up corporate logos), and was fully filmed at the designer’s own home. Oversized coats and sweatshirts, cut-up suits, trench coats and sweaters, and Rana Plaza logos showed us a conceptual yet modern streetwear critique of corporatism and globalization.




The WHO I AM project, started in 2013 by Jacob Yakubov is a multifunctional art project that comprises an art space, a jewelry and fashion brand and a production facility. The WHO I AM manifesto proclaims ethical, slow fashion and conscious consumption first and foremost, with a focus on individualism, minimalism and classic silhouettes.

The brand presents its fully handmade collection in the oldest Moscow-based concept store, LEFORM. Titled BALANCE, the collection included men’s and women’s woolen suits, long sleeves, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, trousers, as well as every day and evening gowns. A wide range of outerwear is available: down jackets, raincoats, bomber jackets, and overcoats. The designers also offered several interpretations of the classic white shirt. Particular attention was paid to sport-style pieces: hoodies, sweatshirts, and trousers for comfortable flights, sport activities, and meditation. The authentic WHO I AM spirit is still present in the collection, but the designers have abandoned the extremely precise and sophisticated designs in favor of comfort and variety. Their garments have become more affordable, while the quality of materials is as high as before.




Anastasia Dokuchaeva’s brainchild, first started in 2017, made its return to the runway after becoming one of the most recognized Russian fashion brands. Dokuchaeva’s entire modus operandi is “out with the old, in with the new”, freedom from cultural, gendered and societal restraints.

Her new creation is BASE – a mix & match assortment of looks for any occasion. The BASE collection is just that – a base for one’s wardrobe, that one can swap and combine as one wishes. Faux-leather coats accessorized with masks, light summery trenches and robes, free-fitting shirts of white linen – this is a set for the free and easygoing, who love to accessorize and feel comfortable in their own skin.




Let us remind you that virtual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is taking place on April 4 to 6. Live streams can be followed from anywhere in the world at AIZEL.RU и MEGOGO.NET.

DJ GROOVE is responsible for the musical accompaniment of digital #MBFWRussia.




Being selected as a PURPLEHAZE Photographer puts you in the spotlight of the international contemporary photography world. It marks you as an emerging artist with great promise and gives you the means to jumpstart your career.



PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE positions twice a year a group of emerging and mid-career photographers in the spotlight on the world stage via THEME based OPEN CALLS. Our next OPEN CALL theme is ART & TECHNOLOGY

PURPLEHAZE isa  multimedia platform dedicated to exposing the world to today’s most inspiring artists and photographers. By creating space not only in the digital world but also in physical (HAZEGALLERY) we act as a bridge for collaboration and communication between artsits, their audience and collectors.


What winners receive

  1.  – 500-  EURO HAZE GRAND, exhibition participation, custom designed 5 editorial spread in both print and digital versions of the magazine that will include your artist bio, website and images. Solo 3 D online Exhibition + E catalogue.
    2.Participation in a group exhibition, editorial spread in both print and digital versions of the magazine. Published in September 2020.
    3.Editorial spreads in the print & digital versions of the magazine.


PH  Magazine is an Berlin based project with a  bi -annual large format print publication with curated collection of fashion & art editorials and stories behind artists and their works . In October 2019 , to extend artists representation possibilities, the magazine founded an offline photo gallery in Berlin, promoting young and mid-career artists working in photographic medium. By scouting, curating  following and presenting young, talented photographers and their work, PURPLEHAZE & HAZE gallery team aims to discover and stimulate exceptional quality of upcoming artists working with the photographic medium.

How to enter

Artists from any country 18 and older are welcome to apply with works in photographic and digital medium.


Submission deadline
15 July 2020
Shortlist announcement
July 2020

Submission Requirements

Requirements for an Art or Fashion Editorials

In order to avoid lookbooks and advertorals please take a note of the following information:

1.Minimum: 5 different looks ( multiple brands )
2.Team and wardrobe credits in.doc format
3.Please include your, your team members, and the designers social medea accounts in the credits so we can tag them when we share the images online
4.We copy and paste from your file so, please check all the names for accuracy.
5.Behind the scene photo/video/fashion film is a plus

We are waiting for your submissions



More than half a million unique users watched Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia online shows and TikTok lectures on the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. On average, 30,000 people watched each video presentation from Moscow, while at peak times the number of simultaneous connections exceeded 50,000. The technical team was forced to restart the servers several times – the amount of connections exceeded the calculated digits more than twice. Moscow streams of young and famous designers are covered by media from Russia, Italy, the United Kingdom, the USA, India and other countries.

is a Russian experimental jersey brand founded in 2018 by Vyacheslav Abdenov and Vlad Ivanov. The name refers to the knitting term Slip, standing in English for transferring a stitch from one knitting needle to another.

