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Successful start for SPARK Art Fair Vienna



Successful start for SPARK Art Fair Vienna
Successful start for SPARK Art Fair Vienna
The international contemporary art fair in Vienna caused a sensation in the global art market, with its solo presentations and innovative architectural concept. The dates for 2022 have already been set as 24 – 27 March. The next event will be a mixture of contemporary, modern and digital art.
A successful start for the SPARK Art Fair Vienna: Around 11,000 guests from all over the world found their way to Vienna’s Marx Halle. After its successful premiere, the SPARK Art Fair Vienna will become a permanent spring fixture in the global art market calendar over the coming years. Next year the fair will take place from 24 – 27 March. The dates for 2023 and 2024 have also already been set.
Building on its successful premiere in 2021, SPARK Art Fair Vienna will, starting from next spring, evolve into the leading international meeting place for contemporary art in Austria. „We are convinced that we have created a new format for future art fairs with this concentrated format, the focus on new works and the balance between a strong regional basis and internationality,“ reflects Managing Director, Renger van den Heuvel. The foundations have now been laid and the next steps are being planned: „In future, through further events such as this, the Marx Halle will become known as Vienna’s centre for contemporary art“.
Art Fair Still Online
The SPARK Art Fair Vienna remains available online via Artsy, the world’s largest art market platform, as well as via SPARK Studio, the fair’s online presence. With 3D tours, information and interviews about the 71 solo presentations, over the coming months the digital format will continue to provide an in-depth insight into the art presented at the fair.
24 – 27 March 2022 / 23 – 26 March 2023 / 28 – 31 March 2024
MARX HALLE / Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Vienna
Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
@sparkartfair / #sparkartfair
C-Quadrat Investment Group / Stadt Wien Kultur / Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur (BMKÖS) / Wirtschaftsagentur Wien / Wien Tourismus / HEY-U Mediagroup / cyan – Digital Security / Schütz Family Office / Österreich Tourismus / bc/a / sixpackfilm / PARNASS / TheArtGorgeous / Porsche Wien-Liesing / Kunsttrans / RKI
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Artist weekend. Kleber Cianni

Artist weekend. Kleber Cianni

We are launching a series of mini-shows in the Haze Gallery space. The Artist Weekend will include a 3-day solo exhibition, artist encounter, artist talk, and special offers to purchase selected works.

This cycle is opened by our Brazilian-Italian artist Kleber Cianni. Kleber’s work is a mixture between reality and fiction, between the present and colorful ancestral heritage. Abstract portraits created by him are born at the junction of these two worlds—a riot of colors and shapes, living their own lives and filling everything around.

From 2 to 4 July, we invite you to look into the eyes of this nonexistent real world.

Purplehaze Gender issue 006 available for preorder from now!

Purplehaze Gender issue 006 available for preorder from now!

Gender is something we don’t choose, so we better take it for granted (lucky the one who finds it easy). Gender doesn’t define our mental and physical abilities to the extent social attitudes do…What else do you know of gender? For the latest #006 print edition, we at Purplehaze invited our favourite artists, photographers, models, and producers to share their personal vision of gender with the public… It turned out fresh and curious!

Print on demand is already available. Make sure you’ve pre-ordered your copy at Haze Gallery or on our website:

The release of #006 Genderless is planned for September, 01.

The Concept of Authenticity: A Group Exhibition of Figurative Art

The Concept of Authenticity: A Group Exhibition of Figurative Art

Reception | Friday, June, 4, 2021, 4 – 6 pm
Exhibition Duration | June 5 – June 25 , 2021, 10 am – 6 pm

Curator | Iren Russo       Jr.  Curator | Sasha Grigg        Coordinator | Lyubov Melnickowa

Haze Gallery is now pleased to present you The Concept of Authenticity: A Group Exhibition of Figurative Art, an exhibition of the new epoch of emerging international contemporary figurative art at its Schoneberger address from 05 – 25 June 2021. The project will present 20 emerging artists in figurative art to an audience of international and local Berlin collectors, artists and art connoisseurs.

The artists explore contemporary subjects, including gender and sexuality, society and politics, race, and body image. Pushing the notion of figurative painting, the bodies they depict may be fragmented, morphed, merged, and remade but never wholly cohesive. They may also be fluid and non-gendered, drawn from news stories, represented by animals, or formed from the paint itself. From a perspective of raising questions, this exhibition brings together various professionally trained artists. With a shared academic background of these individuals, the show intends further to discuss the possibilities of figurative painting at present.

Participating Artists

Amelie Degendorfer
Catarina Carraro
Can Roy Huang
Darja Linder
Elena Bulycheva
Emanuel Heim
Jana Jacob
Janina Serr
Joana Lucas
Johanna Bath
Marc Allgaier
Marina Liubaskina
Sophia Bharmal
Sophie Delest
Terro Abaffy
Wladimir Timler

Online participating artists

Ewa Ludwig
Laila Uzarova
Spencer Chalk Levy
Victoria Salma
Yulia Belasla



Shows of the new season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia are scheduled on April 20-24 at the Museum of Moscow. Besides the main program in Moscow, the shows will take place in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, and Sochi. The united MBFW Russia’s program will include live streamed shows by designers from Italy, Spain, France, and other countries.