SL1P brings together the traditions of jersey art, original designs, and contemporary art. Instead of creating the usual seasonal collections, the brand team makes small capsule collections with their chosen like-minded muses: artists, graphic designers, and architects. Each capsule is a limited edition, and  moreover,  the designers, following the responsible fashion principles, use recycled materials.

Their new collection is dedicated to experiments with jersey fabric. This time, the SL1P team collected a unique assortment of yarn from all over the world – mostly sourced from European and Asian stock shops. For example, the transparent smoky dresses and tops were created from Loro Piana silk and metal yarn, which possesses a memory-shape effect. Their other find was a special cotton and polyamide yarn, which allows knitted products to resemble chainmail. In addition to dresses and branded rectangle-cut vests, this new offering by SL1P includes sweaters, cardigans, tops, and bomber jackets with sport-style sleeves. Most of the garments shown are also unisex.




Velina Sukiasyan created REWEARIT last year, inspired by the concept of upcycling. The designer truly believes in responsible consumption, truly needed these days for the planet and the humans inhabiting it. Old things don’t have to be thrown away: if they are in good condition, it is easy to give them a new lease of life.

Her new collection was created to demonstrate the importance of environmental protection thanks to individual conscientious attitude. The new garments were made completely through the process of second-hand recycling. One of the most important parts of Sukiasyan’s work was to not lose the brand’s individual style, since each cut and print has a story behind that had to be reflected to get a completely new and fashionable piece. In shaping these new looks, the designer found inspiration in her recent trips to Armenia and Georgia.

The mesmerizing nature and vividly colored buildings she had captured turned into prints on clothes, whereas textures and varying colors of the stony palette served as inspiration for creating a unique color pattern. During the creation of her short video for this fashion week, she strived to merge the individual looks with the surrounding nature and to demonstrate the vital need for saving the environment that surrounds us – jackets intertwined with tree branches, while wildflowers and lilies filled the pockets for the tragic heroes of this short film.




a young brand from Moscow founded last year, is the baby of Leonid Alexeev, known for his work with unisex garments and his wide range of inspirations. His primary focus, however, is menswear, and his new Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection is a fond goodbye to one’s juvenile ideas of adult life.

The new collection includes wool suits with a vintage Soviet influence, Vichy-checkered cotton shirts, pecoras made from artificially aged wool, running coats with tapestry prints, preppy college-style sweatshirts, merino wool jerseys, and a wide assortment of graphic designs printed (or, rather, tattooed in a unique way) on cotton bombers, leather handbags and jackets.




Valeria SAAD
This young brand, launched by Valeria SAAD in 2019, started a compact showcase off with a collection centered around the catastrophic impact of the modern industries on the environment. This collection was a self-admitted eco-manifesto for the modern age, utilizing natural fabrics and hues, with a clear preference towards minimalist, clean tailoring.

A video presentation featured models, adnrogynous and serious, set against a montage of immense waste management facilities and empty streets of NYC – an all-too-familiar sight these days. The garments were similarly genderless – soft robes of asphalt-colored fabric and beige loose-cut jackets. The subtitles stated that we continue to produce and consume, but that our fast-fashion, more means more approach will certainly not be working for much longer.

Valeria SAAD

Valeria SAAD

Valeria SAAD

Olga Vasyukova of RED SEPTEMBER started creating menswear and womenswear in 2018. She is a multi-profile designer, with work spanning design, illustration, production, filming, and visual collaborations. The designer is a graduate in Fashion Design from Polimoda. Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection is the third for the brand. The first two collections were very successful, earning features in international fashion publications (Business of Fashion, Vogue, Dazed and   i-D). The short movie  Vasyukova  presented included French teenagers speaking on their hopes and dreams for 2020 and beyond.

This new collection is the first part of a planned trilogy of meditations on the structures within our societies. As per usual, the collection features fashions for both her and him – the women’s segment featured leather jackets and raincoats with overstated shoulder pads, bright dual-colored sheepskin coats, woolen trousers, and jackets with multi-layer draperies, hi-tech windbreakers and bomber jackets, multi-layer dresses and black & white  leather pencil skirts. The men’s part showcased asymmetric  double-colored sweaters, sophisticated tailored trousers with patch pockets, voluminous jean fabric jackets, hi-tech bomber jackets made of several contrasting fabrics, sheepskin jackets, as well as masculine leather jackets and coats.




The Saint-Petersburg based LUTANI, also launched last year by Anita Lyutvinskaya, told a story of human vulnerability and human condition. In fact, that’s what their new collection was called – VULNERABILITY, shown by Givenchy model Stanislava Izyumova.

LUTANI also sources their wispy, ghostly fabrics locally in St. Petersburg, or imports them from European producers. A hypnotic short movie by Andrey Valentsov showed their new designs through the medium of a ghost story – with the model inhabiting a long-abandoned house and a frozen swimming pool. The garments ranged from  ribbon-like crimson evening gowns to several outfits that utilized thermochromic, color-changing fabrics.

As Stanislava walked through a frozen wintery landscape, a little ghost searching for meaning, the light and futuristic outfits offered a perfect scenery to the emotions familiar to us all at this time – uncertainty and an unyielding desire for a new sincerity and intimacy. Her spectre eventually sank to the bottom of a deep-frozen lake, draped in white silks reminiscent of Alexander McQueen’s legendary Kate Moss hologram.




Let us remind you that virtual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is taking place on April 4 to 6. Live streams can be followed from anywhere in the world at AIZEL.RU и MEGOGO.NET.

DJ GROOVE is responsible for the musical accompaniment of digital #MBFWRussia.




Russian Fashion Council with support of Fashion Fund has announced the dates of the virtual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. On April 4 and 5, both emerging and established designers will present their new collections. For the first time ever, the event will be totally digital. This solution was developed to support designers and fashion houses in a time of pandemic. For two days, Moscow and Russian brands will deliver their video presentations, custom made for MBFW Russia, at the online platform AIZEL.RU and MEGOGO, the major media service. Some pieces from the new collections will be offered for sale in the nearest future.

“We encourage you to support Russian designers not only with our traditional #MBFWRussia tag, but to use #stayhome and #stayhomeinfashion tags, too. Visit designers’ presentations from home, get ready, choose a look for a show or a street/home style one, post your picture, share and like it – all of these will support our talents under the current circumstances,” suggests Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Council.

The Fashion Week will take place as a set of new collections’ video presentations. Some of the collections will be presented as lookbooks. The Fashion Week (#MBFWRussia) website and media partners will be adding fresh content dedicated to the new collections throughout April.

Please stay tuned and follow all the updates through our official website and our official social networking accounts:


Russian Fashion Council:

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia:

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin announces show schedule and programme
From Monday, 13th January through to Wednesday, 15th January 2020, designers
and fashion brands from the high-end segment will present their collections and designs
for autumn/winter 2020 to press representatives, buyers and fashion insiders at
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, which is for the first time being
held at Kraftwerk Berlin.
With 15 shows and exhibitions and more than 30 participating exciting talents and
established brands in total, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin will give a once
again increasing number of designers a platform to showcase their work at a new
location in January 2020. Co-Initiator Mercedes-Benz and event organiser NOWADAYS
are delighted to announce the official show schedule of Mercedes-Benz Fashion
Week Berlin 
for the Autumn/Winter 2020 season:

The show concept puts fashion, design and creativity into the spotlight and this
season opens on the evening of January 13th 2020 with a group show of four
fashion designers from South Africa, presented by Mercedes-Benz. Their
designs are showcased as part of the talent development  programme Mercedes-
Benz Fashion Talents. In the joint show, Clive Rundle, Floyd Avenue, Viviers
Studio and Rich Mnisi take the audience on a journey through the broad
spectrum of contemporary South African fashion – a modern interpretation of
culture, craftsmanship and tradition. Further participating labels on the 45-metre
 on the top floor of Kraftwerk include established love brands such
as Sportalm Kitzbühel, Riani and Kilian Kerner’s label KXXK as well as upand-
coming designer labels such as Cashmere Victim, Danny Reinke, Irene Luft
Couture, Lena Hoschek, Rebekka Ruétz and DSTM.