50+ designers are expected to join MBFW Russia this time. New collections will be presented by /SELFÉTUDE, N. LEGENDA, NASTYA NEKRASOVA, ÓNOMA, SERGEY SYSOEV, Yana Besfamilnaya, ELENA SOUPROUN, HARD BY HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL, JULIA DALAKIAN, ALENA NEGA, Lena Karnauhova, Mercedes De Alba, B&D Institute of Business and Design, and others. Mercedes-Benz is also delighted to present Emma Bruschi for the first time on the MBFW Russia schedule – a designer acknowledged by Mercedes-Benz and Fashion Open Studio for best eco-sustainable practices at the International Festival of Hyères. On April 7, designers will be announced that won the grants for participation in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Virtual venue of MBFW Russia will be a unique digital platform with gamification elements, exclusive materials from designers, as well as content and insights offered by industry experts. At the digital platform, MBFW Russia live streams from anywhere globally will be available. Moreover, interactive online features will offer a dive into the spirit of the event. You can register at right now, all the features will become available on April 20.

“2020 was tough for the entire industry, and Russian designers are no exception. It was a challenge for the Fashion Week team – we managed to arrange a phygital MBFW Russia in autumn 2020, and we also seized the moment to develop our project and support designers online. This year, we’ve focused on starting a large-scale transformation of the Fashion Week. MBFW Russia is switching to a closed production cycle, bringing the sustainable fashion into the spotlight. Besides, we extend our presence in the digital space, and this is also a part of our sustainable development concept for the fashion industry,” said Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, Co-founder of Fashion Fund.

This time, the traditional symbol of the Fashion Week – the Infanta – was designed by artist Kirilll Zukclub (aka Well Known Artist). Digitalization, ethical fashion, inclusivity and diversity – these are the guidelines followed by MBFW Russia that inspired the artist in making the digital look for the Fashion Week. The Infanta is modern and yet somehow embodies the trend for nostalgic for the past – her dress is decorated with some graffiti and interfaces of legacy digital design software.

Make sure to stay with us and follow the news updates at our official websites

Analogue Photography 3d Virtual Exhibition

Analogue Photography 3d Virtual Exhibition

On April the 10th, Hazegallery will present a new virtual exhibition, “Analogue Photography“ featuring works by contemporary young artists working on film photography.

Eight photographers from different countries will represent at the exposition their works

Film photography took an important place in the history of photography, as well as a special genre

Despite the fact that the modern world offers a huge number of opportunities to simplify the creation of photographs, many photographers remain faithful to this genre.

Why? The limited number of frames makes you think more carefully about the choice of the frame and all its components. An unpredictable result surrounds the whole process with a special magical veil until the very moment the photographs are developed.

Film photography is magic you can create yourself

Participating Artists:
Anna Tytarenko
Lara Micheli
Noemi Heidel
Felix Chirinos
Élyse De La Croizetière
Katya Stelmashchuk
Ekaterina Kozlova

Curator: Iren Russo, Sasha Grigg
Coordinator: Lyubov Melnickowa

For press material and interview requests please contact:
Iren Russo| Olivaer Platz 17 10707 Berlin | Email:

Purplehazemagazine is calling for Photography & Art for PRINT 006

Purplehazemagazine is calling for Photography & Art for PRINT 006

‘Gender is not something that one is, it is something one does; it is a sequence of acts, a doing rather than a being.’ said Judith Butler, famous American philosopher and gender theorist. Do you agree? Likely, as an artist you got something to say about this. If so, don’t miss an open-call for the next print issue of Purplehaze titled ‘Genderless’. Works in different mediums such as illustration, sculpture, photography, and multimedia arts are accepted.

Deadline for submissions is July 01.

The #006 Genderless print issue of Purplehaze comes out in September.

Please submit to



On February 27, HAZEGALLERY Berlin will host the opening of the BODY – POSITIVITY international exhibition, which will be held as part of the PURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE anniversary 005 issue launch.

The exposition will include works by contemporary artists from Europe, made in different media: graphics, installation, video and photography. The initiator of the exhibition project, which will become a platform for dialogue between authors from different art schools and cultural spaces, was the independent art community.

Curator Iren Russo
Assistant Sasha Grigg

The BODY – POSITIVITY exhibition reveals the topic of finding one’s own identity through the collected and reworked experience. Whether it’s the personal experience of the author or the experience of an entire generation. An attempt to find the constituent elements within and outside of oneself. Go beyond the limits of your understanding by changing the point of perception in order to find a different entrance to the existing reality. Put together separate pieces and find integrity. Collecting artifacts of the surrounding reality into objects and compositions, artists grope the way to their mosaic individuality and reflect on the problem of self-determination through interaction with real space in this multi-layered information-chaotic world.

The exhibition will feature works created in different genres, which tell about the search by modern man for the moment of harmony of the inner world and the endless chaos of events outside of it.

Opening | February  27, 2021 at 18:00.
Free admission |  16+
Exhibition Dates | February 27, 2021 – March 13, 2021
Working hours | by appointment
Contacts |

HAZEGALLERY. 3D Fashion Illustration Virtual Exhibition

HAZEGALLERY. 3D Fashion Illustration Virtual Exhibition

HAZEGALLERY is happy to announce the opening of 3D Fashion Illustration Exhibition

Opening on 5 of February till 27 of February 2021 powered by HAZEGALLERY BERLIN, “The Power of Fashion Strokes” is a group exhibition curated by Iren Russo and coordinated by Liyubov Melnickowa.

The show presents a graphic variety of fashion illustrations from artists all around the world providing a vivid cultural & visual reflection of fashion through aesthetic, cultural, & social shifts.

The exhibition presents finest artists working in fashion illustration, who show aesthetic quality and pure beauty in their works. Most of the artists have illustrated extensively for leading fashion houses, magazines and corporations.