The international Collective Last Heirs will present its new collection on Tuesday
evening. Prior to their show, the green fashion platform NEONYT will stage its
popular Combined Show with brand and designers dedicated to creating
sustainable fashion.

A particular highlight is the closing show of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Berlin Autumn/Winter 
2020, in which Wolfgang Joop will present his new
concept „Looks by Wolfgang Joop“ in a world première exclusively to fashion

In the new location, the MBFW experience will also include a second presentation
platform, the newly devised STUDIO. The additional platform enables designers
to stage their work with a more individual and conceptional approach as an
alternative to the RUNWAY. Already the opening of the STUDIO will be spectacular:
the designer duo ODEEH will take to the stage on Tuesday evening. Subsequently,
designer Nobi Talai will present her collection to her guests there on Wednesday.

Focus on Fashion & Design:
In collaboration with creatives, partners and media representatives, the involved
parties continue towork on their mission of invigorating Germany as a fashion
location, giving it maximum visibility. In that respect, the show schedule is
complemented by various fashion focussed exhibition concepts:

• LOCAL HEROES: In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, the
Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Enterprises/Project Future presents
a new concept which was developed to support talents and established fashion
labels from Berlin. In addition to three funded fashion shows, 6 designers are given
the opportunity to present their key looks to an expert audience as well as the
general public within one installation at MBFW.

• MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION TALENTS: The most succinct designs of by Mercedes-
Benz supported designers Clive Rundle, Floyd Avenue, Viviers Studio and Rich
 will be exhibited throughout Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week following the
opening show and can also be experienced by end consumers.

• A/C POP-UP GALLERY: Another special novelty within the new location is the Pop
-up Gallery. “A/C” stands for “Artists & Contributors”, as different forms of art and
creative work framing fashion will be presented here from now on. For the opening
of the new space, multi-artist Armin Morbach will exhibit a curated selection of his
works. A Vernissage will take place on Tuesday, January 14, at 11am. The artist will
be present.

Art Rotterdam 6-9 February 2020

Art Rotterdam 6-9 February 2020

Following a successful 20th anniversary edition last winter with no less than 28,500 visitors, Art Rotterdam is delighted to announce its 21st edition which will take place next February. At Art Rotterdam 2020, art professionals and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience, discover and purchase new works in an inspiring context. Besides the ongoing collaboration between local and international galleries, the new edition will boast two new additions: Projections, internationally known as one of the best of video sections at fairs, will be totally revamped in order to propose an augmented experience to visitors and a new exciting initiative dedicated to performance Art will be launched: The Performance Show.

Ana Navas, Tara III, 2019

Ana Navas, Untitled, 2019 (detail 1)

citizenM Projections
Projections, Art Rotterdam’s section devoted to cinematographic and video arts, is undergoing a complete transformation for the first time in seven years. Participants will be able to chose new formats to display videos, a new selection committee and a new forward looking design by Tom Postma Design will be
introduced in collaboration with our main partner citizenM hotels. The selection committee consists of Hugo Brown (Family Brown Collection), Bob and Renée Drake, Liesbeth Willems (curator of the KRC collection) and Bart Rutten (director of Centraal Museum Utrecht). Each committee member committed to acquire a work from Projections to include in their collection. citizenM hotels, the organisation for
which art is its DNA, will exhibit their purchased works in all their worldwide hotels, from New York and Paris, all the way to Taipei.

The Performance Show
Atelier van Lieshout, situated nearby the Van Nelle Fabriek, will serve as a stage for a new initiative stemming from Art Rotterdam called The Performance Show. Performance art is gaining an increasing momentum with the general public. The curator Zippora Elders (artistic director Kunstfort at Vijfhuizen) will be initiating a continuous programme of local and international performance artist with vanguard
practices. With a varied three-day programme, boasting exciting partnerships (including the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam), The Performance Show is a promising new initiative specially conceived for the Art Rotterdam Week.

NN Group Art Award
For the fourth consecutive year, the NN Group Art Award will once again take place during Art Rotterdam 2020. NN Group (Nationale-Nederlanden) is a Dutch insurance company with a long history in the field of cultural patronage. Like previous years, the award will be attributed to an exceptional talent whose work can be seen at the fair. The most important criteria for nomination are: the completion of an art education in the Netherlands, high-quality work and showing an authentic and innovative craftsmanship. The winner of 2019 was the Dutch artist Katja Mater, represented by the Galerie Martin van Zomeren. She received an incentive prize of € 10,000. In addition, one of her works was purchased by the NN Group Art Collection. This year’s jury consists of: Sofía Hernandez Chong Cuy, director Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam; Sietske van Zanten, director LAM Lisse; Katja Mater, visual artist; Jan Pieter Ekker, art director Het Parool; and Els Drummen, curator NN Group Art Collection.

About Art Rotterdam
Art Rotterdam is the main art fair in the Netherlands. The fair offers an annual stage to the newest developments in visual art. The focus on recent art, the variety of different sections, the connection with the city of Rotterdam and the fascinating location give Art Rotterdam a unique atmosphere. Art Rotterdam is
an appealing destination within the international field of art fairs for an increasing number of art professionals and collectors and attracts more visitors from the Netherlands and abroad each year will display the online catalogue of Art Rotterdam prior to the fair’s opening. This catalogue includes all the works of art exhibited by participating galleries, including their price range. A short biography, videos and recommendations will be included for each artist. is the online platform of Art Rotterdam that supports potential art buyers who seek to puchase art. The site maintains an extensive database of artworks, exhibitions and artist profiles. More than 45 participating galleries have been chosen for their high-quality selection., which strives for
transparency and education of a wide audience, informs online and stimulates the real art experience that takes place in the gallery.

Museum of Non-Human Ethics_detail

NN-2019-Measured Through a Screen the Sea is 4 cm-big-hires

NN-2019-Gravitational Screen 2-hires

Art Rotterdam
Van Nelle Fabriek | Van Nelleweg 1 | 3044 BC | Rotterdam
– Thursday, 6 February: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
– Friday, 7 February: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
– Saturday, 8 February: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
– Sunday, 9 February: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Entrance € 19,50 | Online tickets € 16,50 | Online combination ticket with The Performance Show € 26,50
Free entrance for children up to the age of 12

The Performance Show
AVL Mundo | Atelier van Lieshout | Keileweg 18, Rotterdam
– Friday, 7 February: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
– Saturday, 8 February: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
– Sunday, 9 February: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Entrance € 12,50 | Online tickets € 10, – | Online combination ticket with Art Rotterdam € 26,50
Free entrance for children up to the age of 12

Lena Hoschek Artisan Partisan AW 20/21

Lena Hoschek Artisan Partisan AW 20/21

Berlin, January 15th 2020 – In Autumn/Winter 2020 Lena Hoschek will go on a special
tour. With a bohemian mix of folklore and artisanal materials, the
dressmaker combines different 
ethnic influences with fabrics from all over the
world. We will experience a collection that artfully 
blends different cultures and
The designer’s wonderful journey begins in Vienna – the city that, along with Paris,
was considered the fashion metropolis of the Empire period. Back then, the
Viennese scarf was all the rage, its Persian paisley in a fine silk/wool blend
decorated with hand-knotted fringe.




Inspired by this 18th-century must-have, still produced in the same way in a
Viennese silk-weaving mill, Lena Hoschek had magnificent paisleys woven for her
collection. Lena’s path continues across the Balkans to Anatolia, where Pakistani
ikat silks and Persian pomegranate decorations enrich her designs. Moldavian rose
kilim patterns, almost Baroque in their design, adorn prints designed exclusively
for the collection. Inspired by an Oriental spice bazaar, the designs take on a colour
palette from One Thousand and One Nights. A short detour takes the designer
to Lake Como – a region already considered the capital of European silk in the 17th
century – where she will buy paisley silks from a silk-tie manufacturer and
transform them into spectacular couture gowns.




Adding fabrics from Spain to her luggage, she travels on to France. Once there,
she has antique fabric patterns turned into picturesque fabrics embroidered with
arabesques. German milliner Fiona Bennett’s stunning hat creations and Austrian
designer Silvia Gattin’s extraordinary kilim boots ensure a perfect look from head
to toe.